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Here's what you can do to get rid of a hickey


Kissing is known to be healthy. But if you overdo it, you can get hickey marks that you don't want everyone to see. What can you do about it?

Kissing is known to be healthy.

But if you overdo it, you can get hickey marks that you don't want everyone to see.

What can you do about it?

Many studies have already proven that kissing and falling in love * are good for the body and health.

For example, endorphins are released that make us happy, and the germs that are exchanged when kissing act as a real immune booster.

A negative effect can also arise from passionate kissing:

hickey marks


You don't want to present it to everyone, especially on the neck.

In front of parents and colleagues, you would like to only wear turtlenecks so you don't have to listen to comments.

Read here how exactly hickey stains actually develop and what you can do about them.

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Then you make these mistakes.

This is how hickey marks appear

A hickey is basically just a bruise - just with a nicer name.

When the partner sucks or bites the skin, negative pressure is created, which causes blood vessels to burst.

At that point, the blood runs through the tissue and the hickey is created.

You probably know it from other bruises or bruises: Such an injury can drag on for several weeks and remain visible.

As it progresses, it changes color from initially red and slightly swollen to bluish to green-yellowish.

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Get rid of hickey marks: with these home remedies and tips

  • Wound and healing ointment:

    The classic against injuries, bruises and the like can also accelerate the healing of hickey.

    Ointments containing heparin, in particular, can help the stain disappear faster.

    To do this, apply to the area several times a day.

    There are heparin ointments, for example.

    B. from Ratiopharm (promotional link).

  • Cooling:

    The well-known method of cooling has proven itself on a fresh, slightly swollen hickey.

    This will relieve the pain and let the swelling go down.

    To do this, wrap a cooling pad or ice cube in a cloth and cool the stain several times for 5-10 minutes.

    Even a spoon from the refrigerator can work wonders.

  • Treat with warmth:

    May sound strange at first - especially after the previous tip.

    But heat treatment can help if the hickey is no longer swollen but is still visible.

    The heat promotes blood circulation in the skin, allowing small wounds under the skin to heal more quickly.

    How to proceed: Dip a cloth in warm water and place it on the hickey for 15 minutes.

    Repeat it several times a day.

If all else fails, you can of course still use the hide-and-seek method: turtlenecks and scarves are ideal in winter.

Or you can hide your love bite with make-up.

(mad) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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