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Carla Vizzotti recognized as 'programmatic errors' the previous cases of combined vaccines in the Province


They were before the efficacy was studied, but for the Minister of Health they were a 'positive externality'. What did Nicolás Kreplak say.

08/04/2021 17:36

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Updated 08/04/2021 17:44

Carla Vizzotti referred this Wednesday to the cases of mistaken combination of vaccines in the Province of Buenos Aires.

The national health minister described these "programmatic errors" as a

"positive externality"

and said that they took place in all provinces.

"It is

important to transmit tranquility

. See it as a positive externality: first the possibility of its happening again is minimized and, second, it is safe and

protects against the coronavirus,

" said Vizzotti, at the conference in which he announced the start of the combination of Sputnik V covid dose with AstraZeneca and Moderna.

In addition, he clarified that

"it not only happened in the province

, but the reports of programmatic errors are from the 24 jurisdictions."

Vizzotti led the press conference together with Nicolás Kreplak and Fernán Quirós, Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires ministers respectively.

It was Kreplak who spoke about the "programmatic errors" in Buenos Aires territory.

Kreplak's stance

"When you vaccinate 13 million people, there is a percentage lower than 0.01% in which there

may be a human error

in the application," said Daniel Gollan's successor, who left his post to run for the legislative elections.

In addition, he said that Argentina has

a "robust system"

of information that allows a high "level of monitoring."

"We were able to use that information and see that, first,

there were no episodes of adverse effects

. That is, safety is guaranteed. And people who were infected and received a heterologous scheme unintentionally have the same efficacy as those who did it with schemes counterparts, "Kreplak continued.

Daniel Gollán and Nicolás Kreplak, the former minister and the current one in charge of Health in the Province.

Photo Mauricio Nievas

And it also brought peace of mind to those affected by the problem.

"Over there if the person found out and has some degree of

anguish or concern

, we transmit tranquility: not only does it have no adverse effects in the medium or long term, but also the efficacy is as high or higher than those who received a homologous scheme, "concluded Kreplak.

The presence of Kreplak, Quirós and Vizzotti in Casa Rosada was due to the announcement about a combination of vaccines.

In the Government House, the national minister explained that the first results of the interchangeability of vaccines

were "satisfactory"


Therefore, the campaign to combine doses from different sources will soon begin.

Given the shortage of Sputnik V, the investigation focused on supplementing the first dose of the Russian vaccine.

To that end, according to the announcements this Wednesday, the productions of AstraZeneca and Moderna will be used.

Thus, people will be able to choose the heterologous scheme or, failing that, continue waiting for the second element of Sputnik.

The target population is those over 50 with comorbidities.

Those with the longest waiting time from the first dose of Sputnik will be privileged

The "minimum" goal

, as Vizzotti said, is to reach September with 60% of the population over 60 years with a complete scheme.

The "errors" in Province

On Tuesday, the case of vaccinated people who,

by mistake, received a second dose of different production

than the first one that they had inoculated, had become known.

It involves more than 1,000 accidental applications in the Province of Buenos Aires.

As detailed by

Page 12

, the then provincial Health Minister detected nearly a thousand cases of "accidental combination" of vaccines.

After the notification, the Ministry of Health of the Nation subjected these thousand cases to analysis.

And, always according to the official newspaper, he found no adverse effects, while the immunogenic capacity was equal to or greater than the standard scheme.

The controversy arose when it was considered as a study, something that was not programmed but a

consequence of an error

in the vaccination plan.


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