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Your eyes are on your specialty... Interactive exhibitions to introduce high school successes to university specializations


Governorates-SANA, in conjunction with the start of accepting university differential applications in the accredited registration centers in universities and its branches


In conjunction with the start of accepting university differentiation applications in the accredited registration centers in universities and their branches, the National Union of Syrian Students, in cooperation with the Syrian Trust for Development, launched today interactive exhibitions in universities entitled “Your Eye is Your Specialty” to introduce successful students in the secondary certificate to the specializations available in universities and institutes.

SANA accompanied the opening of exhibitions in universities and met with a number of those in charge of them and visiting students. At the Faculty of Law at the University of Damascus, Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in a statement to the media after a tour, called on the students not to rush when writing their desires on the differentiation card so that they would not have to amend later. And to choose their true desire that suits their inclinations and grades.

In turn, Imad Al-Omar, a member of the Executive Office of the National Union of Syrian Students and Head of the Office of Studies and Student Issues, indicated that the exhibitions include dialogue meetings between the deans of faculties and students and meetings between graduate students and students visiting the exhibitions, in addition to displaying pictures and videos about universities and colleges to help successful students in the secondary certificate in choosing university majors Which they will follow their educational attainment and introduce them to the differences between them.

For her part, Annie Koshian from the Syrian Trust for Development said: We worked with the Student Union in this initiative in order to have direct contact between graduate and new students who are about to study at the university and answer their inquiries so that they choose the college and specialization most appropriate for them and their interests, and to identify the professions associated with each college.

At the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Aleppo, Eng. Ammar Kaadah, a member of the Executive Office of the National Union of Syrian Students, referred to the students’ great interaction with the exhibition “Your Eye is Your Specialization” in its second year.

In turn, Yasser Gawish, head of the Aleppo University branch, confirmed to the Federation that the University of Aleppo has identified centers for admission and registration on the university comparison, and organizing and reception committees have been formed to facilitate the affairs of students in the event of any obstacles or difficulties between Dr. Maher Karman, President of Aleppo University, that the university has prepared by providing all facilities In the differentiation centers distributed in different places of the university that receive students and facilitate the process of registering them for differentiation.

In Lattakia, an exhibition was opened in the Central Library of Tishreen University today, with an introduction to the specializations and faculties of the university, and the Vice President for Scientific Research, Dr. Muhammad Nasser, stated that the exhibition informs the new students about the specializations and their prospects in the future and the fields of work that they will provide after their graduation at the university and thus prepare them for the labor market.

A member of the Student Union branch at Tishreen University, Tariq Alia, pointed out that the exhibition was prepared a week ago, as a special pavilion was set up for each college and institute, in which there are outstanding undergraduate or graduate students to provide appropriate explanations.

Today, in the lobby of the Faculty of Science at Al-Baath University in Homs, the “Your Eye is Your Specialization” initiative was launched. Ali Hammadi, head of the National Union of Syrian Students branch at the university, confirmed that the initiative serves the new students. the new ones.

In turn, Dr. Abdul-Basit Al-Khatib, President of Al-Baath University, said: The initiative constitutes a civilized participatory situation between the university and the federation in the interest of the student, who is the basis of the university educational process.

In a meeting with the supervisors of the departments in the exhibition, Yusra Suwaidan from the Preparatory Year Department confirmed that the student who is asked about that year, its courses and specializations, such as human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and the future work of the students, is introduced to the students.

In As-Suwayda, at the Faculty of Science at the Damascus University branch in Sweida, the activities of the “Your Eye is Your Specialization” initiative launched, which included the opening of an interactive exhibition in which successful students in the secondary certificate are introduced to the specializations available in universities and institutes in the university branch.

The Director of the Damascus University branch in As-Suwayda, Dr. Khaled Kiwan, pointed out that the initiative sheds light on the seven faculties that are included in the university branch in the city, its departments and specializations, with dialogue meetings between the deans and their deputies with students visiting the exhibition and answering their inquiries.

Head of the National Union of Syrian Students branch in As-Suwayda, Wafaa Al-Aflaq, indicated that the initiative targets every student who has passed the high school in its branches and seeks to define the features of his future by introducing them to university specializations before registering for a differentiation.

In Hama, the head of the National Union branch, Ahmed Hajjar, indicated that a number of university students participated in the General Differentiation Center at the College of Veterinary Medicine by introducing the successful students in the secondary certificate exam and those wishing to register for this year’s competition with the university specializations before registering in the comparison, pointing out that the cadres participating in the initiative know the students. In all theoretical and practical colleges, their subjects, and job opportunities after graduation, in addition to answering all their inquiries in this regard.

In Deir ez-Zor, a member of the leadership of the Student Union branch, Mahdi al-Kanaan, said that this initiative comes in parallel with the start of applying for the general comparison, and aims to introduce students to the specializations available at the university and guide them to choose the specialization that is commensurate with their desires and compatible with their grades in secondary school through the establishment of an exhibition in which programs, pictures and tools will be displayed. The nature and work of each of the university’s faculties, in addition to holding introductory seminars on a daily basis, through which the deans of the faculties introduce students to the college, its purpose, the subjects taught in it, and the benefit of the specialization for students from its acceptance until graduation, until its entry into the labor market.

In Al-Hasakah, the head of the Student Union branch, Alaa Al-Tala’a, indicated that the “Your Eye is Your Specialization” initiative continues throughout the progression of the comparison, as committees of the first students in universities were placed on a specialization table containing a model that simulates the university’s branches, and the committees provide an explanation of the registration mechanism and areas of specialization.

A number of students pointed out the ease of the procedures taken to receive applications, noting the importance of the initiative for its great role in introducing students to the specialization they will study and what job opportunities are available for each specialization.

In Tartous, Vice President of the University for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Adib Barhoum, explained the importance of the exhibition “Your Eye is Your Specialization” in providing the necessary information for high school graduates to choose the branch they wish to study in addition to explaining the differentiation mechanism and writing desires within the special form and warning of common mistakes that the student may commit during Register.

The exhibitions will continue until the sixteenth of this month and start daily from ten in the morning until three in the afternoon in Damascus University, Faculty of Law, in As-Suwayda, Faculty of Science, Daraa, Faculty of Education, Quneitra, Faculty of Education, Aleppo University, Faculty of Architecture, Al-Baath University, Faculty of Science, Tishreen University, Central Library, and Al-Furat University, Faculty Agriculture, Hasaka, Faculty of Law, Hama University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Tartous University, Faculty of Arts.

Source: sena

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