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What does your favorite color indicate about your shortcomings? - Walla! fun


The talented painter and tiktok star Sarah was helped by her acquaintance with all the existing colors to describe what the favorite color of each of us indicates the shortcomings in our personality

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What does your favorite color indicate about your shortcomings?

The talented painter and tiktok star Sarah used her acquaintance with all the colors available to describe what each of us' favorite color indicates the shortcomings in our personality - and the truth is that it sounds pretty accurate.

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Thursday, 16 September 2021, 20:02

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What does your favorite color indicate about your personality?

(Tiktok / sarahdipity1)

An American artist named Sarah shared with her 50,000 followers on Tiktok a personality test that tests what your favorite color indicates your personal flaws - and it turns out he says a lot.

While her interpretations are not based on research, thousands have already testified in responses that she has managed to weave exactly into their shortcomings.

The first video garnered 1.5 million likes and resulted in the creation of 4 more videos dealing with less standard colors and prints that you might like.

Ready to explore what your favorite color or colors indicate about your personality?

More on Walla!

Only those with high IQ will be able to pass this test - and you?

To the full article

Part One:

@ sarahdipity1

I hope everyone knows I love you all and this is all in good fun.

## colors ## art ## artteacher ## personalitytest

♬ original sound - Sarah H

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Second part:

@ sarahdipity1

part 2 color personality test, just for fun.

## artyeacher ## colors ## personalitytest

♬ original sound - Sarah H

We've put together her interpretation for ten colors:


- "If your favorite color is red you probably think you're cool, but you're just people who demand a lot of attention," says Sarah, "the advantage is that you're probably good at making decisions."


- "If your favorite color is orange, you're probably really into sports. If you're not into football or don't like watching sports, then you just like to turn everything into a competition. You're probably one of those people who challenges others to eat spicy with you in restaurants."


- "People whose favorite color is green usually love nature or like to say they love nature. They will also never say that their favorite color is green, but a specific shade of green. If they just say green then they are lying. With people whose color Their favorite is turquoise you better be accurate, they do not like green, they do not like


, They love turquoise. Be precise. Besides, they're a little obsessed with the sea. "

Blue -" If your favorite color is blue, that is, blue-blue, you are probably the most average person in the world. If you like a crazy shade of blue but say your favorite color is blue, you want people to get involved in their affairs and let you down. If you like a certain shade of blue and insist on describing it to people, you are probably people who have an artistic background, but you are also important to you to be precise in the information you give. You can not stand the slightest inaccuracy there is. When you watch Marble movies you insist on not enjoying it but on telling people about how incompatible it is with comics. If your favorite color is dark blue, you just like to argue with people. "


-" People whose favorite color is purple have a very upscale taste, but not as you think. They may not collect Gucci information,But they have a certain type of ketchup and they will not compromise on any other type. "

And its interpretation for lovers of non-traditional colors:

@ sarahdipity1

The non traditional color personality test.

I have really enjoyed these.

## personalitytest ## art ## colors ## artistsoftiktok

♬ original sound - Sarah H

And for lovers of prints and shapes:

@ sarahdipity1

I had a lot of requests for this one, so here it is.

## art ## artteacher ## personalitytest ## dadjokes

♬ original sound - Sarah H


- "If your favorite color is black, you may think you're sophisticated, but you may just be trying to be. Or you like to wear a suit and tie in the style of a businessman."


- "People whose favorite color is pink are really sophisticated people and they are very protective of their color. There are two types of 'pink' people: people who are very attached to their feminine side or people who have everything pink, hair, bikes, bags, clothes. .. ".


- "If your favorite color is white you may be a psychopath, but pay attention. Psychopathy is a spectrum. You may be the type of psychopath who eats people or the type of psychopaths who eat burrito from the side or eat pizza from the hard part."

And its interpretation of the color yellow:

@ sarahdipity1

Reply to @mack_makes ## greenscreen hopefully I fixed it.

♬ original sound - Sarah H


- "If your favorite color is yellow, you are probably optimistic people and in a good mood, but sometimes it can be expressed in toxic optimism. You can not tell them that it is not a crime to be happy. On the other hand, if the person who loves yellow is nervous and in the mood "It's almost impossible to encourage him. They know what happiness is and refuse to go back to it."

Rainbow Colors

- Sarah claims that people who testify to themselves that they like all the colors of the rainbow are aesthetics or artists, but it also indicates that they are bad at making decisions.

People who do not have a favorite color because they just do not like any color, she says, "they are just aliens from outer space."

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