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The best cat bed designs


The cat is known to be an animal that sleeps a lot. It is therefore essential to ensure its comfort. The cat bed is ideal because i

Cat owners are crazy about their furry little companion. If they are more independent than the dog, it is nevertheless important not to neglect their comfort and ensure their rest. Being a nocturnal animal, cats spend a large part of their day sleeping. Studies show that between 60% and 75% of their day is spent sleeping. And that can reach 85% for older cats! You will understand: sleep is sacred for the cat. This is why you must take care of the quality of his sleep, by finding not only a safe dedicated place, such as a cat tree, but also a suitable bunk. But how do you know if the bed you want to buy is one of the

best cat bed models


There are different types of cat bed: the first of which is the basket, the bunk or the cushion. They feature all possible shapes, ranging from round to oval, including rectangular or trapezoidal. The design may seem anecdotal, but it actually has its advantages: it can be aesthetic in your interior, but must also be able to integrate easily according to its layout. The cat is more sensitive to the textures and materials that compose it. Obviously, avoid at all costs products made with harmful chemical treatments (even in small quantities), especially if you predestine the bed to a kitten. Preferably, choose a soft and downy material that will remind him of his resting sessions with his mother. Finally,a good cat bed should be scratch resistant and easily machine washable.

Our selection :

  • Round Pillowcase for Cat, Bedsure  

  • Rectangular cat basket with double-sided cushion, Pecute

  • Round cat basket, Feandrea

  • Soft Cat Hammock Bed, CatRomance

  • Hanging cat bed, Trixie

  • Cat tent, Dewel

  • Cat house, Bedsure

  • Round cushion basket for cats, GaraTia

  • Cushion Bed for Cat, Vanansa

  • Cat shelter bed, Trixie

  • Which bed to buy for a cat?

    Sleep is sacred in cats.

    Since it is a nocturnal animal, it spends a large part of its day regaining strength and resting.

    You absolutely must not neglect the comfort of your bunk.

    A good bed should allow him to feel comfortable so that he can properly recharge his batteries.

    Health problems due to poor sleeping conditions can develop in cats.

    The bed is therefore an essential accessory!

    But how do you know which model to turn to?

    The basket for all types of cats

    Sporting all kinds of shapes and colors, the basket remains the essential and timeless accessory for all cat owners.

    Sensitive to the comfort of his layer, the cat must be able to enjoy a soft basket at will, adapted to his size.

    If your cat is fearful, prefer an enveloping basket which will give him a reassuring feeling of protection.

    The cushion for kittens and young cats

    The pillow is the perfect bed for kittens and cats that are still young.

    Our cats are indeed marked by their first months when they breastfeed and sleep with their mother.

    The cushion, particularly the shape memory cushion, envelops the animal and thus reminds it of the sensations of its first weeks.

    These sensations are comforting and soothing for him, ensuring him a quality sleep.

    Preferably, the cushion should have shape memory and a softer center in order to match the morphology of the cat.

    Likewise, it will allow the borders to rise naturally in order to create a barrier that will bring the feeling of security to your companion.

    The high bed for cohabitation

    If cat trees are successful, it's because our companions love to be high up.

    This allows them to have visibility on what surrounds them and to feel perfectly safe.

    The height greatly reduces their stress.

    They can see danger coming and feel like they have more territory.

    A high bed is particularly ideal if you have several cats, since it helps reduce tensions when there is cohabitation in the same place.

    Can a sheet be used as a cat bed?

    Sometimes the best solution is the improvised one.

    A sheet may be suitable for providing a bed for your cat.

    The bedding must nevertheless be adapted and meet certain criteria.

    A fleece blanket for winter, soft and fluffy, may perfectly suit your small animal.

    You can also opt for a thick sheet or a terry towel for the summer.

    Be careful with the hair, however: it can quickly become uncomfortable for your cat.

    When and how do you clean a cat bed?

    It is important to regularly clean your cat's bed. For a first reason: fleas. The bed is the favorite place of these little animals who can quickly make life unlivable for you and your animal. Preferably choose a bed that washes easily. We recommend a machine wash cycle at over 50 ° C to effectively remove fleas. On average, schedule a cleaning every two weeks, especially if your cat has a tendency to shed hair. If your pet is treated regularly against fleas and loses little hair, you can opt for cleaning at least once a month.

    Also pay attention to the cleaning products you use!

    Your cat's health depends on it.

    You must check the toxicity of the products and their persistence after washing.

    Do not hesitate to seek advice from a veterinarian.

    There are also cleaning products specially designed for pet accessories.

    Where to install a cat bed in the house?

    The choice of where to place the cat bed in the house is not to be taken lightly.

    Both for you, but also for your companion, placement is essential.

    You can combine business with pleasure by using the cat bed for your interior decoration.

    Several things should be known, however:

    Study your cat's preferences

    First, observe your cat: what are the places in your home that he likes?

    Where does he like to go to rest?

    Does he prefer the living room, often animated with presence, or conversely does he choose to isolate himself in a bedroom or a separate room?

    Once you understand your pet's lifestyle, arrange the bed accordingly.

    Often a cat will refuse a bed not because it is of poor quality, but because it is positioned in an unsuitable place.

    Each cat has its preferences: some will prefer to stay close to their master, while others will favor solitude.

    Separate the feeding area and the resting area

    According to veterinarians, it is essential to separate the different areas according to your cat's natural needs.

    Your animal must thus benefit from a space dedicated to food, elimination, and another space dedicated to rest.

    The cat needs to mark out its territory and establish its own landmarks.

    Having everything in one place can have a very negative impact on their morale and stress them out.

    A good disposition makes it possible to reinforce the feeling of security of the cat and contributes to its good psychological health.

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