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Urine and excrement masks: the death of a policeman exposes a savage method of training in Río Negro


Justice is investigating whether Gabriel Emanuel Mondagaray, the son of a general commissioner, died as a result of a brutal exercise to which he was subjected.

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07/30/2021 20:09

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Updated 07/30/2021 8:20 PM

The reconstruction of the death of a young policeman while conducting training to enter the Special Operations and Rescue Corps (COER) of the Río Negro Police, which occurred on April 15, revealed the degrading situations to which the agents were subjected. .

According to the complaint, the training included having

a superior urinate an applicant

and even have him put on

masks with excrement


The death of Gabriel Emanuel Mondagaray, a 28-year-old assistant officer, occurred in the area known as Bahía Creek, a place located 100 kilometers from Viedma.

He was the son of General Commissioner Antonio Mondagaray, a member of the force's staff, and of Chief Commissioner Adriana Fabi, head of Regional Unit IV and brother of Verónica, an assistant officer.

Three months after the tragic event, the Rio Negro courts were able to reconstruct a large part of the events that cost the young policeman his life, which revealed the "fierceness" of the training that the police officers, mostly very young, were subjected to.

Authorities during the reconstruction of the brutal training that ended with the death of a young aspiring policeman on a beach in Río Negro.

Photo Rio Negro

Prosecutors Guillermo Ortiz and Rubén Negro, members of the scientific team of the Procuratorate of the province, defense attorneys, some of the defendants, the parents of the victim and the lawyer of the complaint Damián Torres participated in the reconstruction to try to put light to the unfortunate events that led to Gabriel's death.

"Now we have to define the accusations to advance in the formulation of the charges when they send us reports and videos," said Torres. The lawyer added that the idea "is not only to advance on the homicide itself but also on the abuse of authority." he explained in dialogue with the

Río Negro



Torres gave very harsh details about what led to the death of the young man during the training in which 27 other agents also participated, two of whom

also had to be treated that day

for different injuries.

The reconstruction was carried out in three stages, the first of which was at the Las Marías ranch, located 42 kilometers from Bahía Creek, where they were taken down after being

introduced into a cistern with water

from where they walked until they reached the camp.

Once the group reached the beach, they worked in the area where they were camping.

"They showed us the activities they carried out, where we saw the extreme physical exercise to which they were subjected, with the

little food and the few hours of sleep

they had. They were also recreating, among other things, abusive situations, such as when an instructor urinated to a student, or they were made to make masks with excrement, among other situations, "explained the lawyer.

Some of the policemen who participated in the tragic training of the applicants.

Black river.

Afterwards and always according to the lawyer's narration "the reconstruction was done in the beach area, to see how the entry into the sea was like, with the trunk they were carrying, and in the physical condition they were in" but "we could not mark the distance to which they entered due to the swell and the weather conditions ”.

In addition, some NGOs that are asking for justice regarding the incident spoke of an "alleged dance" and a "pact of silence" promoted by Inspector Commissioner Sergio Permarochi.

At the time of the incident, he was secretary general of the Police Headquarters but recently he was appointed as second chief of the Bariloche regional office.

The great physical demand until reaching extreme limits and the continuity with exercises at sea are not unrelated to the death of Gabriel, who, according to sources in the case, suffered a

beginning of hypothermia

when, together with the other applicants, he was forced to enter the the sea despite the low temperature.

Along with the deceased police officer, two other police officers also suffered physical problems, one from General Roca and the other from the town of Lamarque.

The three were rescued by other colleagues and transferred to a hostel where they received the first care.

But nothing could be done about Mondagaray who eventually passed away.

The pandemic situation and the half-hearted work carried out by the Justice delay the results of expert opinions to reveal the true reasons for the death.

What if it is already in question is the rigor which are subject to those who want to

enter the COER an elite force police Black River.




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