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Free entertainment: All activities are free for the holiday of Sukkot - Walla! Tourism


On the holiday of Sukkot, there are a variety of activities that will not require you to open your wallet - from free guided tours to shows and creative workshops - to spend without paying at Walla! Tourism

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Free entertainment: All activities are free of charge for the holiday of Sukkot

During the week of Sukkot, there are a variety of attractions and activities that will not require you to open your wallet.

From free guided tours to shows and creative workshops - you can also spend without paying


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  • Attractions for children

  • Sukkot, Tabernacles



Wednesday, 22 September 2021, 07:17 Updated: 08:47

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The Druze village of Yanuah Jat (Photo: Ziv Reinstein, Editing: Nir Chen)

Free nationwide

Festival "Sukkot Israel"

in honor of Sukkot, the organization "clusters", the JNF and the Department of Jewish Culture in the Ministry of Education invited to the festival includes tours and activities day and night, for the whole family in dozens of areas Tour Heights to the Negev. Between tours:

Tour shoulder Saul north, tour agriculture in the Jerusalem hills sightseeing forest redundant, Israeli booth building activities, evening tour of "little Tel Aviv" and more.

When: 23-22 September

a few: Free

where: all over the country

for details: registration, 08-6630030,

looking for what to do in the sand The date?

Go to the Walla! Sukkot page Tourism

Festival Tours: Going Open

The Israel Land Authority and the Society for the Protection of Nature invite to the festival free tours (but with advance registration), of nature sites throughout Israel that have been restored and nurtured for the benefit of the public through the Open Spaces Fund.

Among the sites: The Birding Park in Eilat, Lake Yeruham, the Monks' Mill in Nahal Tzipori, the Springs Park, Ein Nun, Nahal Hadar in Hod Hasharon, the Bird Park in the Ein Hahoresh pools, Ashdod Fortress and more.

When: September 23-22

How much: Free

Where: Ten different centers around the country

For details:

More on Walla!

Leaving the Sukkah: All activities and events for the 2021 holiday

To the full article

A free tour will take place there.

Ein Nun (Photo: Oshri Yeluz, Kinneret Authority)

Free in the north

Guided tours on the Sea



The Kinneret Cities Association and the


of Galilee Authority invite you to join guided tours on Sukkot, in various sections of the "Trail around the Sea of ​​Galilee". The first follows the film 'Sea of ​​Sea of ​​Life' and watching a movie in the open air (for a fee). The second combines an experiential reed walk, a visit to Horbat Manim, a Muslim palace from the Umayyad period and more.

When: September 23-22

How much: Free


For details: Pre-register,

"Village you visited?"

The old festival invites travelers in the Galilee to visit the Druze and Circassian villages, to get to know the culture, history and culinary of the locals. The program: a visit to the residents' homes, guided tours of the visitor and heritage centers, traditional dance performances and participation in various workshops.

When: September 28-20

How much: Free (except for a few home workshops)

Where:Various centers in the Galilee

For details:

Sukkot activities at "Nahariyim Gesher" The "Nahariyim Gesher"

website offers a variety of Sukkot activities for the whole family, including a task game for the whole family 'Look for Slick' combined with riddles; A new film about the special story of the pioneers who settled in the place; A huge and spectacular performance with lights, sounds, water and dams; Guided tours beyond the perimeter fence and spectacular views. In addition, night lantern tours (September 23-22 and 26, for a fee and pre-registration). A special Sukkot happening on September 23 (for a fee).

When: September 21-17 and September 25-24

How much: Free admission and tours on the attached dates

Where: Nahariya on the bridge site, the old bridge

For details: Register,

Jungle Carnival at the North Gate

At the carnival, six complexes will be offered: including "Dino Park" where the children will ride the moving dinosaur T-Rex that came to life.

After the ride, the children will be able to become young archaeologists.

The action will culminate in the Ropes Park which includes a challenging route: bridges, climbing, grabbing and jumping between the various obstacles.

In addition, an inflatable compound and more.

When: September 23-22 at 14: 00-11: 00, 19: 00-16: 00

How much: Free admission

Where: Sha'ar Hatzafon Mall Derech Haifa 30, Kiryat Ata

For details:

Sukkot in the mall Ofer Lev Hadera The Ofer Lev Hadera

Mall will host a variety of activities, shows, festivals, events, workshops and plays for children.

Among the activities: a wood workshop (23.9), a sukkah decoration workshop (26.9) and more.

When: During Sukkot.

Workshops from 13: 00-11: 00

How much: Free

Where: Ofer Lev Hadera Mall

Hikers on a path around the Sea of ​​Galilee.

The tutorials are free (Photo: Kinneret Authority)

Free in the center of the country

Simchat Torah musical laps at

the Tel Aviv port and an Israeli prayer house invite you to dance and rejoice with the whole family

in musical Simchat Torah laps


The event will begin with a graduation ceremony and the beginning of the reading of the Torah from Genesis and the audience is invited to join in singing and dancing to the sounds of the klezmer band of an Israeli prayer house.

When: September 27 at 20: 30-18: 00

How much: Free

Where: The main trigger (near the carousel), Tel Aviv Port

For details:

Creation in the sukkah at the Seven Stars

Mall A sukkah and surrounding area Miniature sukkah, dream catcher braiding and festive bag design.

When: September 23-22 at 18: 00-12: 00

How much: Free admission

Where: The Seven Stars Mall, Herzliya

For details:

Ramla Festival Ir Olam 2021

Ella Li Lahav, Tik Tuk Show, The Sapir Family, Revivo's project, a tavern with Yaron Ilan that will be broadcast live on Channel 24 and more, will take part in the Ramla Ir Olam Festival - a multicultural celebration of music, dance, tourism and cuisine. A variety of activities for teens, children and the whole family will take place during the three days of the festival.

When: September 24-22

How much: Most events for free or for a nominal fee (NIS 10)

Where: Various centers in Ramla

For details:

"Breaking Walls" in the Hefer Valley

55 works of art (painting, photography, sculpture, video, An installation, illustration, poetry, cycle, mix media and more) by 37 artists, all with physical or mental disabilities, are displayed in an exhibition at Artura Gallery, which provides the general public with a glimpse into the artists' unique perspective on life and society. A

When: During Sukkot

how much: Free

Where: Gallery Artur, Campus Ruppin, Kfar Monash

For details:

The State Terrace Festival

Samaria Tourism offers free guided tours with street players and guides from the Nature and Parks Authority, Keponyada, as well as challenging activities for a nominal fee: climbing wall and rope bridge, food stalls. And most importantly: one of the most beautiful and impressive observations in the country, from Hadera to Ashkelon.

When: 23-22 and 26 September from 16: 00-10: 00

How much: Free entrance and guided tours. The challenging activity for a nominal fee (NIS 20 per person)

Where: The State Terrace, Peduel

For details: "Samaria Tourism" on Facebook. Information Center 1-700-700-106 Extension 4

Sukkot Events in Samaria Samaria

Tourism offers guided tours and kites tours of Mount Gerizim National Park, guided tours, pottery and blacksmithing workshops in Old Samaria National Park, trips and immersions in Nahal Kana and more.

When: Different dates on the Sabbath

How much: Many of the activities are free

Where: Various centers in Samaria

For details: "Samaria Tourism" on Facebook. Information Center 1-700-700-106 Extension 4

Autumn Festival in the Deer Valley

A celebration of nature, community, and ancient knowledge that has been revived: olive harvesting, olive recipes, olive legends, deer tutorials, the story of the deer valley, and what does the olive do to the natural environment?

When: September 23-22 and 26 at 13: 00-10: 00, 17: 30-15: 00

How much: Free

Where: Deer Park, Jerusalem

For details: 02-9927699,

Sukkah in



Jerusalem and the pilgrims are invited to stay in the mayor's sukkah on weekdays. In the program: music performances with a variety of artists and meetings with the mayor. In addition, the traditional Four Species Market will be held at Valiro Square in the Mahane Yehuda market (September 20-17).

When: September 28-21 from 11:00 until the evening

How much: Free

Where: Safra Square, Jerusalem

For details:

The Coffee Festival of the Museum of Islamic Art

An Italian, Brazilian, Ethiopian and Middle Eastern celebration in the cultural triangle of Jerusalem.

In the program: Brazilian samba performances by the CAFEZAINHO ensemble led by Noa Peled, Ethiopian coffee ceremonies, an Italian celebration with opera singer Ola Binder with the best lions and famous songs by well-known composers.

Ethiopian and Bedouin music performances, the revived coffee exhibition and more.

When: September 23-22, 22: 00-16: 00

How much: Free based on availability

Where: Jerusalem's Cultural Triangle: Hansen House, Museum of Islamic Art and Jerusalem Theater

For details:, 02-5661291

Free guided tours with street performers.

The balcony of the country (Photo: Eyal Shapira, Eyal Shapira)

A cultural celebration in Jerusalem

A Jerusalem cultural celebration for the whole family in the Ramblas style, with actors, musicians, live sculptures, puppet theater, circus artists, orchestras, dance groups and more.

When: September 23-22 and 16 at 19: 30-16: 00

How much: Free

Where: Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Street and Jerusalem City Center

For details:

Tents from the inside

The Jahalin tribe living in Khan al-Ahmar (ten minutes drive from Jerusalem to Jericho) will open their tents for the holiday. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the well-known hospitality of the Bedouin and visit Khan al-Ahmar. A small Bedouin village in the Judean Desert which has been in the title for years. All you have to do is come and walk around the village and meet the Bedouin. Enter the open houses, which are actually "tents from the inside" and enjoy a sweet death. Bake pitas, and of course eat traditional food. Accommodation is free and includes coffee, tea, pitas baked together with olive oil and hyssop. Traditional Bedouin dishes and food can also be purchased for a fee.

When: September 23 16: 00-20: 00, September 25-24 11: 00-16: 00

How much: Free

Directions: Wise writes "Og River Observation". Enter the car park and turn right on the dirt road that winds left and crosses under the road until you reach the khan. In the heart of the khan there is a large parking lot.

For details: Register at the following link

Free hosts.

Members of the Jahalin tribe in the Judean Desert (Photo: Yaniv Nadav)

Free in the south

Free Sukkot in the Northern Negev The

Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with the Nature and Parks Authority has initiated and subsidized fascinating tours for the whole family in various areas in the northern Negev, which tell the history and nature of the area. Each tour ends with a visit to one of the attractions located near the tour. On tours: Barry Forest, Anemone Hill, Shay Lookout and other landscape and nature sites and then you can pick fruits and vegetables, navigate through a spice maze or get acquainted with ostriches. In addition, dozens of activities will be offered during the holiday.

When: During the festival

a few: Free

Where: locations in the northern Negev

details: pre-registration only,

festival of Sukkot magic

festival will include three active compounds of top brands Sonic kids, pony Fiji little power, to be built in Sukkot Canyon. Kids will enjoy challenging experiences, comic games and craft workshops, alongside characters from the brands that will be touring the mall. September 23: The first boom festival.

When: September 23-22 at 14: 00-11: 00, 19: 00-16: 00

How much: Free

Where: Cinema City Mall Beer Sheva

For details:

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