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Snow furor: how much does a September ski getaway cost


Tickets, passes, classes and equipment rental in Patagonia's ski centers, which are expected to be open at least until the end of September.

Pablo Bizon

08/27/2021 6:31 AM

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Updated 08/27/2021 6:31 AM

It is known: after being delayed for a long time and being desired, the snow finally reached the

ski centers of

Patagonia, and in quantity.

After the long weekend of August, it did not stop snowing for several days both in

La Hoya

(Esquel) and in Cerro Catedral (Bariloche),

Cerro Bayo

(Villa La Angostura),


(San Martín de los Andes) and


( north of Neuquén).

Thus these centers were able to join the season that until then was lived almost exclusively in Cerro Castor

(Ushuaia), which was the only 100% enabled center until then.

Today, all are with

all their means and tracks operating

-except for exceptions due to weather conditions, wind or accumulation of snow-, and the centers themselves assure that due to the amount of fall and the forecast of more snowfall, they will have a

good amount of snow at least until end of September


This late arrival of the snow

triggered inquiries and reservations

, and although many left for the south as soon as they found out about the snowfall, others are planning a getaway of 3, 5 or 7 days to enjoy the snow in September, with more hours of sunshine and the warmest days of spring.

The heavy snowfalls since mid-August activated the slopes and alternative activities in the ski centers of Patagonia.

Photo: Cerro Catedral

"As a result of the snowfall, the demand for destinations to ski centers grew significantly. For example,


, which

leads the ranking of destinations

, grew 37% compared to the previous weeks. A marked trend is perceived in the choice of

ski resorts.

passengers for trips at the end of August and in September to be able to take advantage of the snow, "said Paula Cristi, Despegar's general manager for Argentina and Uruguay.

Erika Schamis, director of Sourcing Non Air & Media de Almundo agrees: “National destinations returned to the podium of the most chosen, and the snowfall made the hills with ski passes not left behind.

Packages are the figure of the season

, along with car rentals. "

He adds: "We celebrate these new snowfalls that give a break to tour operators working in Patagonia and allow travelers to enjoy a new ski season, since they could not do so in 2020 due to the pandemic context."

Considering that


low season

rates have already been in force since

August 29

, how much does it cost to get away for a few days in the snow this September?

Here, an overview of ticket prices, passes to lifts, ski and snowboard lessons, equipment rentals and packages, so as not to miss the adventure of the snow.

Because it is never too late to enjoy it.

Cerro Castor, the southernmost ski center in the world.

Photo Fotiar.

Ushuaia: Cerro Castor

26 km from Ushuaia, Cerro Castor (

) is one of the main ski centers in Argentina, and

the southernmost in the world


To get to the capital of Tierra del Fuego you have to fly about 3h40 'from Aeroparque (Aerolineas Argentinas and Jetsmart) or from Ezeiza (Airlines), with fares that start at $ 36,458 round trip (Airlines);

In this consultation, with departure on September 6 and return on September 13 and checked luggage of up to 15 kilos.

To get to Cerro Castor you have to fly to Ushuaia, by Aerolineas Argentinas or Jetsmart.

Photo Fotiar.

The best rate that



in this survey by Jetsmart, meanwhile, was $ 27,574, with outbound on September 7 and return on 14, and including checked luggage of up to 23 kilos.

To move from Ushuaia to Cerro Castor, if the


is not included in the package or the hotel offer, you have to consider from $ 1,700 round trip.

Once on the hill, the

daily pass

for the lifts costs $ 4,300 for adults and $ 3,000 for children under 12. Ski classes start at $ 9,300 for two hours (every morning, from 10 to 12).

Cerro Castor is 26 km from Ushuaia.

Photo Travel.


equipment rental

costs from $ 1,700 for a day or $ 8,200 for six consecutive days.

Other interesting options in Cerro Castor are the

ice skating rink

at the base (it is the only ski center that has this option).

The pass costs $ 650, the same as the hourly skate rental.

If paid together, $ 1,000 for the skates plus the hourly pass.

It is also advisable to make a foray into

cross-country skiing

, a very common technique in the Cordillera Fueguina.

The pass costs $ 1,000, and the rental of these special skis or cross-country boots, $ 700.

Nursery, snow garden and ski and snowboard school for all levels in Cerro Castor.

Photo Fotiar

Finally, the

rental of rackets

to enjoy a walk through the lengas forest costs $ 1,200



in Cerro Castor

(departure, 2/9).

5 days / 4 nights, airline flight and 4 nights in hotel with breakfast plus transfers to and from the airport and daily transfers to the Cerro, with three days of passes:

$ 76,190 per person

on a double basis (12 interest-free installments of $ 6,350 ,

Ushuaia Package

: air, 3 nights of accommodation, roundtrip airport transfers and pass in Cerro Castor, with flexible reservation, from

$ 53,000 per person


Since August 17, Cerro Catedral was covered with snow.

Bariloche and La Angostura: Cerro Catedral and Cerro Bayo

Bariloche, a city in Rio de Janeiro, has the largest offer of flights among the winter centers, with

more than ten daily frequencies

from both Aerolíneas, Jetsmart and Flybondi, from Buenos Aires (Aeroparque and Ezeiza), Rosario, Mendoza and Córdoba.

To fly in September,


found these rates: $ 19,004 for Airlines, flying on the 11th and returning on the 18th, with checked luggage.

For Jetsmart, $ 17,050 with one way on the 12th and return 17, with a checked bag, and for Flybondi, from $ 16,596, with luggage of up to 12 kilos in the hold and with departure on September 16 and return on the 22nd.

Cathedral Hill

Transfers from the city center to Cerro Catedral (14 km) cost from $ 1,500 per person, with an early morning departure and late afternoon return.

On the hill (

), the daily pass costs $ 4,100 for seniors, $ 3,400 for minors and $ 2,400 for infants (under 5 years old).

If you are going to ski for several days, it is advisable to purchase a Flexipass pass, which for six consecutive days of ascent to the hill costs $ 20,800 for adults ($ 3,466 per day), $ 17,200 for minors and $ 12,100 for infants.

If you have to rent equipment, the complete sports ski starts at $ 1,700 per day and $ 10,200 per week.

If looking for a high-end team, the rates are $ 3,100 and $ 18,000, respectively.

Finally the snow came to Cerro Catedral, the largest ski resort in South America, in Bariloche.

Photo: Cerro Catedral

For snowboarding from $ 2,000 per day and $ 11,400 per week, and high-level snowboarding $ 3,200 and $ 19,000, respectively.

Classes: at Escuela del Cerro, Fire On Ice, the exclusive two-hour class costs $ 13,800 for one person, $ 15,000 for two and $ 15,800 for three.

Half day for up to three people, $ 19,000.

With the promo "First experience", 2 hours for $ 7,200 (rates until September 18, end of the middle season).

In the nursery school, half a day of private lessons costs $ 7,500;

six half days, $ 32,000;

and six full days (lunch included), $ 56,600 (

The heavy snowfall in Cerro Catedral on August 17.

Photo: Cerro Catedral

Bariloche Package

: air, 6 nights of accommodation and an excursion to Cerro Catedral, from

$ 48,000

per person (

Ski Package in Cerro Catedral

(departure, August 30): AR air, 5 days / 4 nights in hotel with breakfast, transfers to and from the airport and daily transfers to the hill plus 3 days of passes and equipment rental:

$ 62,450

per person on a double basis (12 installments without interest of $ 5,204,

Classes and fun for all ages in Cerro Bayo, in Villa La Angostura.

If the option is to ski in

Cerro Bayo



, in

Villa La Angostura, Neuquén,

(80 km from Bariloche airport), it must be taken into account that the


costs from $ 5,750 for up to 4 people, or about $ 12,000 in a van for up to 8 people.

In Bayo, with unbeatable views of Lake Nahuel Huapi and the mountains, the

daily pass

in September costs $ 2,900 for adults and $ 2,400 for minors.


one-day snow christening group


costs $ 3,200;

and for three days, $ 7,700.

Two-hour private classes, $ 9,450.

And to leave the little ones in good hands, the


costs $ 3,500 for half a day and $ 4,800 for the whole day.

When it comes to

renting equipment

at the Villa La Angostura ski center, you have to calculate $ 1,500 for one day, and $ 7,800 for 6 days.

Snowboards cost $ 2,150 a day and $ 11,000 for 6 days.

Junior teams, $ 1,700 and $ 9,000, respectively.

Cerro Bayo, skiing with stunning views.

Photo Cerro Bayo.

But for more convenience there are the


, packages from the hill that include passes, classes and equipment.

To ski three days, the pack costs $ 16,770;

and for 6 days, $ 27,400.

For snowboarding, $ 17,750 for three days and $ 29,300 for six.

Bayo also has





A 4-night miniweek in a loft in the Arbolar complex, three km from La Angostura, costs $ 23,299 per person on a quadruple basis (2 adults and 2 minors).

Image of Chapelco on August 23.

Chapelco Press Photo.

San Martín de los Andes: Chapelco

About 110 km north of Villa La Angostura along the Route of the Seven Lakes, this city located on the shores of Lake Lacar is

one of the most chosen

each winter.

Aerolineas Argentinas flies to Chapelco airport, 23 km from the city.

Round trip, from $ 28,208 (one way on September 6, return on 15).

To travel from 14 to 20 or 21, the fare drops to just over $ 22,000.

Chapelco is 19 km from San Martín de los Andes.

Chapelco Press Photo.

At Cerro Chapelco (

) the

daily pass

costs $ 3,600 for seniors, $ 2,900 for minors.

A pass for three consecutive days, $ 9,800 and $ 7,800, and for six consecutive days, $ 17,300 and $ 13,800, respectively.

Equipment rental

: the complete ski equipment costs $ 2,160 for adults and $ 1,720 less for children, for one day.

The one for snowboarding, $ 2,160.

Per week, these rates are $ 11,340 and $ 9,040 skiing, and $ 11,340 snowboarding.

If you want to take private lessons, two individual hours cost $ 8,700;

if there are three students, $ 13,200.

Group classes for three days cost $ 9,300;

and for six days, $ 15,500.

A good option in Chapelco are plans that include passes for six with group classes and full equipment.

Photo Press Chapelco


Snow Garden

(for boys from 3 to 5 years old) for three days, $ 17,100 full day, $ 12,500 half day.

For six days, $ 28,600 full day;

$ 20,900 half day.

And the


(from 3 months to 3 years) for three days, $ 15,500 full day, $ 11,700 half day.

For six days, $ 25,900 all day, $ 19,400 half a day.

A good option are


that include passes for six days plus six group classes of 2.5 hours plus full equipment for six 6 days.

For adults, the ski or snowboard plan costs $ 50,700.

Ski Package in Cerro Chapelco

(departure, 4/9).

5 days / 4 nights, airline flight and 4 hotel nights with breakfast plus transfers to and from the airport, daily transfers to the hill and three days of passes:

$ 84,607

per person on a double basis (12 interest-free installments of $ 7,050,

Cerro Perito Moreno, 25 km from El Bolsón, in Río Negro.

El Bolsón: Cerro Perito Moreno

About 110 km south of Bariloche on Route 40,

Cerro Perito Moreno



It is the

El Bolsón

ski center


which has also dressed in white in recent days.

In low season, the

day pass

costs $ 1,600;

the three-day Flexipass, $ 4,500;

five days, $ 7,000 and seven days, $ 8,600.

Cerro Perito Moreno.



of a standard computer costs $ 950 per day, $ 2,600 for three days;

$ 3,960 for five and $ 4,800 for seven.

For snowboarding, $ 1,200, $ 3,250, $ 5,100 and $ 5,800.


Two-hour group


, $ 2,800;

individual, $ 7,800 for a day (2 hours);

$ 18,800 for three days and $ 24,000 for five days.

Half day snow garden, $ 2,850;

full day (without lunch), $ 4,500.

La Hoya, with good rates and the promo "Esquel invites you".

Photo La Hoya.

Esquel: La Hoya

Aerolineas Argentinas arrives in the city of the Cordillera de Chubut.

In September, round trip from $ 17,849 (in this search, with one way on the 9th and back on the 17th).

At the

La Hoya

ski center


), 15 km from the city, the



costs $ 2,300 for seniors and $ 1,950 for minors with online purchase;

at the box office, $ 3,000 and $ 2,550, respectively.

Also with online purchase, the

5-day Flexipass

is paid $ 9,700 (major) and $ 8,200 (minor).

The new El Zorro confectionery, inaugurated in La Hoya this winter.

Photo La Hoya.


equipment hire

complete ski or snowboard costs from $ 1,250 per day;

the junior team, $ 950. For three days, $ 3,775 for the adults and $ 2,565 for the junior.

And for six days, $ 6,375 and $ 7,845, respectively.



individual class

for seniors costs $ 7,040, and $ 5,984 for minors.

The two-hour group, $ 2,323;

the one-hour snow baptism, $ 5,200 higher, $ 4,400 lower.

Children from 3 to 5 years old to enjoy in the

Snow Garden

costs $ 2,394 for half a day and $ 3,183 for the whole day.

For 5 days, $ 7,660 and $ 8,976, respectively.

And in the

Junior Club

(boys from 6 to 11 years old), a half day costs $ 2,753, and the whole day, $ 3,661.

For five days, $ 10,332 half a day and $ 13,729 all day.

Snowshoe hike in La Hoya.

Esquel press photo.

In addition, the Tourism Secretariat of Esquel and La Hoya have just launched the

promotion "Esquel invites you"

, which includes benefits such as 10% discount on gastronomy and 4x5 nights in more than 50 accommodations (check at ).

Esquel Package

: air and 4 nights of accommodation, from

$ 50,000

per person.

You can add three days of Flexipass in La Hoya to use on alternate or consecutive days for $ 11,000 ( 

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