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What to do if it stinks from the trash can? With these ten tricks you can declare war on the stench


You quickly overlook the garbage and an unpleasant smell fills the apartment. You can easily do something about it with these ten tricks and home remedies.

You quickly overlook the garbage and an unpleasant smell fills the apartment.

You can easily do something about it with these ten tricks and home remedies.

Munich - It happens faster than you think: an unpleasant smell fills the kitchen and you can identify the garbage as a source.

Especially in summer it happens even faster that the household waste starts to smell bad.

This is of course mainly due to the content that finds its way into this garbage.

Food left over from the meal continues to ferment in the garbage and quickly develops a rather penetrating smell.

We have put together ten tips, tricks and home remedies for you that will easily remove unpleasant rubbish odors from your kitchen very efficiently.

Fighting the rubbish stench: the basics

Even before you fill the garbage can, you can counteract future stench.

With these five tips, you won't give the smell a chance right from the start.

  • Buying the right trash can:

    This is where the first and most serious mistake can be made.

    It is best to choose a model made of stainless steel or aluminum.

    These materials are less prone to odor build-up.

    In addition, the smaller the bucket, the less the smell.

  • Empty regularly:

    Take out your rubbish regularly.

    A little more often in summer, as the heat creates odors even faster.

    For organic waste, the rule of thumb applies in summer, at the latest every two days, while residual waste can stay in there for a little longer, three to four days.

  • Newsprint:

    Food which, from experience, is particularly involved in the development of odors, simply wrap in newsprint when disposing of it.

    These include, above all, protein-containing foods, onions and fruit that is already rotting.

    If it is organic waste, that is not a problem, because the newspaper can be composted with it.

    To avoid unsightly puddles at the bottom of the trash can, just put a few pages on the bottom of the bin.

  • Baking soda as an alternative:

    You can also use

    baking soda as

    a home remedy when you don't have the newspaper on hand.

    Scattered on the floor of your trash can, it has the same absorbent effect as newspaper.

  • Thoroughly clean up:

    If you have overlooked it and puddles have already formed, unfortunately the only thing that helps is cleaning up.

    Counter the smell with soap, a sponge and, ideally, cleaning gloves.

    You should only use bleach here in an extreme emergency and if it is very dirty.

    Or you can buy a new trash can.

  • +

    Household waste is a dangerous source of bad smells, especially in summer.

    © Panthermedia / imago

    The garbage smell is on the collar

    You followed all of the above tricks but your trash is still starting to smell bad?

    Then we have five more helpful remedies and tips for you:

    • Avoid Moisture:

      Tea bags, use kitchen rolls, coffee filters, and other damp garbage encourage bad smells.

      Therefore, make sure that this damp waste has drained well before you put it in your trash can.

    • Baking


      Baking soda on the bottom of the trash can do the same thing as baking soda.

      It soaks up moisture and keeps the bottom of your trash can dry.

      In addition, baking soda can also mask unpleasant smells.

    • Coffee beans:

      Like baking soda, coffee beans can also dispel other odors.

      Like the baking soda and baking powder, the beans come to the bottom of their trash can and do their work from below.

    • No sun for your trash:

      This tip applies to garbage cans rather than the trash can in the kitchen.

      But the same applies to kitchen garbage: Avoid a place in the sun.

      The heat generated by solar radiation favors the fermentation process and the faster spread of germs and bacteria.

      As a result, your garbage will smell faster and also stronger.

    • Do not use trash can deodorant:

      Even if the use seems seductive and promises a quick result - leave it.

      These deodorants only cover up the odor and do not solve the real problem.


    Household waste as a source of bad smells.

    But that need not be.

    © robertkalb photographs / imago

    It's that easy to avoid the odor of garbage

    If you follow these ten pieces of advice, you will no longer be surprised by bad smells from your trash can, even in summer. Remember to use smaller rubbish bins in summer. So you have to take your rubbish out more often. Make sure that your garbage bags are always well closed so that your garbage can also remain clean and as odorless as possible. Also, keep your trash closed as best you can. This way it cannot attract any insects.

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