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Watermelon: 5 easy recipes with the fruit of the season - Walla! Food


Recipes with watermelon: salad, cake, ceviche, jam and popsicle, because International Watermelon Day is a date set by someone else, but that does not mean you do not deserve to celebrate a little, right? >>>

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Watermelon: 5 light recipes with the fruit of the season

International Watermelon Day may be just a date set by someone else, but that does not mean you can not celebrate


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Tuesday, 03 August 2021, 06:00

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How to choose a watermelon?

The complete guide (Walla!) System

You will never catch us celebrating International Day (fill in the blanks, depending on the interests of the marketing, advertising, branding and positioning agencies) International.

It's just too forced.

Today, however, everything works out more naturally.

To the delicious Instagram page of Walla!

International Watermelon Day


may be a date set by someone else, but we do not need a calendar to identify an opportunity.

True, it is the best without a lot of clutter around it, and in medium-sized pieces.

But still, if you fancy something a little different - and no less refreshing - this is for you.

Or in other words: Get five great watermelon recipes.

enjoy your meal!

Both delicious and playful

Hedgehog Patties by Rotem Liberzon

To the full article

A colorful watermelon salad full of flavors

Watermelon, rocket and radish salad (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

Ruth Oliver watermelon salad, simple to prepare, surprising and refreshing.

The salad contains Bulgarian cheese that adds saltiness, rocket with a bit of bitterness and radishes and onions that bounce all the flavors into another league.

A recipe for a refreshing watermelon salad

More on the same topic

How to choose the sweetest watermelon on the market?

To the full article

Fish ceviche with watermelon and mozzarella

Fish ceviche with watermelon (Photo: Dror Einav, Ami Menachem)

As weird as it sounds, it's delicious.

It turns out that the sweet and crunchy watermelon goes well with delicate fish flavors and the pickling of the lemon.

This is truly a summer surprise.

A recipe for fish ceviche with watermelon

A cold and perfect watermelon cake

A perfect cake for hot days.

Light and photogenic watermelon cake (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

4 years ago the network stormed after Victoria Beckham chose to celebrate her birthday with a watermelon cake instead of a corrupt cake as one man.

Having made a watermelon cake ourselves, we fully understood Beckham's choice because in this heat it is required to make the cool cake, which requires a minimum of work and distributes a maximum of photogenicity.

For the watermelon cake recipe - the most refreshing, photogenic and light cake in the world

Natural watermelon popsicle

Watermelon Popsicle (Photo: Official Website, from the blog cooking classy)

A watermelon popsicle is stunning in its beauty, a simple and delicious solution that the children can help you prepare and thus they have both employment for freedom and a delicious homemade popsicle.

For a homemade watermelon popsicle recipe

Watermelon peel jam

Watermelon peel jam (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

And finally, what do we do with all the watermelon peels we have left?

So this is it, which also has a wonderful recipe, for a sweet jam with lime and mint.

Chef Nati Shafrir teaches us how to turn a watermelon peel into a delicacy.

For the watermelon peel jam recipe

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