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"Y, the last man" on Disney +: one boy, many girls, little credibility


Launched this Wednesday, the post-apocalyptic series with great spectacle "Y, the last man" disappoints by its scriptwriting facilities and its feminine

Imagine an Earth where the entire male population would suddenly disappear, except for one who would then have for company all the women of the world.

As much to warn those who would be clever by imagining the gritty possibilities of this scenario, that of the new Disney + series, "Y, the last man", launched this Wednesday, that they immediately repackage their fantasies, the fate reserved for the last man in question proving unenviable.

The post-apocalyptic series - the first three episodes of which are available on Star, the “adult” section of the platform, which seems to have a substantial budget and multiplies the spectacular scenes, begins, after a long presentation of the many characters, by a tragic event: all mammals with Y chromosomes - males, therefore - suddenly collapse, choking in their blood, for some reason, all over the planet. This is an American series, so it's across the Atlantic that the action unfolds, and it quickly turns into chaos.

Without men, everything collapses quickly: the economy, social order, energy resources ... But women, although terrified by the loss of their sons, husbands and relatives, will organize themselves as well as possible. evil, and try to limit the disaster, under the leadership of a new American president, Senator Brown, appointed by default because those who were entitled to this title before her were all men and therefore passed from life to death.

A questionable feminism

No one knows, at this point, that only one man survived: Yorick, in his thirties, fan of Houdini dreaming of giving magic shows, who lives with a capuchin monkey miraculously spared, and who happens to be ... the son of the Senator Brown. He will have to be discreet in the face of hordes of angry women, and, once she finds him, his mother will urge him to flee by entrusting him to the care of a mysterious gunslinger from the Secret Service, agent 355, while everyone tries to unravel the mystery of his survival, which could ultimately save humanity ...

“Y, The Last Man,” which we've only seen the first three episodes of, has a solid cast. At its head, the great Diane Lane ("Rusty James", "Man of Steel" ...) skilfully plays Senator Brown. The series develops some pretty ideas, notably evoking the question of a feminine future without a man and without the possibility of procreation, which could lead to the end of the world… But that is not enough. Because it would be necessary, to appreciate it, to forget the facilities - coarse - of scenario, in particular that which bases all the account: the only surviving man would therefore be, tremendously by chance, the son of the one who will be elected President of the United States. How can we believe it?

There is more boring: while the American press emphasizes the virtues "feminist" of the series, one wonders.

So like that, if men suddenly disappeared, women would initially find themselves totally destitute and incapable of making the world go round, of keeping the economy running smoothly, of running the factories, of responsible for the safety of the survivors, and a world without a man would necessarily plunge into chaos?

No kidding ?

We think we are dreaming, and we are looking for what could be feminist in this reasoning as


as it is dubious, which taints the whole story of the episodes that we have seen.



“Y, the last man”

, American series by Aida Croal and Michael Green (2021), with Diane Lane, Ben Schnetzer, Olivia Thirlby… 10 episodes of approximately 55 minutes, including three available from September 22 on Disney +.

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