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The house of polyamory: how is the intimacy of the 'couple of three' from Mendoza


Maira, Eliana and Nazareno made their relationship public as a trio. Clarín visited them in their duplex: rules of coexistence and 'polyfidelity'

Roxana Badaloni

08/07/2021 12:48

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Updated 08/07/2021 12:48 PM

Maira Fernández (23), Eliana Cuchietti (28) and Nazareno Fernández (41) are boyfriends.

A trieja, a bond of three.

They practice polyamory and the disclosure of their history, first on social networks and then, in a note from the Los Andes newspaper, they brought dizzying days.

His story quickly made the covers of national and foreign media.

Their phones did not stop ringing and it was impossible to continue working in the cell phone accessories store that they serve together in Mendoza.

It was enough to publish the photo of two girls kissing and in the middle the man who looks at them, to

feed curiosity and curiosity about the intimacy of a threesome


They do not hesitate to show themselves together.

They think it can help those who don't dare to reveal their polyamorous experiences.

But so much exposure raises questions: Is it true that they live together?

What does this kid have that he conquered two beautiful women?

Did they choose him?

Is it true that they sleep in the same bed?

Who first proposed the trio?

Here you may find the answers.

We went into the house of Mai, Eli and Naza, as

they call each other in privacy


And, we can say, “not everything is what it seems”.


Maira, Eliana and Nazareno share them in the house they share.

Photo Ignacio Blanco

Thursday at noon, there is little movement in the neighborhood of the town of Jesús Nazareno, in Guaymallén, Greater Mendoza, where the duplex of the trieja is located.

The three of them go out to receive




Under the threshold, Maira appears first, Nazareno behind and finally Eliana.

They invite us to pass.

In the living room, with little furniture and minimalist style, the two bicycles shared by the three are stacked.

An armchair, the main table and six chairs as the only furniture in the kitchen-dining room.

In that main space, they have a set for video calls, with led lights, a microphone and a notebook.

It will be an exhausting day: from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. they have

an hourly interview



"Sweetie, in the room I left you your clothes for the photo sessions," Maira tells Nazareno, while Eliana is concentrating on

combing her girlfriend's hair


The girls look like best friends playing games, they are confident, funny, they groom themselves and they exchange knowing glances and loving gestures all the time.

Nazareno maintains a distance of several meters.

He's quiet, near the door.

Somewhat shy,

the girls invite him to the game of seduction


You accept.

The photographer turns on the camera, focuses on them, and their faces light up.

They enjoy the session, they change position for each take, they gesticulate, they laugh.

They confess that, for a moment, they forget the problems –even health problems- that can cause their fathers and mothers

so much exposure of their privacy


Maira, Nazareno and Eliana, the people from Mendoza who live a love story for three.

Photo Ignacio Blanco

The life experience that each one carries is different.

Nazareno had long-lasting relationships with three other women, with whom he had

three daughters

, at different times in his life.

The number three is a constant in his story.

His daughters are 20, 18 and 5 years old;

the eldest is almost the same age as the youngest of his girlfriends


"I came from Ciudadela more than 20 years ago to work in Mendoza, I never imagined that I could experience this."

And he clarifies that, in reality, they coexist like many young people who share a home, work and love.

“I am not the man who conquered two women.

They chose each other and then the three of us chose each other.

Otherwise it would be impossible, ”says Nazareno.

The polyamorous relationship began four years ago.

Eliana and Nazareno were a couple.

A few months later, Maira joined the call center where the other two worked as an employee.

"First, I started dating Nazareno, without Eliana knowing it," says Maira.

At the same time, the girls became friends and cronies.

The three of them were going to dance and have dinner.

They assure that they lived it as a relationship of friends and that they had fun.

At another time, the girls were together, began a relationship and Nazareno decided to move away.

Before long, they were the ones who

told him that they missed him and that the relationship worked if they were a threesome


Nazareno was a couple of the two.

He distanced himself from both of them and soon after they suggested that the three of them return.

Photo Ignacio Blanco

Maira is the only one who assumes herself bisexual.

"I had never been attracted to a girl, until I met Eli," she says.

On the other hand, Eli and Nazareno avoid defining themselves because they say "it does not matter the gender or how many participate in the relationship to love each other."

All three clarify: “It is not an open relationship,

we are not swingers


We are a trio and we love each other ”.

In his house nothing is improvised.

They follow rules of coexistence

, cleaning tasks, shopping and who cooks are shared.

In the family administration they have common expenses and a monthly amount that each one can have without consulting the others.

"If any of us wants to buy $ 15,000 shoes, we will have to see how the expenses are for the month and if we can," Nazareno explains.

Like most Argentines, the three of them have to work to cover their monthly expenses and, even so,

it is difficult for them to make ends meet


In the refrigerator they have pasted

a notebook sheet with the rules of coexistence

: “1) Large expenses are discussed in advance.

2) Wash the dishes (Eli).

3) Hang up and take down clothes (Naza).

4) Put clothes to wash (Eli).

5) Iron (Mai) ", it is read in the first items.

They have been

living together for more than a year

, since June 2020. "Before, Mai came to visit us as a girlfriend, and one day we agreed that we would change the bed for a bigger one and that we were going to live in three," says Eli. It was difficult to get a bigger box spring through the bedroom door. In another room is the clothes of the three. The closets are occupied by them. Nazareno says that he uses very little space, he can leave his clothes anywhere.

From 12 followers on his Instagram @ polyamory333, they grew to more than 2,500 in a couple of days.

Mayra, who studied Communication, is the one who most interacts with them: “

They ask us about jealousy.

If we get angry that two of us have sex and leave a third out.

And the truth is that we don't get angry if any of us don't want to participate, ”he says.

The photos of the couple in the Los Andes note that was replicated throughout the country.

Photo: Ignacio Blanco / Los Andes

Mayra is the smallest and most spoiled of the trio, and the one who

sleeps in the middle


Although, sometimes, when they see a movie in bed, Nazareno asks to be there, surrounded by “his angels”, as he calls them.

The most difficult thing for them has been

telling their families about this choice of life


"It is understandable that it is difficult for them to understand it, it was also difficult for us," they say.

Maira remembers that she went to have coffee with her father and told him that she was dating Naza, who was almost 20 years older than me.

His father did not like the confession too much, who, he says, "was in shock for three days."

The most difficult thing is still missing: "I confessed that I was also in love with Eli. She ended up accepting him, now they come with my mother to eat at home."

In Eli's case, he decided to tell his mom about polyamory first and then his dad.

"Until today it is

a process that they are going through,

" he explains.

And she is concerned about the great repercussion generated: “We have received positive and negative comments.

Many ask us why we went out to tell it.

But we feel the support of our families.

If we are happy, for them everything is fine, "says Eli.

Maira confesses to being the most jealous and admits: “It has been difficult for me to control it.” Nazareno explains that they have decided to be “polifieles”.

The trieja, in the space they set up for the interview marathon.

Photo Ignacio Blanco

The girls have talked about motherhood: “We would like to get pregnant at the same time.

But, of course, if either of the two gets pregnant sooner, there will be no problems. "

They have not yet wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day, because they say that it is difficult to frame the relationship, although they did seal their love with the

same tattoo


They chose a triquetra, a Celtic symbol made up of three interlocking ovals, as the representation of a tripartite goddess.

All three of the hands have walked and, at another time, only they, arm in arm.

"We love each other, we are happy with this relationship," they say snuggled, between kisses.

We went out into the street and before closing the door, Nazareno asked:

"Now do you believe us?"





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