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Who is Dadatina: the unfiltered skin influencer who has a legion of 'welded women'


With almost half a million followers on Instagram, the surgical instrumenter Daniela López became the biggest reference for skincare in Argentina.

Jasmine Bazán

09/18/2021 4:44 PM

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Updated 09/18/2021 4:45 PM

A magnet that says

"We Should all be feminist"


"All should be feminists"

) and one of

Harry Potter

in the refrigerator;

furniture bought at the flea market;

some sneakers to go to the gym;

a desktop ready to stream;

a ring of light;

and many, many serums, tonics, creams and other

more or less extravagant products.

It is the office where



 Daniela López



, for the almost

500 thousand people

who follow her on Instagram, with the aim of learning how to

take care of their skin in an easy and accessible way


Or, at least, that was at the beginning.


(nickname from his childhood that he owes to his brother) quickly became the

maximum reference for


in the country.

In just two years, she went from doing reviews for a couple of friends, to dabbling on Twitch, recording podcasts, analyzing YouTube celebrity routines, having her own product line, advising companies, and even writing a book.

Dadatina, the skincare influencer, in her office (or "dadacueva", as her followers nicknamed her).

Photo: Lucia Merle

In 2020, he won the "Instagramer of the Year" award from Ciudad Magazine.

Among his


are the writers Camila Sosa Villada and Tamara Tenenbaum;

the feminist journalist Luciana Peker;

Paulina Cocina;

and the Argentine singer most listened to today,

María Becerra.

To understand its success - a mixture of chance and destiny - you have to go back a bit in time to some milestones.

A when she was 25 years old and was told that

she would not be able to use any facial products after a rosacea diagnosis


To his first "thread" on Twitter - a platform he has used for almost 14 years - where he gave instructions on how to protect the skin without spending a lot of money.

Or the last one, a few months ago, when she quit her job as a surgical instrumenter to dedicate herself exclusively to

creating content.

Although, as she says, "loves irons" (she has a degree in surgical instrumentation, specializing in traumatology, orthopedics and knee and shoulder arthroscopy), she does not regret having taken this risk.

Everything she shares is backed by

research and studies

: She is a professional cosmetologist and has done all kinds of courses (Cosmiatrics, Dermaplaning, Superior Cosmetic Chemistry, Superior Dermapen, Cosmetic Biology, and Element Massage, to list a few).

The ring of light, key to creating content, is what this surgical instrument is dedicated to today.

Photo: Lucia Merle

She is supported by the


- the epithet that one of her followers invented and now characterizes the community.

They ask questions, they learn, they give each other advice and they even recruited


: a universe of almost 20 thousand men who replicate the routines.

With the "Dadatina phenomenon" (she blushes when she hears the term), female entrepreneurs emerged who manufacture pads, headbands, bags and pillowcases.

That is, a true containment network was formed, which reaches the economic aspect, at a time as difficult as the current one.

She has said it and said it again: she is

proudly a feminist.

Go to


, first of all, as

health and care.

It does not mention brands or products that you do not like - unless they are deceptive or dangerous - and it favors vegan and

cruelty free offers


In the


(another name invented by his followers) he talked about everything: from his favorite influencers, through his opinion on fillers and botox, to his goals for the future.

Daniela is a surgical instrumenter.

He left his profession to dedicate himself to generating content.

Photo: Lucia Merle

- How did your interest in skin care start?

- It was when I was diagnosed with


, a skin condition that has no cure.

The dermatologist at that time told me "You will never be able to use any care product, you can only wash with white soap."

It did not close to me.

There is a meme in English that says

"I don't like things, I get obsessed" 

and that's what happens to me.

When I started to make myself known, I realized the responsibility that comes with communicating something related to health.

- How do you explain to people that skin care is a health issue?

- The skin is our largest organ and also the most exposed;

the one that receives the most external damage;

the defense barrier of our body.

A healthy skin is not necessarily one without pimples or with "closed pores".

- Is there a vain component too?

- I think that has to do with what we see on TV.

We want that smooth and perfect skin, without pimples, with a uniform tone.

For Dadatina, skincare is a matter of beauty, but also of health and care.

Photo: Lucia Merle

- "Real skins" is your brand.

How did it come about?

- The idea came to me because a lot of followers sent me sad and disappointed messages, because their makeup skin looked like a door or because they used a cream and they felt that it did not work or did not fit well.

They would send me photos of photoshopped celebrity references or highly edited advertisements.

The reality is that

everything we consume has filters, everything is super processed and edited.


"real fur" I

wanted to expose that.

I show, for example, the pre-productions of the photos versus how they are finished.

Or the edited photos that they take of celebrities on the red carpet against those who upload to their own networks, to show that they also have pores, marks, pimples and you should not feel bad about that.

We have to worry that our skin is healthy and accept that some things will accompany us.

- What is your relationship with filters?

- I left them two or three months after starting my account.

I never used those that change your face, but even the "colored" ones that I used seemed kind of misleading.

Sometimes I get comments like "how tired you look": and no, I'm not tired, I just don't have a filter.

I look how I look and I love it.

It's real life, it's who we are.

It seems to me that if you want to use filters it is perfect, as long as you are not selling something, that to me is misleading advertising.

To me, personally, it does not add me.

- Hyaluronic acid fillers and so-called non-surgical "touch-ups" are very fashionable.

You don't usually talk about it a lot, what do you think?

- In general I am not talking about

botox, fillers and aesthetic treatments

because I prefer to try what is over the counter.

That would be like an "extra".

You can always elevate the routine more, either with the quality of creams, with cosmetic, dermatological treatments or even fillers.

If you want to do them, it's perfect.

In my last podcast I touched on this topic.

I think we must also talk about the risks that these procedures can bring.

It is such a complex issue that

I do not get into an Instagram post.

Perhaps in the future I will talk about it, from another platform, with a professional who does these treatments.

But, for the moment, I prefer to focus on comprehensive care accessible from our homes.

- The three "yes" and the three "no" of Dada.

- All three yes: for the routine, have a good cleanser, a cream and a sunscreen, factor 30 upwards.

The "no's"?

Now essences are becoming fashionable, I do not see them as necessary, they represent more of a little taste.

The same thing happens to me with hydrating toners.

The little machines that clean and promise perfect skin do seem to me to be too much, they come out a fortune and they are not worth it.


Ensures that this is shown on Instagram.

Photo: Lucia Merle

- How did the "soldadas" come about?

- A follower started.

I looked for it a lot, I swear to you, but I couldn't find it.

I had a slogan which was "share your routine" and I kept the stories.

At one point there were nearly 500 featured stories of people showing their skincare experiences and a community was created.

- On Twitter there are many anecdotes of "soldiers" who claim to have crossed you on the street and have taken a gift, are they true?

- Yes!

I like to give.

I get a lot of things from companies, brands, whatever and I don't need that much.

So, even though I do giveaways, when I go out I carry gifts in my purse or my backpack, in case someone finds me.

Every time they greet me, people leave with a mask or a cream, a sunscreen

, whatever the moment is on, it's a lot of fun.

- You have Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, your YouTube channel, a podcast, what is each social network for you?

- I started reporting on


, then I moved to



But I always knew that what I wanted to do the most was record



, because I feel like it's like opening up to the world: you can explain, expand and show much more than what a post limits you.

When I made the jump to that platform, people from all over Latin America began to write to me and that is super rich.

I have


, but I think I'm pretty bad.


is a relaxed place, to have fun, to do presentations.

I think that each social network contributes something different and is aimed at different audiences.

I love having all of them and working on all of them.

- You did a streaming with China Suárez.

Did you think "How far I have come"?

- The

"China" is the coolest thing in the universe and super accessible.

When I started doing this, I asked my followers who they wanted me to interview.

I asked them not to tell me someone like her, who is an actress, Mom, many things.

Suddenly he wrote to me and said: "I want to."

I could not believe it.

It was a lot of fun and he left a message to all his followers that it is essential: take care of your skin, use sunscreen.

I would love to continue interviewing celebrities.

I have not explored it yet, but in the future I surely will.

After streaming with "China" Suárez, he wants to continue interviewing celebrities.

Photo: Lucia Merle

- What are your favorite influencers in Argentina?

- First,

Paulina Cocina.

I love her, she taught me to cook.


Ramón Garriga

(gluten.morgen), although I failed many times in making sourdough bread.

Oh, and

Damien Kuc.

I met him in quarantine and with my boyfriend we did a marathon of all his content.

I love how he communicates, he seems super responsible.

I am also very hooked on

Spicy Therapy

, where they interview celebrities while eating spicy food, it kills me with laughter.

- Once you were surprised that Paulina Cocina knew you and she even dedicated a story to you.

Are you aware of your fame?

- What I feel is that I am famous in a very small niche.

For this reason, when they mention "China", Paulina or people who are mega famous, it leaves me in shock.

- Can you imagine a collaboration with Paulina?

- I cook very well, so if you want to call me, I'm available.

And if she wants to get into a routine, I'd like to too.

- The products, the book, the followers ... two years ago they were unthinkable.

What do you expect from the future?

- In a few years, I would like to further

develop my YouTube channel

and continue with the releases.

I have another line planned, with another aesthetic.

I want to get more involved with the issue of sunscreens and the bill (so that social and prepaid works include them in their coverage).

In addition, I have the project of entering the world of makeup.

- Is there a "B-side" to Dadatina, something the fans don't know?

- I am obsessed with series and I watch a lot, believe it or not.

What else?

I love wine, food.

I really like pizza with pineapple ... maybe now, if they find out, they will want to cancel me.


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