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The best transport accessories for your cat


Your suitcases are packed, things are packed, you are ready to go on vacation. However, one thing remains: ensure, with

The cat is not a big fan of car trips, whether short or long. It is an animal that needs its habits and its landmarks to feel safe and peaceful. If you have safe equipment and games such as a tree for your cat, it is better to leave it at home and / or to give it to friends in your absence; but sometimes you may have no choice but to have it travel by your side. In this case, it is imperative to find the

best cat transport accessories for him

. Obviously, this is easier said than done. If many criteria depend on the personality of your faithful companion, other purchasing characteristics, more universal, will allow you to orient yourself well.

Just like the other passengers in your vehicle, it is unthinkable to let your cat go completely free.

It must be able to be safe in the passenger compartment and be equally protected in the event of an accident or sudden braking.

Likewise, it should not distract you while driving.

He must therefore be kept in a space that is sufficiently comfortable and secure for him, so that the journey goes without a hitch.

For this, the cat carrier remains the best option.

He must be able to move around easily, especially if he wishes to turn around or lie down.

Even more, do not hesitate to bring him accessories such as a cozy mattress and other accessories to soothe him.

Our selection :

  • Foldable transport box for cats, Lionto by Dibea  

  • Cat carrier bag with plush mattress, Morstone

  • Expandable Cat Carrier, LKJYBG

  • Belt compatible cat harness, Rabbitgoo

  • IvyLife Cat & Dog Car Booster Seat

  • Self-heating cat pillow, PiuPet

  • Headrest Safety Gate for Cat and Dog, Sakura

  • Cat carrier, KERBL

  • 2 in 1 carry bag with tunnel, Pecute

  • Collapsible cat carrier, Puppy Kitty

  • What equipment to choose for traveling with a cat?

    The cat is a much more independent animal than the dog. He needs to feel comfortable and to have his bearings so as not to be anxious and stressed. As you can imagine, traveling with your companion must be very rare so as not to endanger his psychological health. On those rare occasions when you have no choice but to take your cat, it is imperative to take all necessary precautions. In addition, you have to think about several things: your safety and his, but also his comfort. Comfort and safety go hand in hand: without comfort, your cat may want to escape by degrading safety equipment. If, on the contrary, your pet feels comfortable, he will rest during the journey and enjoy the trip. Suffice to say thathaving the right equipment is essential. So, what equipment to choose for traveling with a cat?

    The cage or the transport bag

    This is the number 1 item of equipment to have when traveling by car with your cat.

    This allows your companion to enjoy a small shelter just for him where he can feel comfortable and move around, lie down, or even wash himself.

    Often the models include a safety system compatible with the automotive belt.

    Thus, your cat will feel comfortable while being as protected as the other passengers in the event of an accident or sudden braking.

    Please note: the cat basket and the transport cage should not be confused.

    The basket is absolutely not suitable for use in the car!

    A harness and straps for the most energetic cats

    Some cats won't appreciate being locked in a small space for a long trip at all.

    It will then be necessary to adapt: ​​provide a harness and straps compatible with the automobile belt to secure it.

    Your cat will be able to move more freely in the cabin, while preserving your safety.

    However, there is a risk with such equipment: make sure that the harness straps are tight enough to prevent your cat from escaping.

    In the event of an impact or sudden braking, your companion will also be less protected!

    Protections for your seats

    If the profiles of cats vary, it is nevertheless very likely that your companion wants to struggle and shows his dissatisfaction.

    He will therefore try to make it known by scratching, biting, even by urinating: just in case, remember to protect your seats from your cat's angry temperament!

    For example, place a waterproof mattress or duvet in its place to prevent urination.

    Protective covers for your seats are ideal.

    What are the precautions to take when traveling with a cat?

    Even if you are well equipped to welcome your cat in the best conditions before you leave by car, you still have certain precautions to take.

    Precautions before departure

    The first precaution to take before leaving is to make sure your pet has eaten.

    Feeding your cat before the trip can seem risky in a way, as it can throw up in the car.

    This situation is plausible, but very rare.

    On the other hand, it has been proven that cats fall asleep more easily and quickly after a good meal: enough to tire them out in the car and encourage them to rest rather than fuss.

    Also check that he has satisfied his natural needs.

    Even if you have protected your seats and placed a waterproof cushion in his cage, this will not prevent him from urinating!

    Not only can the smell be unpleasant, but your cat will no longer feel comfortable.

    It is not because a space is waterproof that it necessarily absorbs moisture!

    Finally, check the good efficiency of the equipment you bought for its safety and comfort in the car.

    For example, put your cat in the cage, checking that it can move around well.

    Likewise, if you have bought him a harness, check before that it is not too tight, and suitable for his size.

    Precautions during transport

    During transport, regularly monitor your cat's condition while staying focused on the road. For example, check that he is not scratching or biting the more fragile parts of his cage or harness in an attempt to free himself. Even if it is silent, your pet may also express some embarrassment, even suffering. If you see that he cannot lie down, that he has difficulty moving in his space, it is undoubtedly because he does not have enough space. It is unfortunately too late to find another cage for him. In these cases, you cannot release your pet. However, you will have to make sure to stop regularly to get him out for a few minutes in the passenger compartment and thus allow him to relax.

    How to improve the comfort of your cat in the car?

    As long as it doesn't encroach on the space allotted to your pet, the pillow is a must-have if you want to improve your cat's comfort in the car.

    A soft, fluffy cushion is perfect for soothing the animal, which is more likely to calm down if it feels comfortable in its temporary surroundings.

    Choose a cushion that can absorb moisture and is waterproof, especially in the case where your companion comes to urinate during the trip.

    Otherwise, the cushion may sponge and spill urine all over your vehicle!

    Likewise, make sure that he has enough space and that he can move regularly if he has energy to spare.

    Today there are certain models of removable and extendable cages that allow your cat to move around, or even to play during the trips.

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