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Deadline for the tax return! Three last-minute tips, according to the experts, if you're that late too


For the 2020 tax return it is now important to be quick. Read here what you have to consider in order to avoid a late payment surcharge.

For the 2020 tax return it is now important to be quick.

Read here what you have to consider in order to avoid a late payment surcharge.

Who likes to do their

tax returns


In many cases, however, there is money back *.

And some are obliged to explain anyway.

For example, if you have not yet completed your tax return for 2020 but still have to hand it in, you should hurry up: Depending on whether All Saints' Day is a public holiday in the responsible federal state or not, November 1st or 2nd is the deadline.

You can also find out more about the submission date here.

If a

tax advisor


income tax aid association takes over

the matter, the deadline for the 2020 tax return is also

May 31, 2022


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Last minute tips for tax returns

For those who have to


up with their tax returns

, Stiftung Warentest has a few "


routes ready.

Here is a selection of the tips according to

  • Way 1: "Use the online portal Elster":

    According to

    , the

    fastest way is

    for everyone who already has

    access to Elster

    . Then the submission “in extreme cases at 11:59 pm” of the last possible date is possible via the free online portal of the financial administration or with another tax software. But beware, if you are not already logged: The registry would last "about two weeks", said the note aloud

    . "There is one possibility to activate the access immediately: If the online function of the identity card is activated, taxpayers only need either the AusweisApp2 of the federal government (available for Android and iOS 13.1 or higher) or a card reader."

  • Way 2


    "Tax return on paper":

    Without Elster access or ID card with online function, the "classic declaration on paper" is better suited for short-term submission, continues

    . The e-data for all taxpayers could help with this. The advantage: "Taxpayers no longer have to enter data that the tax office already has, such as wage tax data, receipts for church tax or pension contributions," according to the experts' advice. These data are marked on the forms by fields with a dark green background - "particularly numerous in annexes N and R". These forms were quick to fill out. The experts from Stiftung Warentest have a tip: The forms can be downloaded from and filled out on a PC or printed out. But watch out: sending the declaration on the day of the last possible submission is not enough. “The declaration must arrive at the office by this day at the latest,” continues

    Who was so late, his statement could but still in the

    letter box of his financial duties


  • Way 3:


    Submit incomplete declaration":

    If you are in a hurry, you should - in order to at least meet the deadline - concentrate on the bare essentials first - and then you can always submit further documents afterwards.

    Among the zwigend required documents include loud

    the "

    main inlet pressure

    and the

    form of income

    , with employees and officials the plant N or pensioners facility R." Parents also need the

    system (s) child


    After receiving the tax assessment, a one-month objection period begins.

    "During this period, the tax office accepts additional deduction items or forms." In other words, these documents can then be submitted within one month.

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Note the deadline for submitting your tax return


, you should definitely not miss the



It is to be expected that the tax offices will only rarely grant extensions of the deadline beyond the autumn.

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Avoid late payment surcharges from the tax office

The delay surcharge is generally

 0.25 percent of the tax still to be paid for each month of delay


However, there is a 

minimum amount of 25 euros per month, provided that there is still a tax payment to the tax office.

 For example, if the back tax payment is 1,000 euros and the tax return is submitted ten months too late, a late fee of 250 euros is due.

(ahu) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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