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The most beautiful dog houses


Putting your dog to sleep in the kennel does not mean sending your animal to a noisy hut at the back of the garden. Today, the niches

Often presented as an alternative to the traditional dog basket, the dog


provides a dedicated space for your four-legged companion to spend the night (or part of the day). Today there are a multitude of dog kennel models on the market. The objective: to meet all the expectations formulated by the masters accustomed to buying various equipment and accessories for their faithful companion. From the most classic to the most designer, from the smallest dog kennel to the XXL model, from the standard dog kennel to the custom-made homemade dog kennel, it's hard not to find a dog kennel that meets your needs. .

With our selection of the most beautiful dog kennels available for purchase online, you will benefit from a wide panorama of what it is possible to offer your dog as a second home.

In just a few minutes, you identify the strengths and weaknesses of each niche model to make your choice.

With just a few clicks, you buy your dog house without having to move.

Thanks to our various advices, you can also carry out this process with complete peace of mind with answers to the questions you are likely to have about buying a dog kennel.

Our selection


  • Ferplast Domus wooden doghouse  

  • Costway Waterproof Polypropylene Dog Kennel

  • Ferplast BAITA 60 dog kennel

  • Dog kennel Ferplast DOGVILLA

  • Trixie Natura dog house

  • Kerbl 4 Seasons dog kennel

  • Dog house Pets Imperial Norfolk

  • Amazon Basics Raised Mobile Dog Kennel

  • Pawhut cottage style dog house

  • Outentin wooden doghouse

  • Where can I find a doghouse?

    With hundreds (if not more) of different products listed, the web is now the best place to find a dog house that fits your needs. Dimensions, materials, price, etc., you can refine your search in a few clicks to find the ideal product. To make things easier for you, our selection of the most beautiful dog kennels already directs you to many sites more or less specialized in the sale of articles for pets. Just let yourself be guided and select the dog house that you like the most (without necessarily asking your dog's opinion). For those who are resistant to online shopping,it is also possible to find dog kennels in shops specializing in the sale of pet products. However, the choice remains (often) limited and it is not uncommon for you to be forced to wait several weeks (or even several months) before obtaining the model you want.

    What size dog house to choose?

    The size of a dog house must first, quite logically, be adapted to the size of your dog (we do not choose the same dog house for a Yorkshire as for a Golden Retriever). Unlike cats for which it is possible to choose a nearly universal cat basket, the breed of your companion should be taken into account when purchasing a dog house. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you choose a doghouse with a length that is twice the length of your pet. On the height side, the professionals invite the masters to choose a niche height less than 1.5 times the size at the withers of the animal. In practice,It is quite common to find dog kennel sizes on the market ranging from S (for smaller dog breeds) to XXL (for larger dog breeds).

    What material should you choose for a dog kennel?

    Wood, plastic, metal, resin, the dog kennel is available today in a multitude of materials. As with a garden shed or any other outdoor arrangement, each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages. Weather-resistant and easy to maintain, the metal dog kennel, for example, has poor insulating qualities. Easily customizable, robust and offering a real haven of comfort to your pet, the wooden kennel requires regular maintenance to preserve all its aesthetic appearance (not to mention its fairly heavy weight and therefore the difficulty of moving it. if needed). Very light and handy, the plastic dog kennel is relatively resistant to bad weather.This type of dog house is more suitable for installation inside the house or in a space sheltered from the wind. As you will have understood, arbitration between the different advantages and disadvantages of each material is an essential step in choosing a dog kennel that meets your requirements.

    Should we have a dog house?

    For many owners, investing a little money in a dog house may seem unnecessary. Obviously, if your dog spends almost all of his time with his nose inside on a soft, very comfortable and warm dog bed, presenting him with a dog kennel outside your home may lead you to live in an ubiquitous situation. In practice, however, the dog house has several advantages. As a territorial animal, the dog expresses the need to have a space which is devoted to him, to him and only to him. To take shelter in the event of bad weather, but also to isolate himself in the face of disturbing elements (children who disturb him during his nap hours for example), the dog likes to havea corner of refuge where he feels "at home". For dogs brought on guard, the kennel is also an excellent observation point.

    Where to place a dog house?

    Have you chosen (and received) the kennel for your dog?

    Now all you have to do is install it in the right place in your garden.

    To optimize the location of the dog kennel, preferably opt for a place sheltered from bad weather (and the wind in particular).

    For the well-being of your pet, then choose a place that is not too busy, but at the same time allows your dog to see what is happening in your garden.

    Likewise, avoid installing the doghouse at the far end of the garden so as not to isolate your dog.

    Finally, note that it is recommended to slightly raise the dog kennel to insulate this canine habitat from cold and humidity.

    What can I put in a doghouse for my dog?

    All the elements that you consider useful for its comfort and well-being.

    A cushion will obviously be essential to allow your dog to rest on a more comfortable support than the floor of the kennel.

    Depending on the time spent by your dog in his kennel, a bowl of water will often be just as essential (remember to change the water regularly so that your pet has access to fresh water).

    If your dog enjoys the company of toys and / or cuddly toys, it shouldn't matter if their favorite toys or cuddly toys make their home inside the doghouse as well.

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