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Cheesecakes for every mood: classic, biscuits, yeast and fast - walla! Food


Cheesecake: International Cheesecakes Day gave us a good reason to go back to our best recipes, so get a classic cheesecake, yeast cake, biscuit cake and quick cake>

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Cheesecakes for every mood: classic, biscuits, yeast and quick

We do not need holidays, festivals, reasons or excuses for cheesecake, but maybe you do


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Friday, 30 July 2021, 06:00 Updated: 07:38

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Great reason to dig in the archives.

Cheesecakes (Photo: ShutterStock)

Baked and tall, cold with biscuits, combined with sour and tempting red fruits, in yeast dough or even with touches of chocolate - cheesecakes in any shape and with any combination, are our favorite cakes.

In Israel, Shavuot has over the years become the undisputed kingdom of cheesecake, but all over the world today (July 30) is International Cheesecake Day, and for us it is a great reason to pull out our best recipes.

Shavuot or an international holiday, between us this is the most delicious cake there is - soft, and tender, and presents a combination that is no less than divine.

So just choose the right recipe for you, want to prepare and do not forget to celebrate.


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The classic: Roldan's baked cheesecake

Classic and high.

Baked cheesecake by Roldin (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

When we think of a classic cheesecake, this cake is exactly what comes to mind.

It is free of unnecessary sophistication and puts in the front what is most important - excellent taste and good raw materials.

Her bottom is she suffered crispy and fun almonds, and she herself is not too sweet and loved by everyone.

Winning simplicity in a high, stable and winning version.

A recipe by the confectioner of the Roldin chain with the most important tips for a winning baked cheesecake.

Enter the full recipe for a classic Roldan baked cheesecake

The stir-fry: ricotta cheesecake with red fruit

Cheesecake in a hush with red fruits (Photo: Haim Yosef)

Mickey put in a recipe for a cheesecake in a hush with ricotta cheese and red fruits that inlaid it like gems on the inside, and with a red fruit pharmacy on top.

Put in a cheesecake recipe in a hush with red fruits by Mickey named

Without mixer: cheesecake and espresso with chocolate

With espresso and chocolate.

A winning combination for cheesecake and biscuits (Photo: Walla !, Dor Moshe)

Coffee lovers, this cheesecake is for you.

It is baked, ceramic and rich, with a delicate espresso flavor, which blends well with the chocolate coating.

There is no need for a mixer, egg separations or whipping cream, and the pancake is made from ground biscuits with butter, so that even during the preparation step the crispy dough is skipped lightly.

All that is left is to mix, put in the oven and after cooling watch the chocolate cream.

Enter the full recipe for cheesecake and espresso with chocolate

The most Israeli: biscuit cake

Biscuit cake (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

It does not require baking and is loved by everyone, including children of all ages, who will be happy to take part in its preparation - the biscuit cake is a winning combination of raw ingredients that can be obtained at any grocery store near the house and yet - or rather thanks to it - it manages to conquer.

The basic and beloved recipe with the addition of four different versions that will make it a celebration: a tiramisu-style biscuit cake, a biscuit cake and nutella in two colors, a lotus biscuit cake and a samurai-style biscuit cake with a mini marshmallow.

Enter the full recipe for biscuit cake (versatile)

With yeast: roses filled with cheesecake

For yeast lovers.

Golden roses filled with rich cheesecake (Photo: Dror Einav)

Pastry chef Eldad Shmueli in a recipe for a golden rose yeast cake with a rich cheese filling.

The perfect cake to sit on.

Especially for lovers of yeast and cheese cakes.

Enter the full recipe for a rose yeast cake filled with cheese

In the taste of yesteryear: a cheesecake like Grandma's

Baked cheesecake as before (Photo: courtesy of Tzuriel Farm)

At the end you always return to the baked and simple cheesecake of yesteryear, soft and airy like a cloud and with a taste of home that you will not find in any other fluffy cake.

Enter the full recipe for a cheesecake with a taste of yesteryear

Lemon: Cheese pie and lemon without baking

A refreshing acidity.

Lemon and cheese pie without baking (Photo: Walla !, Dor Moshe)

Without running an oven and with a summery and refreshing taste, a recipe for cheese pie and lemon from biscuit dough is simple and easy to prepare, without baking.

The sour lemon cream gives a contrast to the creamy and sweet cheese layer, and the result is wonderful.

Enter the full recipe for cheesecake and lemon pie without baking

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