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The tricks of the discounters and supermarkets: Knowing the traps saves a lot of money


Supermarkets and discounters use many strategies to encourage customers to buy. Everything is precisely calculated. But if you know the tricks, you can save a lot of money.

Supermarkets and discounters use many strategies to encourage customers to buy.

Everything is precisely calculated.

But if you know the tricks, you can save a lot of money.

Munich - A relaxed shopping experience is followed by a small shock at the checkout.

The amount is significantly higher than originally planned.

A look at the shopping list reveals the reason.

Too much was being worried.

The car is filled to the brim, the wallet no longer.

The consumer has fallen into the trap of the supermarket chain again.

But how did that happen?

Aldi, Lidl and Co. have precisely calculated the furnishings of the store and the placement of the individual goods.

The strategy is clearly recognizable.

The customers should be led through the building on a specified path in order to fill the car at the end.

Knowing the traps saves money - you have to watch out for that.

Tricks of the supermarkets: You have to watch out for these traps - money savings guaranteed

The consumer advice center has dealt with the tricks of the big shops in order to avoid the temptations on the way to the checkout.

The choice of the shopping cart is already dangerous.

The bigger the car, the emptier it appears.

The highlight: Customers are led to believe that they have not bought enough.

The slope of the floor also has a reason.

The goods slip out of sight, true to the motto: Out of sight, out of mind.

But it gets even more perfidious.

The decor of the supermarkets is the same.

Customers can quickly find their way around and concentrate more on shopping and searching.

In addition, popular products such as butter and milk are strategically placed.

The buyer only finds such products towards the end, so that the way there bypasses numerous other temptations.

Calculation when shopping: The big supermarkets and discounters work with these tricks

The customer believes they are in full control of the shopping process.

But the markets know the weaknesses and habits and use them to their advantage.

As soon as they arrive, the customer is made hungry by stimulating smells like fresh bread.

The bright colors of fruit and vegetables also have a buying effect.

An important factor is the price.

Consumers pay particular attention to this.

Offers and discount campaigns are gladly taken up in order to get bargains at Edeka, Rewe and Co.

But here, too, it is important to remain vigilant.

The more expensive products are usually exactly at eye level.

If you want to save, you dare look down.

Customer cards should be familiar to regular buyers.

Often these are associated with advantages, but this does not have to be the case.

Customers are often tempted by minimum purchase values ​​to spend more in order to be able to redeem the discount.

So-called sham packages are similarly thought out.

Here the amount of content is reduced despite the price remaining the same.

The supermarket plans - how to avoid the traps

In order to avoid all of these pitfalls, good planning is necessary.

Write down a specific shopping list to prevent impulse purchases.

You can also use bags or rucksacks that you have brought with you.

This avoids the problem with the carts.

The consumer advice center also advises that you always take a critical look at discount campaigns.

A clear focus also helps.

Do not go shopping when you are pressed for time or hungry.

This will make it easier for you to resist temptation.

So-called whimsy items that are in the vicinity should always be ignored, unless they are part of the actual shopping list.

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