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Mankish, Shawarma and Mahmar: The Arabic Tabun Restaurant is up and running - Walla! Food


El Asador Birka Restaurant, Meat by Redifine Meat, Tonic Festival, Jaffa Toast from San Remo Casino, Cheese and Fruit Festival, Innovations in Sharona Market: Food News >>>

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Mankish, Shawarma and Mahmar: The Arabic Tabun restaurant is up and running

Cheese Festival, Wine Festival, Meat Festival, Tonic Festival and Breakfast Festival: The Most Delicious News in Israel


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Sunday, 01 August 2021, 06:00 Updated: 14:59

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The Brothers Restaurant, American Zionist House, Tel Aviv (Shai Makhlouf)

Long months of gloomy food headlines and a real passion for some delicious seasoning in the kitchen that is our life ended - for now and without the evil eye - with the food world returning to routine (some sort of routine, meanwhile we will not be petty).

And because we know where we live, let's keep our fingers crossed for a little quiet, and talk about food.

For all the news and headlines from Walla!

I can eat

Walla's delicious Instagram page!


restaurateurs, chefs and other Israelis who just love food (and just want to end this perpetual extreme survival season in the right group of survivors), have started to come back to life, and we with them, hope the next food news will be less and less considered "situation".

And this week: Cheese Festival, Wine Festival, Meat Festival, Tonic Festival and Breakfast Festival: the most delicious news in Israel.

And that's not all.

In short, get the most delicious news in Israel.

Shawarma in a thousand degrees

See with your own eyes the cisterns of fire within the earth

To the full article

"New meat" in restaurants

Redefine Meat burger (Photo: Afik Gabay)

The Israeli food-tech company Redefine Meat is launching a series of meat substitutes, including a "lamb" kebab, a hamburger, sausages, "cigars" and ground "meat".

The products will be available at this time in restaurants around the country, including Hudson Lilienblum, Asif, Nam, Eddie's Hiding, The Lounge, Sirte Bar, Goz and Daniel and Budga American Cuisine, and later they are also expected to reach deli, butcher and retail chains.

Al Asador Restaurant, Yarka

Al Asador Restaurant (Photo: Danny Yossifov)

The relatively new Tabun restaurant in Yarka in the Galilee is now up and running, led by chef Shadi Bishara.

The menu relies on the basics of local cuisine, building on meat, dough, vegetables, cheeses and herbs.

- Most of them are from local growers.

Halomi cheese is made in Yarqa, for example, the meat comes from nearby herds, and the vine leaves are rolled by the mother of the family every day.

Here you will find, among other things, manakish and arais kebab, Arabic cheese fingers in a crispy coating and squid shawarma, chicken clay and shish kebab of course, as well as a selection of grilled pieces of meat.

for further details

Cheese and Fruit Festival, Kfar Tavor

Roberta Vinci's Kaymak (Photo: Kobi Mahagar)

Kfar Tavor Dairy welcomes the warmth with a celebration of cheeses and fruits, and a collaboration with four restaurants.

The special dishes will adorn the menus of Silo, Greek Salon, Nina Bianca and Roberta Vinci in the first half of August, and will offer a combination of the dairy's fresh local ingredients, with a summer fruit chosen by the chef.

Here you will find a ball of mozzarella and figs in a wood-fired oven by Silo, feta steaks with figs and honey from a Greek salon, watermelon salad, feta and balsamic caviar by Nina Biancha as well as kaymak with roasted grapes, fish oil and home-made jam by Roberta Vinci.

for further details

Ziona Cafe, Sharona Market

Ziona Coffee in Sharona Market (Photo: Nimrod Cohen)

The excellent restaurant from Ness Ziona lands in Sharona Market in Tel Aviv, with a light and healthy menu, which led from the humiliation of some of its flagship dishes.

Here you will find, among other things, grilled artichokes and oven-roasted potatoes, polenta, beetroot gnocchi, pizzas and also an invested bohr package, ideal for the picnic grass waiting outside the compound.

for further details

Pop-up Racheli Ver Nir, Sharona Market

Dessert by Racheli Ver Nir (Photo: Sharona Market)

Staying in the market's air conditioner: The winner of the "perfect dessert" opens a pop-up shop in the complex, sponsored by Bayliss Irish Cream.

The store, which will operate for two weeks, will offer Ver Nir's victory dessert - Half Wrecking Ball - as well as other hits such as "Irish Pistachio" (English Irish Cream and Mascarpone, Caramelized Pistachio Cream, Crunch Pistachio, Salt, Raspberry Candy and Classic Crispy, "Chocolate Baileys" "Milk chocolate toffees, coffee and Baileys, vanilla cream with coconut aroma, Rocha salted nuts, Genoese Baileys and a classic crispy tartlet," Chess-Matte "(Mankai pancake, black grape confit, pumpkin seed crunch, salt flower and classic butter crisp) And "almost hovering" (the tart from the program, in a variation adapted for sale). Price: NIS 42.

For more details

Breakfast, Al Terras

Breakfast at El Tras Restaurant (Photo: Galia Aviram)

The restaurant overlooking the Herzliya beach launches a slightly different, and definitely refreshing, breakfast menu.

These are actually about 20 types of bruschettas that have a varying topping on top, such as avocado with tehini, egg with crispy goose, spinach and eggs with pesto and scrambled garden with mushrooms, parmesan and asparagus.

There are sweet bruschettas for dessert, as well as a "Lebanese breakfast" that opens a table with scrambled eggs, sliced ​​salad, halloumi cheese, fried eggplant and more.

for further details

Farewell Week Kahlo, Farewell

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Frida - Good Things and Wine (@ frida_beer7)

The Be'er Sheva deli is leveraging Frida Kahlo's birthday into a Mexican fiesta led by Robert Kluger (Fig Tree Catering).

The party will start on Tuesday-Thursday (03-05 August) with special dishes such as ceviche fish with unripe mango and avocado and "Nachos Complete", and will continue at noon (August 6) with music, tacos, cactus salad and a lot of wine.

for further details

Cocktail menu, Rubida

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A post shared by rubida Rubida (@ rubida2020)

The dairy restaurant led by Amos Hayun is launching a summer cocktail menu.

You will find here, among others, "Ozukhito" (ouzo, lemons and mint), "Rubida squirt" (blood orange gin, passion fruit, oranges and sparkling wine), "Cosmopolitan Pomegranates" (lemon stallions, quantum, roses and pomegranates), " Berry sangria "(red wine, white rum and raspberries), and also" lychee lychee "(jager, grunt lychee, mango tonic and lemon juice).

for further details

New dishes, yakimono

Yakimono Restaurant (Photo: Yael Bonfis)

The Japanese restaurant on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv is expanding the menu with a few new entrants.

You can find here, for example, Yissai soup (champignons, zucchini and carrots, seaweed and scallions, tempura chips), "Hottagai batiki" (three units of scallops roasted in butter and sake along with asparagus and shimazi mushrooms), "Gio niko kosho" (beef fillet strips) Aged in a peppery soy sauce alongside garlic rice) and also a "Suzuki Maki" (roll with rock bass, cucumber, oshinko and shiitake).

for further details

New dishes, Italian bar

Italian Bar Shrimp (Photo: Anatoly Michaelo)

The Netanya Italian brasserie refreshes the regular menu.

You can find here now, among others, beef bruschetta, aqua paza shrimp, fillet moussar and also cocktails such as "Mojito Italiano", "Ozotini" (ouzo, sambuca, almond syrup, watermelon syrup, apple juice, lemon juice) and "Piedmont Hendrix" (Bloga, passion fruit puree, lychee liqueur, pineapple nectar, lemon juice, tonic water).

for further details

My wife, Jaffa

My wife's toast (Photo: Yafit Simcha)

The San Remo Group is expanding its Hippo activity with a new food stand, based on toast, but a little different.

This is a focaccia bread sandwich, a bit similar to the Italian pearl, which comes in several versions such as margarita (mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, kalamata olives and parmesan), fish harima (harima with chunks of shredded fish, pickled lemon, smoothie and coriander), vegan garlic vegetables ( Cashew cheese with dill garlic sauce, roasted vegetables, artichokes, caramelized onions and parsley) and also shredded marzipan (shredded marzagan sausage with roasted eggplant, caramelized onions, matbucha, sage and coriander).

Apart from them, there will be side dishes of "mashed potatoes in toaster" with sour cream and green smoothie and Caesar salad, as well as a collection of trimmings and sprinkles.

for further details

Tonic Festival, Fever Tree

Fever Tree Tonic Festival (Photo: Afik Gabay)

IBBLS has teamed up with its tonic brand Ontopo, and the result is "Mix With The Best", a broad, complex and refreshing culinary project.

The event, which will take place in the first half of August, will skip about 20 restaurants around the country, and will hold a special evening in each of them with a special food and drink menu based on Fever Tree, and accompanied by a dedicated bartender.

Among the participants: Unza, TYO, George and John, Dalal, and NG.

Price: NIS 250-380.

At the same time, the restaurants will combine a special gin and tonic menu, with three tanks based on tankry and tonic.

for further details

Food workshops in the Western Galilee

Food workshops in the Western Galilee (Photo: Galil eat)

Western Galilee Time Association takes advantage of August to teach us all a few things about food, and holds local cooking workshops.

You can participate here, among other things, in an Akko food workshop at Beit Al-Prasha, a Druze cheese workshop with a spa spa in Peki'in, a tin workshop and a meal in Deir Hanna with a Galil eat, a Christian Arab meal at Aviva Khuri's house in the village of Fasuta and a dessert chocolate workshop at La Chocolita.

for further details

Bolognese, Safed

Bolognese Restaurant (Photo: Bolognese)

The dairy restaurant opened in Safed and offers a French aroma and a kosher menu.

The restaurant, which is located in the Safed City complex and is led by Noam Bachar and Miki Avisror, is based on Galilean products, of course.

Here you will find, among other things, rich breakfasts, salads and sandwiches, pastas and fish, a vegetarian hamburger and a sweet dessert menu.

for further details

Aberlor 14 in Israel

Averlor Whiskey 14 (Photo: Aberlor)

The single malt from the Scottish boutique distillery lands in Israel.

This is a drink that has been aged for a minimum of 14 years in Oloroso sherry barrels and American barrels from first filling.

The result is a relatively unique blend, providing very deep and very balanced flavors, sweet aromas of honey, vanilla and chocolate, and an elegant finish.

New whiskey, Bana drinks

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A post shared by DS Tayman (@ds_tayman)

The chain of liquor stores is launching three whiskey drinks of the DS TAYMAN brand.

These are the 12-year-old DS Timman Linkwood, the 12-year-old DS Tyman Kaul Ayala, and the 12-year-old DS Tyman Blair Atoll, which is a single malt whiskey aged in ex-barrels, and transferred after 12 years to red wine barrels that arrived from the Israeli Flam Winery.

Pharma Culture package and Gray Goose

Pharma Culture and Gray Goose Case (Photo: David Malka)

מותג הוודקה חוגג את "Summer of Goose" ומעודד את השותים לצאת מהבית עם מארזים קיציים, נשיים ומשמחים.

Grey Goose Sunset, למשל, הוא מארז בשיתוף "פארמה קולטורה", חוות האירוח החקלאית של גיל שחם ובן זוגה. הוא כולל "כל מה שצריך כדי לחוות שקיעה מושלמת", לרבות זוג כרטיסים ל-Sunsetting קולינרי בחווה, שמיכת קיץ לפיקניק, גרילנדת תאורה, בקבוק וודקה ושתי כוסות קוקטייל. מחיר: 550 שקלים.

בחווה עצמה תמצאו צרכניית בוטיק, פינות ישיבה ירוקות וסלי פיקניק שמחברות נקודה א' לנקודה ב'.

לפרטים נוספים

יום הבירה הבינלאומי, לאגר אנד אייל

רשת לאגר אנד אייל (צילום: גיל אמיר)

רשת הברים הלונדונית חוגגת את יום הבירה הבינלאומי עם מחירי חו"ל, מוזיקה וגלגל מזלות.

האירוע, שייערך בימים חמישי-שישי (05-06 באוגוסט), יציע בירות בינלאומיות מגוונות ומותגי בוטיק מקומיים במחיר שמתחיל ב-16 שקלים לחצי ליטר. עם כל הזמנה, יסובב הברמן את הגלגל במהלך שעתיד להביא לכם מתנות דוגמת בירה נוספת, צ'ייסר, חטיף ומרצ'נדייז.

לפרטים נוספים

יום הבירה הבינלאומי, פופי פיצה

פיצה גירוס של פופי פיצה (צילום: מולי מגריסו)

יום הבירה הבינלאומי נחגג גם בפופי פיצה הנתנייתית, והורחב לכדי מבצע של שבועיים.

הדיל כולל פיצה גירוס יוונית עם מוצרלה, רוטב עגבניות, טלה, פרגית, יוגורט סומק ומיקס עלים, וכן בירה MYTHOS שתסגור מעגל. מחיר: 72 שקלים.

לפרטים נוספים

חלת זהב, לזרוביץ'

חלת זהב של לזרוביץ' (צילום: רן בי)

מסעדת השוק הראשל"צית מתחדשת בתפריט חלות אולימפי, ובו גם חלה מצופה בעלי זהב.

תוכלו למצוא כאן, בין היתר, חלת שניצל עם חומוס, מטבוחה וחציל מטוגן, חלה ממולאת בסלופי ג'ו או באסאדו, חלת אנטריקוט וגם חלה טבעונית ממולאת בפטריות פורטובלו, רוטב פלפלים, מלפפון חמוץ, עגבנייה ובצל. חלת הספיישל האולימפית תיעטף בעלי זהב ותכיל קבבונים, טחינה, בצל ועגבנייה על האש.

לפרטים נוספים

בייקרי, קפה גרג

בייקרי של קפה גרג (צילום: אילן הלד)

קבוצת קפה גרג מקימה את "בייקרי", רשת-בת חדשה המתמחה במוצרי מעדנייה ומאפים בשירות עצמי, לרבות סלטים, גבינות, דגים וממרחים, קפה ולחמים. שני הסניפים הראשונים נפתחו בחיפה ובפרדס חנה.

HARVEY'S עוברת מקום

מסעדת HARVEY'S (צילום: לירן מימוני)

מעשנת העץ הירושלמית עוברת לרחוב יפו בבירה.

המקיום החדש, גדול יותר ומשפוץ יותר, יציע בשר שיוצא משתי מעשנות אמריקניות, ותפריט ברביקיו מחודש, כולל מנות צמחוניות.

לפרטים נוספים

פסטיבל יין וגבינות, באר שבע

גבינות של באשר פרומז'רי (צילום: באשר)

קניון סינמה סיטי בבאר שבע מזמין את לקוחותיו לפסטיבל יין וגבינות.

האירוע, שייתקיים בימים שני ושלישי (10-11 באוגוסט), יציע טעימות גבינות מכל העולם, וכן יינות מקומיים מובחרים.

לפרטים נוספים

ארוחת ילדים, פיצה רונדו

פיצה רונדו (צילום: גל זהבי)

רשת הפיצה מקבלת את החופש הגדול עם מבצע ילדים שתכליתו פיצה אישית, תוספת, טרופית, והפתעה ב-24 שקלים

לפרטים נוספים

סניף חדש למיסטר דונאטס

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A post shared by Mr. Donuts (@mr_donuts_official)

The donuts chain is launching a new branch in Kfar Saba, adjacent to a factory that takes out all these sweet rings.

Here you will find, among other things, desserts, cupcakes, Belgian waffles, coated pretzels, milkshakes and American ice cream.

for further details

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