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Our advice for fitting a motorcycle airbag


If there is something that all bikers are aware of, it is the risk of their practice. Because on a two-wheeler, we are more

Motorists running a red light, a puddle of oil, lack of vigilance on the part of other occupants of the road… Falls are unfortunately commonplace for bikers. The danger is permanent and the rider's concentration is not always enough to avoid falling.

Equipping yourself with a motorcycle airbag

means making sure you are riding in complete safety. Because this type of vest, which inflates like an airbag in the event of a fall, is intended to protect the cervical vertebrae, the rib cage, the dorsal vertebrae and the lumbar vertebrae, i.e. vital areas. It should be noted that about one in two deaths occurring in two-wheelers follows impacts to the back and abdomen.

If you are planning a road trip with long hours spent on the roads of France and the world, you will need to get all the necessary equipment to ensure your safety.

Of course, a motorcycle helmet is mandatory, but a motorcycle airbag will complete your gear to ensure your safety.

Because we must not forget either the leather motorcycle jacket, boots, motorcycle pants and gloves to cover the entire body.

This article will allow you to understand the different types of models available to choose the most suitable motorcycle airbag for your practice and your budget.

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  • What type of airbag should be preferred for the motorcycle?

    Three types of motorcycle airbags

    The market currently consists of three types of motorcycle airbags.

    Those from the first generation are wired trigger airbags.

    Concretely, you must put on your vest and clip it on each time you leave.

    Second generation airbags are closer to what you find in a car.

    Sensors are integrated into the two-wheeler and collect information that it transmits to the vest worn by the rider.

    If the sensors detect a fall, the airbag is triggered.

    Finally, the third generation airbags are completely autonomous in the sense that the sensors are placed within the vest.

    Special features of the wired trigger airbag

    But beyond this knowledge, before equipping yourself with a motorcycle airbag, it is necessary to understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of safety vests. The wired trigger system is relatively restrictive since it is necessary to clip and unclip the vest each time it is used. On the other hand, it is very reliable and does not need to be recharged. No problem of autonomy can arise here. However, these airbags have other drawbacks when compared to other models. First of all, they display a slightly slower reaction time and inflate with a slight lag. Second, this system is not infallible. If you fall in the same direction as your motorcycle, there may not be enough pressure for the fall to be detected and theairbag inflates with air.

    Special features of the second generation airbag

    With the second generation airbags, the transmission time increases and the airbag is triggered more quickly.

    The rider does not need to connect a cable or recharge his vest, but on the other hand, the sensors will have to be installed on the motorcycle and maintained.

    If this were not the case, the performance of the airbag would deteriorate.

    Special features of the third generation airbag

    The most recent airbags have the advantage of not requiring a cable to be connected or sensors to be installed.

    The trigger is quick, but the weight with integrated sensors is often higher and you will need to check that your BC is sufficiently loaded before setting off.

    How does a motorcycle airbag work?

    With the exception of the trigger system, motorcycle airbags work the same way. Unlike an auto airbag integrated in the passenger compartment, the motorcycle airbag is worn by the rider. It is indeed a vest to be placed under or over your equipment. When an event occurs, the sensors detect the change in pressure. The gas cylinder integrated into the vest releases compressed gas in a fraction of a second. The waistcoat then doubles in size, thus protecting the rider's upper body in the event of impacts and slips. If the motorcycle airbag is not (yet) mandatory, it is one of the essential safety elements to wear when riding a two-wheeler as it is essential to check the pressure of the motorcycle tires before riding. get out on the roads.

    Where to find a motorcycle airbag?

    Equipping a motorcycle airbag is becoming a reflex more and more adopted by motorcyclists who wish to control the danger as much as possible.

    Also, these products have become democratized and many motorcycle sellers offer them, whether wired or electronic trigger.

    If you are buying a motorcycle for the first time, you will need to choose a motorcycle helmet and can supplement your equipment with this type of protection.

    In this type of establishment, you will be able to try on the vest and receive advice on choosing the model that best suits your needs.

    That said, to benefit from a wider choice and more attractive prices, you can also go to a general online platform where you can find everything a biker may need to protect themselves from head to toe.

    Websites specializing in the sale of accessories for two-wheelers or more generally for motor vehicles will also allow you to find a vest to suit your chest.

    Before ordering, however, make sure that the airbag protects the neck well and that it has CE approval.

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