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Where to buy an electric bike?


Both environmentally friendly and very practical, the electric bicycle appeals to many users. Folding electric bike, or cheap model, in this

In town or in the countryside, an electrically assisted bicycle will be your best traveling companion. It not only allows you to exercise, but also makes your journey up climbs easier so that you save your strength. This vehicle therefore adapts to many situations, and it is increasingly popular with consumers. Folding electric bike, or even vintage model, cargo, and many others, there is no shortage of references on the websites of e-merchants and are aimed at all targets. If you want to treat yourself to one, or to one of your loved ones, come and discover our selection of the best models available on the market. It gives you a good overview of what you can find on the market. Brands, designs, options, cheap or more upscale electric bike,you will inevitably find the model you need. Small reminder if your vehicle exceeds 25 km / h, you will need an insurance for electric bike in order to be able to circulate in complete safety.

our selection

  • Electric bike, Velobecane  

  • Folding electric bike, Windgoo

  • Electric assistance bike, Mi Smart, Xiaomi

  • 27.5 '' electric mountain bike, Moovway

  • Electric city bike E-Way TVT

  • Folding city bike, Surpass

  • Folding electric bike, Wave, Velair

  • 27.5 '' electric mountain bike, Surpass

  • Which model of electric bike to buy?

    Very popular, the electric bicycle is used by many people. Manufacturers are well aware of this craze and they offer many models to consumers according to their preferences and needs. First of all you have the urban electric bike. It is quite compact and light, suitable for city use. Most of the time, it will be a folding electric bike to take up little space when not in use. For hiking enthusiasts, there is nothing like a trekking type bike that will be suitable for use in nature. If you have children or things to transport, bet on a cargo bike that has a handy storage space. Finally, an electric mountain bike can be used both in town and in the countryside andwill adapt to many surfaces according to your habits. In any case, you will need to take out insurance for an electric bicycle if its speed exceeds 25 km / h.

    Like all vehicles of this type, there are several things to take into account when choosing an electric bike. To begin with, instead of the engine, there are three options. First of all, in the front wheel. This is the most suitable solution for city driving, but the power will be less on climbs. If the motor is in the hub of the rear wheel, you will have a more responsive and responsive ride. Finally, the motor can be in the crankset, in this case, the power obtained will depend on the force you place in your pedaling. Now let's move on to the battery, which can be integrated into the frame or the luggage rack. You have a choice when it comes to battery type between lithium-ion, lead, nimh and many more. There is one point to think about, however: weight distribution.If your engine is on the rear wheel, avoid a battery under the luggage rack, all the weight would be on the back of your vehicle. Depending on the model, the engine power will not be the same. Note that 250 watts will be sufficient, especially for city use, as your speed cannot exceed 25 km / h. Finally, the price of course. It is easy to find cheap electric bikes and much higher-end models, it's up to you to decide what your budget is.It is easy to find cheap electric bikes and much higher-end models, it's up to you to decide what your budget is.It is easy to find cheap electric bikes and much more high-end models, it's up to you to decide what your budget is.


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