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'We started to cry': the emotion and relief in the families of the first children vaccinated against Covid


In the city and province, about 100,000 adolescents will receive the Moderna vaccine. This Tuesday they began to immunize them.

Rocio Magnani

08/03/2021 10:52

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Updated 08/03/2021 15:19

With great caution to avoid exposing them in the media, he began vaccinating

adolescents with risk factors


In the city of Buenos Aires, the first boys and girls to receive the Covid vaccine were immunized in the vaccination centers in Costa Salguero, Parque Roca, La Rural and in San Lorenzo. 

Santiago and Tomás, both 14 years old, were among the first to receive the Moderna injection at the La Rural immunization post.

Friends from the school

arrived around 10.15am and fifteen minutes later they were vaccinated, waiting the routine 15 minutes before being able to leave.

It was the moment most longed for by their mothers, who accompanied them throughout the process.

"We started crying out loud, because they are the youngest of the family and it excites a lot", says Paula Rebagliati (54), one of them and adds that: "It gives you a kind of relief and tranquility".

His son Tomás has congenital valvular heart disease, while Santiago has chronic asthma, like his father.

"We had to take extreme care, because the father also has asthma and I feel that social life was lost a lot. I am excited that in the not so distant future they

can have a social life beyond the Internet

, that they live the normal experiences of children. boys his age ", expresses Mabel Denevi (54).

Santiago and Tomás, 14, pose with their mothers after receiving the first dose of Moderna.

Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros

The boys pose for the photo with


, while they review the list of favorite Play games. There is one of "surviving a murderer", another that resembles "a football with cars" and another "of shooting", summarizes Santiago, who admits that with the pandemic he was connected "much more" than before to be able to share a while of recreation with your friends.

Tomás's mother listens to him: "What excites me the most is not thinking about a vacation.

It is day to day, giving a hug to an affection again.

 It is living a little more relaxed and not being with my heart in my mouth every time someone comes back from work and you hear that there was a case of Covid. Because the truth is that with this disease you do not know how it can hit children. It is a sword of Damocles with a very high emotional cost. "

The City of Buenos Aires began this Tuesday with the vaccination of adolescents between 12 and 17 years old with prioritized conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and chronic oncological, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, among others.

Initiation of vaccination of minors under 18 years of age at the Rural Society headquarters.

Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros

In total, 9,300 shifts were assigned to the City's vaccination posts, which enabled online registration on July 29.

It is still open for those who want to register at 

Karina Romano leaves La Rural with her daughter Mía Nuñez by the hand.

It just took "literal 5 minutes" since she entered the premises for the girl to be vaccinated, on the first day of immunization of people under 18 years of age.

And the joy is seen under the bangs:

"It was a difficult year



For people with Down syndrome, the pandemic involved the loss of many strands of the safety net.

"The school only had one day of classes per Zoom per week,

virtual therapy didn't work for her, she did

n't have her hockey and swimming classes anymore. She also went to play therapy and cut herself. It was a total abandonment. "says the woman.

The vaccination against Covid-19 of adolescents aged 12 to 17 years with prioritized conditions in the City began.

Photo Macarena Bultri / GCBA

To all this, age-related changes were added and Mía began with an anxiety disorder, so she had to start with psychiatric medication.

"Today it was difficult to convince her because the vaccine scares her, but we bought her some sweets and explained that with this

we are getting closer to being able to return a little to normality

. It is a relief," she says hopefully, before getting into the car that awaits her.

Behind them, Joaquín and Emanuel Aguilar, 16 and 17-year-old brothers, who will start classes on Wednesday with the first dose.

While taking a photo with the certificates and the yellow posters of the vaccination center.

"As asthmatics, this is a peace of mind,"

says his mother.

Joaquín and Emanuel Aguilar, calmer after being immunized.

They are both asthmatics.

Photo Rafael Mario Quinteros

At this stage of the vaccination campaign,

boys and girls between 12 and 17 years old who have comorbidities

or priority conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases

are being immunized


severe congenital malformations and Down syndrome, among others.

Only in the City and the Province, there are about 100,000 adolescents who are going to be vaccinated.

They are going to receive the Moderna vaccines that were donated by the United States.

It will be 3.5 million doses.

Like Sputnik, AstraZeneca and Sinopharm, Moderna also requires two doses to complete the immunization, 28 days apart;

both are formulated with the same component.

Aldana and her family from Mataderos, after leaving the vaccination center in La Rural.

Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros

"Hopefully all the boys get vaccinated and take care of themselves," asks Hugo Bonis, 63, who leaves surrounded by his family.

The youngest, Aldana (17), received the vaccine in a good mood.

"It's hard to know how he feels, but he didn't start crying or anything," her father explains, while the girl points to the arm where the injection was given.

On the other side,

a pink sticker that says "I got vaccinated



Norma Travi (61) says that only the girl was missing.

"We were anxious for his turn to come. Now we all have at least one dose. I'm happy," he says.

As this newspaper learned, the national government intends to advance with the vaccination first among adolescents with prevalences - there would be about 940,000 throughout the country - and then continue to use the available doses of Moderna in adolescents without previous illnesses.


Source: clarin

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