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The best online private sales sites


Going through a private sales site to shop online is very often an opportunity to do very good business. Still fau

A few years ago, only a few sites dedicated to private sales shared the market in France: Veepee,, Bazarchic, Vente du Diable or Electro Privé are among the “old” ones in online private sales. But today, the offer has multiplied to reach a large number of areas. The private travel sale, the private baby sale, the private sale of furniture or the private sport sale, Internet users are spoiled for choice. The concept of these sites is simple: you must first register to have access to the offers, which change regularly. The platforms negotiate reduced prices with brands and retailers, to offer, for a limited time, a selection of products at advantageous prices. When stocks are used up, there is nois no longer possible to take advantage of it. Private sales are launched at dates and times indicated in advance, to allow interested Internet users to organize themselves accordingly. Our selection highlights the best private sale sites of the moment: it's up to you to find what you are looking for!

The best private sale sites

Zalando Privé: in continuity with Zalando

The concept ?

You may be familiar with the online sales site Zalando, dedicated to fashion and launched in 2008. But do you know Zalando Privé?

This is his platform dedicated to private sales.

Faithful to its principles, the brand focuses its offer on sales of clothing and fashion accessories from major brands, for the whole family.

However, it is possible to take advantage of private sales dedicated to the home, with operations associated with interior decoration and small household appliances.

The pros:

New sales start every day: on average, around a hundred private sales take place at the same time, which is synonymous with choice.

Zalando Privé announces discounts that can go down to -75% in the context of certain destocking of major brands.

Orders are delivered by Colissimo, and you have 14 days to change your mind after receipt of your order.

Click here to access Zalando Privé offers

Veepee: one of the most famous

The concept ?

Veepee is one of the best-known private sales sites, and especially the oldest on the French Web: indeed, it was born in 2001, but at the time it had another name, namely . It is in 2019 that the brand is transformed. The offer remains the same, and focuses on fashion, decoration, gastronomy and travel. Sales are launched every day, and major brands are at the rendezvous.




The Veepee site allows savings of up to 70% on the product selections highlighted: the offers vary, however, depending on private sales.

Promotional operations are released every day, at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

When you drop an item into your cart, it is reserved for 15 minutes, so you can take your time to continue shopping, without the stress of missing out on a great deal.

In addition, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Click here to access Veepee offers

Showroomprive: a safe bet

The concept ?

Founded in 2006, the private sales site is one of the sure values ​​in the sector. This French platform has gradually spread throughout Europe, and now has 26 million members: you might as well say that when a promotion interests you, it is better not to delay before ordering! The product categories offered are numerous: clothing, jewelry, connected objects, childcare, food, travel, well-being… the choice is vast.

The +:

The big brands are there at Showroomprive, and discounts can go down to -70% depending on private sales.

Sales are launched every day, generally in the morning from 8 am: their duration is variable.

Sales stamped "Demain chez vous" allow you to have your purchases delivered within 24 hours.

You then have 14 days to change your mind if some of the products ordered do not suit you.

Click here to access Showroomprive offers

Bazarchic: a French platform

The concept ?

BazarChic is a French platform inaugurated in 2006. Since its creation, this private sales site has gone from a focus on pure and hard fashion to progressive diversification: there are offers linked to ready-to-wear, high -tech, travel, beauty, gastronomy and wine. You should therefore not only rely on its home page, which emphasizes fashion, because BazarChic offers more than that.

The +:

Here too, the discounts can go down to -70% depending on the brand and the products offered in the various private sales, renewed daily.

The brand offers a multi-sale basket, which is very practical for shopping in different operations without having to pay several times, as is sometimes the case elsewhere.

Payment in three or four installments is available, as is the 14 day cancellation period if you change your mind.

Click here to access Bazarchic offers

BrandAlley: a pioneering French brand

The concept ?

Despite an Anglo-Saxon name, BrandAlley is indeed a French company, launched in 2005. It is a pioneering brand of private online sales, which emphasizes fashion, since its creation. . Ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes and other accessories await you on the site, which also offers private sales dedicated to household linen. Every day, around ten new sales are offered on the site.

The +:

The BrandAlley site displays a traditional sales offer at various prices, but by turning to its section dedicated to private sales, you can save up to 80%.

As on other private sale sites, discounts depend on brands and types of items, but there is a choice.

15 euros are offered on your first order, and you have 60 days to change your mind on the products purchased.

Click here to access BrandAlley offers

BestSecret: a site still little known

The concept ?

Self-proclaimed "the best kept secret in the world of fashion", BestSecret is a German private sales site, which was created in 2007. However, the brand only arrived in France in the last few years. which can explain why it is not better known. This is a potential advantage for buyers, who can take advantage of tens of thousands of fashion items from the catalogs of the biggest brands in the industry.




The new BestSecret private sales are put online every day at midnight sharp: on average, 500 new items are put on sale daily, at prices that can show up to 70% reduction .

The delivery of purchases is made in just a few days and returns are free, with no justification required.

A referral system allows you to earn vouchers if you recommend the site to your friends.

Click here to access BestSecret offers

Bébéboutik: everything for childcare

The concept ?

As its name suggests, Bébéboutik is a private sales site dedicated to babies and childcare in general. This is a rather young site in the private sales sector since it was born in 2012. It quickly established itself as a place of choice thanks to a selection of attractive and competitive offers, which target the future. , but also young parents. Depending on the private sales offered, children up to 12 years old may be affected.




Bébéboutik offers an average of four new private sales each day, with reductions that start at around 30% and can go down to 70%.

Very big brands are represented.

The choice of delivery is vast and you can choose to receive your purchases at home or at a relay point.

However, you have to be patient, because the delivery takes, on average, about twenty days.

You then have 14 days to change your mind about your purchases.

Click here to access Bébéboutik offers

Private Green: to buy responsibly

The concept ?

Private Green is a very young private sales site, since it has been in operation since 2019. Its objective is to offer “responsible sales”, which emphasizes organic and ecological products. There are both food supplements and everyday objects, jewelry, clothing, food and plants. The emphasis is regularly placed on French brands and sustainable products, presented as good for the planet.

The pros:

The reductions vary between 30% and 70% and there are real good deals to be had on product categories which are known to display usually high prices.

Delivery can be made at a parcel relay point or at home via Colissimo: allow about three weeks to receive your purchases, because the site has no stock.

Private Green allows you to return products that do not suit you within 14 days of receipt.

Click here to access Private Green offers

Beauté Privé: one of the leading sites on beauty

The concept ?

The Beauté Privé site has been in operation since 2007: it is one of the main private beauty sales sites in France. There are new daily offers there, which focus not only on a range of cosmetics from major brands, but also on SPA and wellness offers, available in more than 500 places in France. The platform currently has more than 8 million members, and has a customer satisfaction rate of around 96%.

The advantages:

Beauté Privé displays very reduced prices which can go down to -90% compared to the usual rates.

Its multi-sales basket is very practical so as not to have to pay separately for purchases in different sales.

Orders can be tracked and delivered very accurately, and returns are free - you have 14 days to change your mind if items aren't right for you.

Click here to access Private Beauty offers

Voyage Privé: a website specializing in tourism

The concept ?

As its name suggests, Voyage Privé focuses on private sales related to tourism. This French platform was created in 2004 in Aix-en-Provence. During its first years of existence, the site required sponsorship to register, but it is now possible to access it without restriction. 7.3 million customers have already trusted Voyage Privé to afford a stay in France or in another country around the world, all at a reduced price.

The pros:

The brand displays the promise of “rigorously negotiated” top-of-the-range travel, anywhere in the world.

Discounts can go down to -70% depending on the destination and the type of service.

New offers are posted online every day, with limited quantities: it is not uncommon for the best proposals to leave quickly.

Customer service is available 24/7, which is handy if you have a question or problem.

Click here to access Private Travel offers

Brico Privé: for DIY at low prices

The concept?

Brico Privé is a French private sales site, launched in 2012 in Toulouse. Its name makes no secret of its activity: it is a platform that focuses on DIY. There are private sales of major brands of tools, but not only since it is also possible to find garden furniture, gardening accessories, household appliances or even everything necessary to secure your home.

The pros:

Many new sales start every day and discounts can go down to 80%.

Quantities are limited and when prices are great stocks can quickly drop to zero.

When you place an order through a private sale from Brico Privé, it takes three weeks to receive your purchases, except when a shorter deadline is announced on the transaction page.

You have 14 days to change your mind after receiving your order.

Click here to access Brico Privé offers

Westwing: luxury at a low price

The concept ?

The Westwing private sales site is of German origin: it has existed since 2011 and immediately shows the promise of high quality products and major brands, accessible at very affordable prices through its various private sales. The emphasis is on interior and exterior decoration, but also on relaxation and “luxury” recreation, such as golf. New sales are offered every day.

The pros:

Luxury is good, but at a low price, it's even better: Westwing understands that good deals motivate everyone, and the platform therefore offers up to 70% reduction depending on proposals.

The delivery is fast throughout Europe.

If you missed an item that interested you in a private sale, it is potentially possible to find it within WestwingNow, the site's permanent store.

Click here to access Westwing offers

Private Ethics: for 100% eco-responsible purchases

The concept ?

Shopping in the world of private sales while making 100% eco-responsible purchases is possible thanks to Launched in 2016, this French platform offers private sales focused on ecology, sustainability and organic, to consume better and cheaper. The brands promoted through sales are therefore handpicked, and it offers products at reduced prices in areas that are not always accessible in normal times.

The +:

Rather than highlighting the percentage of discount that can be expected by registering on the site, Private Ethics prefers to highlight its values, such as that of homemade, that of the local or that of the transparency.

Delivery times are between 4 and 12 days, but sometimes some private sales benefit from faster shipping.

The withdrawal period is 14 days.

Click here to access the Private Ethics offers

Sale of the Devil: at the heart of high-tech

The concept ?

Created in 2006, the French site Vente du Diable focuses on high-tech private sales. In this context, it offers new products from major brands, but also reconditioned products, which is another of its specialties. It is the ideal platform to afford a smartphone, TV, laptop or even a connected watch at a reduced price. New sales are posted online every day, with varying stocks.

The advantages:

Vente du Diable offers home delivery or parcel pick-up points for orders exceeding 100 euros.

If you choose to acquire a refurbished product, it is carefully checked by the platform's experts, who validate its functionality 100%.

You benefit from a 24-month warranty and you have 15 days to change your mind upon receipt of your order.

Click here to access the Vente du Diable offers

Electro Privé: everything to equip you

The concept ?

French private sales platform, Electro Privé was born in 2016 and its head office is located in Paris. It is a site that focuses its activity on the sale of household appliances and high-tech products for the home and for leisure. It is therefore a brand of choice to find an oven, a washing machine, a television or even a smartphone at an attractive price. The products offered are brand new, and from major brands.

The pros:

Unlike most other private sales sites, Electro Privé only offers new sales on Thursdays: they then last a week.

Discounts can go down to -70% and upon delivery of your order, delivery people can install your devices and take back your old equipment.

The shipping time varies depending on the private sale concerned by your purchases.

Click here to access the Electro Privé offers

Best Marques: a private club focused on luxury

The concept ?

 The Best Marques site is presented as a private club, which organizes event and private sales. The platform tends to focus on luxury brands that sell high-end products: there are a lot of jewelry, cosmetics, champagne… Discounts can drop below 80% in some cases. In addition to private sales, the site also offers auctions.

The +: In

addition to very competitive prices on quality products and major brands, Best Marques ensures fast delivery of orders, which however varies according to sales.

Deliveries of high value products, such as jewelry, are handled by the site itself for security reasons.

Finally, you have 30 days to change your mind and possibly get a refund for your purchases.

Click here to access Best Marques offers

Private man: everything for men

The concept ?

As its name suggests, the Homme Privé site focuses on private sales dedicated to men. It is a French platform which offers attractive offers on products such as clothing, alcohol, high-tech products, watches, well-being… The offers are perfectly negotiated and the prices attractive. A "fast expedition" section brings together private sales which allow delivery very quickly.

The +:

Up to 70% savings are to be seized through the various private sales promoted by Homme Privé.

The site offers the possibility of paying your orders in three or four installments thanks to its partner Oney.

You have a withdrawal period of 14 days after receipt of the order, but if you wish to make a return, it is entirely at your expense.

Certain items, including underwear and perfume, are not eligible for a refund.

Click here to access the Male Private offers

Forbidden to the public: gardening and DIY on the menu

The concept ?

Behind the astonishing name of Interdit au Public hides a private sales site dedicated to gardening, DIY and tools in general. There is therefore a play on words between the site and the fact that you have to be registered to take advantage of the offers. In fact, this French platform offers a slightly larger offer than expected, since household appliances, high-tech and furniture are also present: new offers arrive on the site daily.

The pros:

With more than 150 private sales active daily, Interdit au Public has an impressive offer.

Up to 70% discount is applied and if you sponsor your loved ones you can receive 10 euro voucher each time.

Delivery times vary, but a selection of private sales with fast delivery is available.

Finally, you have 60 days to change your mind after receiving your purchases.

Click here to access the Public Prohibited offers

Private Sport Shop: for all kinds of sports

The concept ?

French private sales platform, Private Sport Shop focuses on great deals in all kinds of sports: you can find a new bike at a reduced price as well as a stadium subscription, a connected watch or officially licensed outfits. of your favorite teams. Private Sport Shop has a very broad offer accessible to all, and new private sales are expanding its offer on a daily basis.

The pros:

Many of the site's private sales have reasonable delivery times: you are never caught off guard when you place an order.

The withdrawal period is most of the time 14 days, but some brands offer a period of 30 days to change your mind: the Private Sport Shop site gives more details on this point.

Delivery is offered at a relay point from 90 euros of purchase with the code FREE21.

Click here to access the Private Sport Shop offers

What is the principle of private sale on the internet?

In most cases, it is impossible to access sales offered by a private sales platform unless you register: that's the whole point! Until ten years ago, it was even necessary to be sponsored to access the platform: an already registered member then had the power to co-opt you to make you enter the "circle" of private sales, which was then very closed. Competition has developed and the vast majority of private sales sites have left this obligation aside. Nevertheless, the registration process remains necessary. Some platforms sometimes offer a foretaste of their private sales catalog before registration, to promote their offer to curious Internet users.But to see everything and especially to order, it is necessary to be registered.

You then have access to the catalog of current offers, but also future private sales.

The duration varies from a few days to a week on average, but sometimes the best products run out in just a few hours.

Better to act quickly so as not to miss the good deals.

In addition, it is not uncommon for delivery times to be longer than average for private sales: this is explained in particular by the fact that the platforms do not have stocks, and that the shipments are adapted according to the of actual demand.

A point to take into account!

What is the difference between private sales and sales?

The sales run for a month, twice a year, and allow physical and online merchants to sell their products at a loss. For their part, the best private sales sites can sell at reduced prices all year round, but they are never sales at a loss: in fact, most of the time, it is a question of massive destocking, which allows brands and sales platforms to negotiate very low prices. However, on the sales side as well as private sales, stocks are generally limited, and it is better to hurry to take advantage of the best deals.

Il faut néanmoins souligner que les plateformes de ventes privées françaises peuvent, elles aussi, participer aux soldes d'hiver et d'été, ce qui signifie qu'elles ont la possibilité de vendre à perte si elles le souhaitent. Ce sont des périodes où les bonnes affaires peuvent se multiplier, pour le plus grand bonheur des habitués de ces meilleurs sites de ventes privées. En effet, tout le monde n'a pas le réflexe de se tourner vers les enseignes de ventes privées durant les soldes et pourtant, en combinant tous les avantages des sites et de ces périodes promotionnelles, il est possible de réussir sa chasse aux bons plans d'une manière redoutable. Alors, pensez-y durant les prochains soldes.

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