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Why choose a latex mattress?


While less popular than memory foam or pocket coil mattresses, latex mattresses have more than one turn in

Looking for a breathable and durable mattress?

Latex should please you!

Increasingly appreciated, this material offers consumers many advantages: ergonomics, higher density than foam, better air circulation, respect for the environment (for natural latex), excellent lifespan ... Note that the latex mattresses are not always unanimous and offer a rather soft welcome that may displease.

However, those who adopt the latex mattress can generally not do without it!

Below, the selection of the best mattresses on the market allows you to see more clearly and to make your choice according to very specific criteria.

Our selection : 

  • O2 mattress, Emma  

  • Perfectsleep latex mattress, Naturalex

  • Latex mattress, Bedstory

  • Latex mattresses, La Redoute Interiors

  • Latex mattress, Reverie

  • Roxane latex mattress, Dunlopillo

  • What are the advantages of latex mattresses?

    The latex mattress is the perfect companion for people with back pain


    The material indeed manages to promote the natural alignment of the spine and to properly distribute the different pressure points for better blood circulation.

    With it, you are protected from joint pain and fatigue when you wake up!

    One of the main advantages of the latex mattress is its thermoregulatory properties.

    The cells that compose it ensure good ventilation of the air, but also of humidity.

    The temperature of the latex mattress is regulated automatically

    , diffusing heat in winter and freshness during the summer season! What more ? Besides that, the latex mattress manages to adapt to various morphologies as well as to movements. If you choose a quality model and maintain it properly, it shouldn't sag quickly. As proof, this type of mattress often has a warranty period of between 5 and 15 years. Latex mattresses also have a good density. They are therefore firm and offer an optimal level of support, which improves user comfort. Many of them explain that their mattress is "neither too soft nor too hard". We are talking about balanced comfort. Finally,

    latex mattresses are naturally resistant to bacteria or benefit from a specific treatment in order to last over time


    The price is very variable.

    Logically, a natural latex mattress is more expensive than a synthetic latex model.

    Better to choose a natural or synthetic latex mattress?

    Although it is almost impossible to tell them apart with the naked eye, it is important to differentiate between natural and synthetic latex mattresses.

    By paying attention to the labels, you should be quick to fix.

    Natural latex comes directly from the manual harvesting of the sap of the rubber tree

    . Producers are more environmentally conscious and use the trees in a reasoned manner. Unlike synthetic latex mattresses, obtained from the petrochemical industry, natural latex mattresses do not contain any product that is harmful to humans and / or the environment. In terms of properties and in addition to the ecological aspect, the two materials offer almost the same advantages. However, it is important to note that a natural latex mattress offers better breathability than a synthetic latex mattress. Indeed, it wicks away moisture better and is therefore more suitable for people suffering from sweating at night. Synthetic latex is also less durable over time. As for the prices of latex mattresses, they are obviously more attractive for models made of synthetic material.

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