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5 abilities that will make you more successful in life than others - Walla! health


The traits that make people good FBI agents are just the ones that can guarantee you success in life. How can they be developed and what is the catch? All the details inside >>>

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5 abilities that will make you more successful in life than others

The traits that make people good FBI agents are just the ones that can guarantee you success in life.

The good news is: anyone can develop these qualities on their own.

The Evils: To really stand out from everyone you will have to develop them all in parallel


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Monday, 11 October 2021, 10:51 Updated: 11:08

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Who does not want to feel different and unique?

In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, it is natural to want to believe that we have some special trait that draws a clear line between us and everyone else.

Joe Nebro has served for 25 years as an FBI agent (U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation) and has spent no less than 45 years researching human behavior. in an article written by a network CNBN it lists the five features that exist in these individuals and explains how to develop them.

Thus, he believes will improve the chances of career success, you develop meaningful relationships in your life and you will get great appreciation for the environment. the catch? for that to happen you will need Develop all these qualities together - something that, as mentioned, very few people excel at.

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1. Ability to self-propel

Usain Bolt is considered one of the greatest runners of all time, but Bolt did not come to this achievement just because of the natural data he was blessed with.

For many years he devoted his life to just that - he studied, trained non-stop, sacrificed relationships and jobs - with all his efforts directed at improving running performance.

It's not just speed, it's dedication.

Usain Bolt (Photo: AP)

People who can motivate themselves without outside help and are completely committed to achieving their goals - will be more likely to succeed, even if the opening data of others is better than their own. But even that alone is not enough. In order to motivate ourselves properly, it is also important to develop emotional resilience. Such resilience develops not only through positive reinforcements, but primarily through acknowledging our weaknesses, also giving expression to our negative emotions and a deep understanding of the emotional mechanisms that motivate us.

How to strengthen self-motivation?

In order to motivate ourselves effectively, it is important first of all to examine what is going on within us honestly and without judgment. Try to ask yourself what are the weak points in you or the areas that require more attention. This will make it easier to understand what knowledge, training or coaching is required to improve these aspects of your life.

Also try to understand what you would like to change in your life and formulate a plan that will help you do so.

Are there things you know you can not change?

In this case it is actually important to learn to accept it and release.

2. Observation

While working as an FBI agent, Nebro learned to look at people and see not only what is above the surface, but also the desires, needs, desires, worries and hidden intentions of people around him.

This is a trait that is beneficial not only to agents on covert missions, but to anyone who wants to develop meaningful relationships with the environment that will contribute to advancing his goals.

How do you deepen your ability to observe?

When we talk to people, most of us want to be the center of attention, but if you learn to move a little away from the center - you can devote your full attention to properly observing those who are still standing there.

When talking to people, or just watching them from the sidelines, try to look not only for what they say and do, but rather what they are trying to hide.

Try to see what their real motive is, what they are afraid of, what they want to achieve and especially what they do not want to say.

Rare political success thanks to exceptional communication skills.

Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Flash 90, Olbia Fitoussi)

3. Communication

Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama have enjoyed rare and unique political success, largely thanks to their well-developed media capabilities. Such people can make others around them go their own way - out of a genuine desire to do so. When you communicate well with the environment, you can not only generate sympathy for yourself, but improve the chances that people around you will do exactly what you expect them to do.

How to improve communication?

There are many ways to develop effective communication with the environment. One of their effectiveness is to focus on communication that enhances feelings of closeness and trust.

To do this, it is important to focus on the feelings of the people around you and understand how to touch them and connect with them properly.

People will connect with you if they feel that you care about them and that you act to achieve the goals that are important to them.

And before you think about what to say, remember to listen, read between the lines and draw the right conclusions from the people you are talking to.

Response speed is also important - people who respond quickly to messages and emails are the ones who gain more appreciation from the environment.

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4. Making the right decisions

According to Nebro, anyone who has properly developed the three traits we dealt with earlier will inevitably also make much more informed and accurate decisions.

True, we all make mistakes and it is an integral part of human existence, but people will appreciate more those who make brave and right decisions - even if the end result does not always live up to expectations.

How to make smarter decisions?

Before making any decision, it is important that you ask yourself whether what you decide will deepen the trust between you and the people around you, whether the decision is of important value and whether it will have a positive effect or inspire people around you.

People will judge the decisions you make primarily by the degree of benefit they provide them, even if they are unaware of it.

As stated, this is true even if the end result of this decision is not positive.

Emotional stability is measured in the shaky periods and the ability to live alongside our demons, not run away from them.

American gymnast Simon Bales (Photo: Reuters)

5. Emotional stability

Our lives are full of uncertainty, upheavals and emotional turmoil.

Therefore, people want those around them who remain stable, even in the face of the biggest and most frightening threats.

As mentioned earlier, emotional stability is not achieved through ignoring negative emotions, difficulties and limitations - quite the opposite.

People who stay stable even in difficult times are the ones who know their demons and know how to live by their side instead of running away from them.

How to strengthen emotional stability?

The ability to deal with our emotions is measured not when everything is fine, but rather during the most difficult and shaky times in our lives.

Try to examine what is most difficult for you in such periods, what and who manages to drive you crazy and how to ensure that the next time you are required to face challenges, you will do it better.

As mentioned, sincerity plays a very important role here.

He who is afraid to speak to himself honestly, will never be able to get better.

Those who are not afraid to touch sensitive points within it and also scratch them until they hurt, will definitely be able to differentiate themselves and stand out above all the rest.

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