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Which solid base to choose for a good night's sleep?


To sleep well, choosing a good mattress is not enough. The selection of a quality box spring is also very important. It is necessary notam

The strength of your box spring is essential.

When choosing, you must ensure that you choose materials that are reliable, sturdy and resistant to shocks and humidity.

There are different types of box springs: slatted bases, box springs, box springs, electric box springs, box springs… Some are more solid than others.

The choice of one model more than another also depends on your mattress.

Do you have a polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex or spring mattress?

It is important to ask yourself this question before purchasing a box spring.

You don't know which solid box spring to choose for a good night's sleep?

The selection below allows you to take stock.

our selection

  • Le Sommier, Emma  

  • Slatted base, Iztoss

  • Slatted base + pedestals, Hypnia

  • Slatted box spring, Merino

  • Morphological bed base, Bultex

  • The Incredible box spring, Tediber

  • Electric relaxation base, Bultex

  • How to choose a solid box spring?

    By purchasing a solid box spring, you ensure that your body movements are fully cushioned at night.

    The latter optimizes the beneficial actions of the mattress and prolongs its lifespan.

    To choose a solid bed base, you must first know that there are different types:

    • Box springs: flexible and that go well with spring mattresses

    • Slatted bases: comfortable and that go with all mattresses

    • Box springs: covered with fabric for more style

    • Relaxation bases: equipped with a motor for ultra-precise comfort

    • Box springs: recommended for back pain.

    Your choice therefore depends on the type of box spring you prefer and your mattress.

    You also need to sift through various criteria, such as the price, which varies depending on the materials used.

    Besides that, in terms of resistance, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the frame, slats, ball joints, comfort zones and any firmness sliders.

    What if my box spring squeaks?

    Does your box spring have a tendency to squeak? It can quickly affect your sleep. Here are some tips for removing that annoying noise. To begin with, make sure it's your creaking box spring and not other accessories, like the mattress, feet or headboard. If the squeak is coming from the box spring, determine the affected area and apply linseed oil to it. If it's the slats that squeak, it's best to use baby powder, dry soap, or beeswax. Box springs can also squeak, although this is rarer. In this case, just apply a small drop of oil to each spring. If your box spring continues to squeak despite everything, it is probably time to change it and buy a stronger one.

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