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Farmer rules in August: Garden fans can expect this


If you take a closer look at the farming rules in August, both rain and sun are imminent. Both have different effects on the harvest in the garden.

If you take a closer look at the farming rules in August, both rain and sun are imminent.

Both have different effects on the harvest in the garden.

Farmer rules have been pointing gardeners through the gardening year for a long time.

In August, midsummer finally arrived and that not only means investing a lot of time in harvesting the fruits and vegetables that you have grown yourself, but also protecting the garden from excessive heat.

The farmer rules in August help with this.

Farmer's rules in August: this is the best way to take care of your plants in midsummer

Peasant rules are part of a centuries-old tradition.

Building on the experience of many farmers, tips and tricks for working in the field developed over time, which we can still use today.

Linked to Christian holidays, the farmer's rules in August help garden


to harvest at the right time

and to assess the success of the


based on the weather.

For example, in August there are the following general pawn rules:

  • If it rains in August, it rains honey and good wine.

  • Cloudy outlook on dog days, cloudy outlook for the rest of the year.

  • The thicker the raindrops in August, the thicker the must becomes.


dog days run

from the end of July to the end of August.

Since the weather is often stable during this time, these days are considered the hottest of the year.

If they fall into the water, it was already clear earlier that this could not mean anything good for the rest of the year.

However, rain did not always have to mean something bad, because in some regions of Germany it also meant a particularly good grape harvest and thus later more and more delicious wine.

Farmer rules in August: Laurentius and the shooting stars

Faithful Christians commemorate

Saint Lawrence

on August 10th


He was a Roman deacon in the third century and went down in history as one of many martyrs.

To this day he is considered the patron saint of cooks, beer brewers, textile cleaners and bakers.

People also call him for help when they suffer from skin diseases.

There are the following peasant rules in August on the day of St. Lawrence:

  • Laurentius, cheerful and good, promises a beautiful autumn.

  • Sankt Laurenz with a hot breath, fills the farmer's barrel and hose.

  • Saint Lorenz is sure to come with shooting stars on a dark night.

Even then, many people marveled at the sky at night and were happy about the

falling stars

they could watch there.

On the night of August 13, gardeners can also expect the Perseids Current in 2021, during which up to three hundred shooting stars per hour rush across the sky.

Even if August 10th is a hot day, gardening enthusiasts can look forward to a good grapevine harvest and a pleasant, sunny autumn.

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Farmer's rules in August: Assumption of Mary and Bartheltag

The Assumption of Mary is on August 15th and people were able to read the autumn weather from the weather on that day.

Among other things, the following farmer rules for August 15th are known:

  • Like the weather on Ascension Day, like the whole of autumn.

  • For the Assumption of Mary, you know, there are already the first nuts.

  • If you want turnips really good and tender, sow them on Assumption Day.

On the one hand, good weather on August 15th means a great autumn.

On the other hand, the farming rules in August also state that mid-August is a wonderful time

to sow beets and carrots and

to harvest the first nuts you have planted yourself.

On the Assumption of Mary, many Christians commemorate the physical and emotional acceptance of Mary into heaven.

At the end of August, on the 24th, Saint Bartholomew is at the center of the Christian faith.

The disciple of Jesus is said to have died a martyr.

The following peasant rules were created on his special day:

  • If Lorenz (August 10th) and Bartel are beautiful, the herbs stay there for a long time.

  • Bartholomä full of sunshine makes wine and vines strong and good.

  • Whatever the weather on Barthelag, it should be all of September.

Here, too, it is clear that hot summer days have done and still do the harvest more than good.

Garden fans don't have to worry about the herbs in the herb spiral when the sun is shining on August 25th, because according to the farmer's rules, they survive for a long time if the weather is good.

And there is also good news for all birthday children in September, because when the sun shines from the sky on August 25th, good weather is guaranteed in September.

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