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Polyamory: Eliana, Nazareno and Maira, the people of Mendoza who live a love story of three


'We do not maintain an open relationship, we are not swingers. We are a trio and we love each other, they defined.

08/04/2021 12:11

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Updated 08/04/2021 12:22 PM

Eliana Cuchietti and Nazareno Fernández were a conventional couple that combined love and work, since they run a call center together.

Maira Fernández began to work with them and after a while they discovered that

they loved each other and that they only felt complete as a trio

, therefore

they were assumed to be a

polyamorous relationship


Maira immediately established a friendly bond with the couple.

A bond that exceeded work.

There was always a fun outing, a chat, a meal together.

But they noticed, not without some discomfort, that

everything was better when they shared it between the three of them


Nazareno, 41, told the newspaper

Los Andes

: "It all started as a

work relationship

, then


, and now,



They have lived together for 4 years, they plan to get engaged and become parents.

Photo: Ignacio Blanco / Los Andes

"We began to see that

we felt things that we did not understand,

" said Maira, today 23. "The three of us got together without problems, but if I got together alone with Eli, we missed Naza.

Something was happening.

If there were only two of us, in whatever we did we needed the other.

That was leading to raise how we continued forward, "he added.

That initial approach ended in what they explain today in this way:

“We have a polyamorous relationship and three


We do not maintain an open relationship,

we are not swingers


We are a trio and we love each other ”.


four years of

dating, they now live in the same home.

A man and two women who have lived together for 4 years and are cultists of polyamory.

Photo: Ignacio Blanco / Los Andes

At first, when everyone noticed that there was physical and loving attraction between them, it was missing to know

who was encouraged to express it first


And although neither of them had had a homosexual relationship before, it was they who did it, and in a particular way: with a kiss on the mouth, flavored with wine, in front of his eyes.

“We had organized a meeting in our house and we decided not to go out dancing.

It was a dinner after spending the whole day together.

With Mai, at one point,

we set out to play a prank on Naza, telling her that we were going to be girlfriends with

each other because we didn't like men anymore.

We had dinner, I offered him wine.

He said no and she accepted.

And there we kissed.

Everything was explained

”, Eliana recalled.

Eliana, Nazareno and Maira are a couple of three and cultists of polyamory, a man and two women who have lived together for 4 years Photo: Ignacio Blanco / Los Andes


told the Mendoza newspaper that

he could not believe what he saw

: "As a man it is a



, I was in the middle of two beautiful women, but I did not believe that now I was about to become part of a relationship of three."

They raised it at that very moment, leaving aside the doubts.

“It was

all natural and without problems

from that first time.

What we were feeling happened:

the three of us loved each other

, we protected each other.

It was what the relationship was lacking, because before we had already noticed that only two of us felt incomplete, "explained Maira.



is what provokes the most curiosity in others: Nazareno explained that it is about

“discovering something new every day”


Eliana, on the other hand, said that what she feels is so intense that "there is no word that defines it";

something on which Maira agreed.

Of course, the romantic and erotic side can be attractive and fun, but it has its demands, for example, figuring out how to sleep and having to buy an XL bed: "We had to buy a bigger bed, because with the other it was impossible" Maira recognized with a laugh.

And he added: “

We had a two-seater and it died, all the springs broke


To top it all off, when we bought the new one, it was so big that it wouldn't fit through the door. "

One of the biggest challenges when assuming yourself as a trio, and no longer as a couple of two, was to raise it with your families and friends and then expose it socially.

"It helped us a lot to see a series that is on


, which is called

'You, me and her

', I recommend it," explained Nazareno.

“We did not have parameters for what we did, it was a

process of self-discovery


That series gave us the parameters ”, added Eliana.

"You, me and her", the Netflix series that talks about polyamory.

Nazareno said that, in his case, he had almost no conflicts when he made his new relationship known to his father.

But he also has three daughters ("each one from a different mother, not the man of one woman," Maira and Eliana joked), and the two oldest know about the relationship, although the youngest has not yet.

Different was what Eliana and Maira lived.

“Nowadays we can share everything, but at first,

telling my parents it cost me a bit

, because I knew it was a different paradigm.

But once I told them, they accepted it. "

Maira had to deal with two problems:

her young age and explaining her relationship with two people


“I was very young and I started by telling my dad that I had a relationship with Naza.

It was a problem, and it was difficult for him to accept it ”.


has been with her boyfriend for 18 years


was only 19

at the time


“When he accepted it, then it was time to tell the other.

My mom had noticed and saw it coming, so I told her about it.

He went through a process and now he asks me more about them than about me, "he said.

"We had noticed that only two of us felt incomplete," acknowledged Eliana, Nazareno and Maira, cultists of polyamory.

Photo: Ignacio Blanco / Los Andes

Eliana, Nazareno and Maira consider themselves, practically, a “couple of three”, who have a bond similar to that of other conventional couples or marriages, and after several years of relationship,

they considered the possibility of becoming parents

in the near future.


we would like to be parents


We have it already planned and diagrammed (laughs)… but it is still too early, ”said Nazareno.

The plan was explained by Maira and Eliana: “We have talked and

we want to get both pregnant at the same time


We would like it a lot.

But, of course, you can't always get it, so if either of you gets pregnant sooner, no problem.

And we'll see ”.

Today the three share

love, home and work


After almost five years, living together since June 2020 and assuming each other as a trio, the time has come for a ritual, even if it is merely a holiday since polygamy is not legally accepted: “

We want to have an engagement party

between September and October, although our anniversary is in June ”.

The smallest of the trio recognized: "Now I have everything."

For Nazareno, the oldest of the three, the energy he feels is “very intense” and for Maira, the middle one, being three they are “complete”.


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