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For a sandwich or a shower, it does not really matter: an important spread landed in the country - Walla! Food


All the newest food products in the Israeli market (and in general), all the snacks, sweets and temptations on the shelf: new on the shelf, Walla's food consumer section! Food. Log in to catch up >>>

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For a sandwich or a shower, it does not really matter: an important spread landed in the country

Flood of popsicles, a hug from the real Japan and all the squeezes in the world: "New on the shelf" tasters click


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Thursday, 29 July 2021, 06:00 Updated: 15:46

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Or Spitz celebrates one year of confectionery (Shai Makhlouf)

You'll have to believe us when we say it's not an easy job, not an easy one at all.

To experience all the new products that come out of the Israeli market (and sometimes even outside it), to taste before everyone else, deliveries and other deliveries, paper bags that accumulate in the office (and at home), a constant feeling of satiety.

Seriously, it's harder than it looks, and no one pays you for the gym, or compensates you for the rapidly evolving sense of FOMO in the mind.

For all the articles in the "New on the Shelf" section

of Walla!


S delicious Instagram page!


However, a "new on the shelf" section, with its tasters, curiosities and loyal consumers, has set out again.

And this time - a flood of popsicles, a hug from the real Japan and all the squeezes in the world.

Yes, we are very eclectic.

enjoy your meal!

Just do not forget beer

The meat that made us turn on the grill

To the full article

New ice creams, Nestle

New Nestle ice creams (Photo: Studio Osem)

Nestle ice creams are marching towards summer with quite a few titles and launches.

This is, for now, a crunchy popsicle with a blond chocolate coating, with a nougat core and peanut butter, which was a little anemic in taste and very heavy in size.

LION popsicle (caramel-flavored ice cream with milk chocolate coating with waffle chips and biscuit) which was caramel and successful, chocolate-vanilla-flavored milk popsicle with chocolate ripple that was elegant and refined relative to the genre, and Biscolida Extra, which took the favorite caste and significantly increased it, if Because it's not so clear why.

At the same time, a new member was born in the Tilon Division in the form of an Oreo Tilon, with a crispy and brown coating and with a devoted vanilla - and a great size.

In nine words: Tilon Oreo, how did they not do it until now?

Hazelnut Milka Spread

Milka Spread Hazelnuts (Photo: Milka)

Staying in the worlds of milkshakes: The chocolate giant has seen that it is good in Europe and Israel has led the hazelnut

spread. The spread, which uses sunflower oil instead of palm oil, comes in two sizes - 350 grams and 600 grams -

It is very creamy, with a stamp thickness, a non-aggressive taste, and an after-taste of our favorite duty-free chocolate.

In three words: make the sandwiches.

Macha green tea, 22 carbon

Macha green tea of ​​22 carbon (Photo: Walla !, Yaniv Granot system)

Frozen for hot: "22 Carbon", from Iranian Trade, launches a natural maccha drink in Israel, made from 100% Japanese green tea powder.

We handed the package (NIS 49.90) to one of the most enthusiastic tea consumers we know, and he did not disappoint:

"I am addicted to tea, and I have no intention of quitting. His life without any particular product consumed or food. The leaves are blessed as a gift from heaven.The tea rooms, the special ceremonies, all come to differentiate the tea from anything else we put into our bodies with lust.

In the West we have learned to say of trifles that they are a 'storm in a cup of tea', in a kind of mockery of the wonderful properties that can be brewed in the contact between the hot water (not boiling, just almost) and the oxidized leaves. In Japan, by contrast, tea is used in everyday speech as an adjective. For example, a hopeless and empathetic cynic will be nicknamed 'a man who has no tea'. While his dramatic, exaggerated friend, who sails theatrically in response to Dumas affairs, will be referred to as 'a man who has too much tea'.

As the years go by, the journey to the perfect cup of tea becomes easier and easier. The winners of the Japanese competitions have been coming home to develop through courier mail for years. It is not impossible that I have already tried all the oolong that grows in the Taiwan area. There is one farmer in China who sends me an email every time the annual and quite rare harvest of white tea begins. And yet, finding quality tea in Tel Aviv at a reasonable price is a pretty rare occurrence (and no, it's not even arrogant to say that these teas sold in the supermarket do not really deserve the honorable title: 'tea').

And now the British company Heapwell is making an aliyah, bringing here its Japanese macha tea, which comes from the Shizuoka region of Japan. Although it is considered good news, since it is the rise of class when it comes to marketing Aceh in the Holy Land, it is still a pretty basic version of the traditional ceremonial tea powder (overseas company sells organic versions of the tea ritual, higher prices).

Package contains Everything you need to start the affair with the prestigious matcha drink - a teaspoon and frother made of bamboo, a glass cup with a luxurious look and 50 grams of matcha powder of not bad quality, one that will definitely provide sweetened latte drinks, and even suitable for making ice cream or face masks.

"This opens a door to a world of fascinating flavors, while later you should also try higher-quality versions of maccha, ones that feel like talcum powder and silk, that create a layer of foam from hot water without unnecessary stirring, and that provide a taste of aesthetic serenity with each sip."

In less than 364 words:A good start.

Beasley Freestyle, Barn-Nestle

Beasley Freestyle (Photo: Barn Studio)

Beasley's 41 years have led Osem to shake up the production lines a bit, and launch a freestyle edition.

It's the same snack, seemingly, but open and flat and a little wavy and rough.

It comes in three new flavors - reddish-spicy sour, smoky oval onion (beetroot center), and on the yellowish fire - and in smaller quantities compared to the familiar packaging.

The somewhat forced connection to Beasley did not bother us - what does it really matter what the snack is called?

- So we cleaned up the noise and started tasting.

The sour-spicy edition turned out to be weak in a triangle, with a rainbow of flavors that was probably hard to balance in the first place.

The fire top was cute, with a slight aroma of smoke, and the smoky onion took the gold, with a trashy taste (in a good section) that was hard to stop snacking on.

In five words: not Beasley, but who cares?

Fitness Multigrain Garlic and Pepper, Barn-Nestle

Fitness Multigrain Garlic and Pepper by Osem-Nestle (Photo: Studio Osem)

The Nestle Barn company is rightly expanding on one of the most successful launches of recent months, and is adding a new member to the Fitness Multigrain series in the garlic-pepper snack range.

The personal bag (25 grams, 199 calories) retains a blessed crunchiness and a pretty ideal texture, though the new flavor is less distinct from its initial counterparts.

In four words: meanwhile keeping faith with the pioneers.

Fresh ravioli, Rico pasta

Rico pasta of Rico (Photo: Assaf Emram)

Pasta Rico is launching a new series of pastas - all without preservatives or food coloring.

Joining are sweet potato ravioli, spinach ravioli, ricotta ravioli and cheese ravioli, as well as portobello mushroom fly and truffle-flavored ricotta.

We tasted the last two.

The cheese ravioli was excellent, relatively good compared to competing products, and required only 2-3 minutes of cooking in water, then into a tomato sauce.

The longer flylin dumplings behaved similarly, paired with lots of butter and also provided a fun bite of pasta of the kind that no one really does at home on a regular basis.

In four words: a real Italian meal, off the shelf.

Squeeze Series, Master Chef

Master Chef Squeeze Series (Photo: Master Chef)

The lush culinary brand is expanding its shelves with a series of spreads in a squeeze bottle.

At this launch you can find truffle spread (mayonnaise with truffle mushrooms, or rather "restored truffle mushroom spice") with distinct aromas and good taste, lite spread that was reasonable relative to the caloric deal, spicy spread that was pungent but no more and also a delicious garlic spread that could Go even one step further.

Apart from these, there is also myo-ketchup - Dutch mayonnaise with tomato seasoning - which was good for its kind although it still did not help us understand why such products exist in the world, and also rich and delicious Dutch mayonnaise AS IS.

In three words: Squeeze is life.

Tahini in a squeeze bottle, grains

Grinding in a pressure bottle of grains (Photo: Eyal Granit)

Staying in the genre: Grain Company launches two organic raw mills in a squeeze bottle.

These are Ethiopian sesame tahini and garlic tahini - both from 100% organic sesame seeds.

The first was profound and respects the fierce competition that is being abandoned in this market.

The second, which added a bit of garlic powder (organic, but what) to the sesame, helped a bit in the action most of us do anyway, although the garlic lovers needed some reinforcement anyway.

In six words: there is always room for more good tahini.

Asian vinaigrette sauce, barn

Osem Asian Vinaigrette Sauce (Photo: Osem Studio)

Still pressing: Osem is launching a new Asian vinaigrette sauce, designed to cut corners on the way to the perfect root salad.

There’s a bit of garlic and ginger, soy-vinegar-sugar and a chili bite, and as a quick solution to an urgent guest serving the bottle will do the job for you, though it does require a pre-tasting so you understand where you stand in terms of balances.

In five words: a good base for Far Eastern games.

Apple-pear water, springs

Fountain-pear water (Photo: FIREWORKS)

Neviot is refreshing with two new flavors for its successful apple series.

These are the flavors of apple-pear and apple-berry - both are based on natural mineral water, plus 10% fruit components.

We only tasted the first one, and enjoyed a very reasonable drink in its sweetness, with fruity flavors and a bit of aromas of apple and pear, although it was hard to separate them (and maybe that’s actually the whole point).

In four words: a good substitute for sugar bombs.

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