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Corona communication: uncertainty does not disappear with a certificate


Whether 3G or 2G - if you want to get in, show your proof. It is clear, actually, but what should take away worries triggers new fears: We need more transparency about our transparency.

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Swiss Covid certificate: also point out the risks

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I do not know either.

That is the heading for the situation.

To mine and that of the nations.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, fear of illness, fear for others, fear of ruin, fear of people hating one another, fear of a vanishing trust in everything, weariness and fatigue have alternated.

So actually like almost always in life, only faster in the sequence.

I read everything or nothing, ignore, find out more, and realize with astonishment that I am neither a statistician nor a virologist.

I have no idea.

What could have made the past year and a half more enjoyable?

Maybe honest, clear communication by politicians, or more factual reporting that gets by without words like vaccinee and spades.

All the same.


Now, what always happens in times of fear has happened: People despise - instead of an illness - one another.

Split up into supporters or opponents of measures, each camp is looking for evidence of the correctness of its own thinking, everyone is looking for security and finds: nothing.

Maybe it could help to know that almost everyone is scared.

So almost everyone, except probably the people who appear on the "Forbes" list of the super-rich;

But what do I know if the people who are being shot into space have to show corona certificates.

What could the control tool be supplemented with?

And this is where the blending of medicine and politics begins.

The world has just put 20 years of war on terror behind it, which involved many in a senseless war and brought massive restrictions on fundamental rights for the rest.

So - for those who had basic rights, there were airport controls, X-ray machines, state Trojans, computer searches, surveillance and biometric cameras, risk classifications at borders.

When we (with passports from western industrialized countries) faced closed borders during the pandemic, one could briefly think about the privileges, because the majority of the world's population either cannot travel at all or only with a visa, waiting period, health question catalogs.

If people in Western countries do not want to be vaccinated, they have a choice that the majority of the world's population does not have.


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In the western world, the health certificate is being used with vehemence, which does not seem to make unlimited medical sense because it can induce people to be careless in closed rooms without masks and is not forgery-proof. Apparently, digital vaccination certificates are currently available on the black market for around 150 euros. Proofs can be easily produced by professionals. With which the argument of the security of the certificate loses some momentum compared to the vaccination certificate.

To many it seems unlikely that the control tool can be expanded infinitely.

With all health data, Schufa entries, religious affiliation, political activities.

But that would be possible, as well as that it can exclude citizens from public life, from transport, university places, jobs or adoptions.

Almost all information about the individual is certainly already somewhere, but we have been able to observe for over a year how complicated the networking of different offices is.

Just as it used to seem unbelievable that the state loads spy software onto the computers of journalists and activists or that freedom of movement is restricted in the country whose citizenship one has - as here in the tweet by journalist Glenn Greenwald:

Back to top.

At the moment, in addition to protecting the population, it seems at least as important that it is not further divided and radicalized.

Clear communication and transparent measures could have prevented a large part of the disagreements among the population, and confidence in health ministries and governments would have been strengthened.

It would have been an opportunity to improve wrong decisions in social policy, about the importance of the health system and communication between politicians and the population.

That can happen with honest communication beyond the election campaign, and if there is no solution other than proof of health status, then it would be important to point out the risks here as well.

So that the completely transparent citizen remains just a scary advertising film.

Source: spiegel

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