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Debate by Annalena Baerbock, Armin Laschet and Olaf Scholz: A goal would have been good for the Triell


Shortly before the heart-stopping finale, the third triumph went: the SPD played Tiki-Taka on the left wing, Baerbock started to tackle the blood, and the hut at Laschet was on fire. But does that change something at the top of the table?

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Handshake before kick-off: The truth is on the pitch

Photo: Kay Nietfeld / dpa

With the score from 25 (SPD) to 22 (Union) to 16 (Greens), the last Triell will be on Sunday,


major sporting event in the run-up to the federal election in 2021. Supposedly, the truth is on the field.

All three parties are still a long way from the season goal of the chancellorship.

The CDU and CSU still see themselves in the unfamiliar position of deciding to catch up in the last few meters - the pressure and the hectic pace are correspondingly great here.

On the green side, there is probably nothing left to turn around - but because they are qualified for this encounter, they are riding the game home now.

From those around the Social Democrats you can hear the instruction not to make any more mistakes - play flat, win big.

Olaf Scholz opens with a classic move, respect, higher minimum wage, so he passes the short passes to himself.

This SPD Tiki Taka is not easy on the eyes, but it does calm you down in this initial phase.

Annalena Baerbock agrees that the referees (Linda Zervakis and Claudia von Brauchitsch) from ProSieben are gendering more consistently than was the case in the first two rounds.

It's not fair, maybe even a socio-political preliminary decision.

With a look into the camera, she is clearly playing for the stands, and would like to see "politics grow beyond itself".

Armin Laschet confused the first ball assumption: "How do we stay climate-neutral industrialized country?" He asks himself, as if we were already there.

However, we still have to »become« a safe country with clarity.

This shows early on that standard situations are always particularly dangerous.

It's a tailor-made start.

However, a goal would be good for the Triell.

No time to feel your opponent.

Nobody gets through foreign policy, and defense is not an issue either.

After all, Laschet is noticeably defensive.

No wonder when it comes to poverty reduction or care.

If he wanted to rock the thing, he'd have to start playing big Christian Democratic tennis.

Scholz dusts off ice cold

Instead, Baerbock stays on the ball, whose meticulous preparation in the training camp pays off.

When asked about a hypothetical ecoterrorism milk price of "two euros ten", she confidently takes the ball with her and knows that that would be "a doubling".

Surprisingly, she alludes to Laschet with a question about Hartz IV that he "does not understand".

Scholz is happy to take on the ricochet and transforms: "I understand what Mrs. Baerbock said!"

Now Laschet is narrowing down the rooms, talking about his miner father, but despite his experience of poverty, he does not want a minimum wage and prefers to rely on the collective bargaining partners, but cannot find any partner. Baerbock grabs him: "You're going back to the nineties", and Scholz takes the ball off the Green's foot and dusts it off: "That also applies to women!"

It gets worse, namely Scholz over the left wing, on which the Union is not optimally positioned.

Laschet believes that the less-employed are "a special group that does great things for the community," because there is no passion, there is no bite.

Scholz, on the other hand, has the killer instinct to transform his chance.

He briefly crosses inwards, he is concerned with “the dignity” of the people, and ends with a short header: “And that is perhaps what makes a difference”.

Laschet's defense open like a barn door

Suddenly Claudia von Brauchitsch puts her stamp on the game and, after a cursory glance at the clock, instead of Laschet, who deserves Baerbock, admonishes "to keep it short".

A clear wrong decision by the referees.

Then she also played the climate ball to Laschet with the foolish twist that the Union had "slept through" the topic.

Can the Aachener call up his performance now?

No, he relies entirely on big names and, with Klaus Töpfer, is leading a professional who has not been active for a long time.

Even Baerbock is now wondering what is actually going on with Mr. Laschet.

Again in slow motion, it becomes very clear: "I wonder what's going on with you today, Mr. Laschet!"

Its defense is now open like a barn door, the hut is on fire.

He is very lucky that the referees put the ball in front of him again: "How expensive is more climate protection?"

The sentence falls at a psychologically favorable point in time.

In your opinion, who had the most convincing appearance overall in the »TV Triell« by ProSieben, Sat.1 and Kabel1 before the federal election?

That is a dangerous distance to the green gate, which Laschet should actually transform.

The fouled shoots himself - he shouldn't do it and yet he dares.

He takes a long run, stumbles, kinks and gets bogged down in bureaucratic somersaults to the highly complex EEG levy before he has even reached the ball.

Baerbock from the penalty point relentlessly

Catastrophic evaluation of chances!

A Markus Söder would have turned it casually, but he's sitting on the bench.

But Mickey Mouse from the kiosk of Linda Zervakis' parents and a donkey from the Allgäu get lost on the lawn.

Even after this interruption, Laschet does not find his game right, in his two-man chain on internal security there are coordination problems between the terrorist threat and organized crime.

Even what was last but not least, the searches in Scholz's ministries, he can only play about gang.

Scholz does not get into trouble this time, even thanks for the weak shot.

Baerbock, on the other hand, converts all environmental penalties in cold blood, including some against Olaf Scholz, who, however, takes it more athletically at the current score.

Especially since, and this becomes clear towards the end of 90 minutes, the Reds and the Greens only push the ball back and forth, yes, basically already playing in a team - and so Laschet so completely without yellow support basically in every triell the minority.

Spilled milk, the season is over, nothing at the top of the table will change for the time being.

The fans will still be able to look forward to a heartbeat finale next Sunday.

Source: spiegel

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