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Pizza Hut Mack & Cheese - everyone twisted their noses, in the end it was over - Walla! Food


What did we think of Pizza Hut's new pizza, and Papa Jones' new pizzas, how's the caramel filled with pretzel cream, and how's the new chitos? New on the shelf

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Pizza Hut Mack & Cheese - everyone twisted their noses, in the end it was over

Papa Jones launches new pizza flavors, Pizza Hut joins Guy Gamzo and launches Mack & Cheese Pizza, a renewable pretzel filled with pretzels, and Chitos' bestseller finally lands in Israel.

We tasted everything new on the shelf


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Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 00:20 Updated: 00:33

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Papa Jones News (Photo: Gal Zehavi)

Papa Jones' new pizzas

More than half a year has passed since the last time we modeled (officially) in new lines from Papa Jones, and by any professional scale this is a carb failure. The visit then, which reviewed some side-by-side toppings, began with compliments and ended with a small remark ("That historic Papa's tomato dip has rightly earned its reputation, but should be included in larger shipments, and the new side dishes are almost elementary to the experience"). Now comes the requested repair.

The international pizzeria chain is launching a new pizza menu (from NIS 40 for a person to NIS 95 for a giant), a sauce kit and a dessert. And could go even a few more steps with the sour-fluffy-sweet sauce, and also the "tuna de luxe" (tuna, corn, purple onion and tomato cubes) which was smoky but non-aggressive, and rich in coherently incorporated toppings.

Apart from these, Papa Jones also added to the local menu the option of adding a triple set of sauces (13 shekels) that will accompany dipping enthusiasts (i.e., all of us), including garlic sauce (more garlic-garlic because, but who are we to complain?), Sauce Smoked and successful barbecue, kicking buffalo sauce and also the pizza sauce itself - still some of the best in the industry.

Another experiment of the chain, in the form of a soft ricotta cake (NIS 30), was a sign of a repairable logistical failure.

The cake itself - a sort of round, buttery version of removable roses - could have been a fitting and corrupting end to a meal, but somewhere along the way - perhaps in the ovens themselves, perhaps in the messenger's closed box - it got a side-aroma from the pizzas, and all the foil failed to save the sweet bite. The expected.

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Pizza Hut Mac & Cheese (Photo: Assaf Carla)

Guy Gamzo's Pizza Hut Mac & Cheese

Pizza Hut is launching a collaboration with chef Guy Gamzo and eatery NUNUNU, and together they are launching Mac & Cheese Pizza. This is a family pizza (NIS 80, before specials and discounts) with thick dough with the addition of the recipe for NUNUNU's Mac & Cheese pasta with cheddar cheese and mozzarella.

The very connection between Pizza Hut and Mac & Cheese has created a reluctance in most tasters. How much corruption in one product? We may not be aged, we are not the target audience, but the world has changed, even those who do not eat "healthy" or maintain their shape, felt a little uncomfortable at first to sample a triangle, in the end - the triangles were taken. Pizza Hut is Pizza Hut, this product manages to maintain stability for years, for better or worse - it has the same familiar taste, thick and oily dough. It's not easy to pick up the triangles and discover the piles of oil hiding under the pizza, and again, not even for dieters, just people with a little conscience, who prefer to turn a blind eye to the amount of oil in their food - and boom - put it in their face. Now as if that's not enough, add Mack & Cheese to it, really, who's the target audience for it?

And having said all that, the look of the pizza is not bad, even quite appealing, it manages to hold the mac and cheese in a dignified and non-disintegrating way, thanks to that thick dough, and the taste is not bad at all, it is felt that good raw materials and quality cheeses were used Who even said they tasted good, but nonetheless, were quick to qualify - insanely greasy.

Now the question arises, what does the essay give to Chef Guy Gamzo?

Not much, one has to really admit.

This chef's pizza is not, Mac & Cheese we can all make at home, we did not feel a touch of magic here.

A gimmick, and nothing more.

Chitose PUFFS (Photo: PR)

Chitose Puff

Strauss' salt factory has recently been joined by one of the leading products of the Chitos brand in the international market - Chitos PUFFS with a soft and airy texture, with a cheese flavor that characterizes the brand's snacks.

Despite the phosphorescent color that slightly deterred us at first - this is a successful and fun snack.

The airiness is definitely evident and upgrades the snack and the dining experience, compared to the classic chitos.

It is very salty, some have said too much, but it is impossible to stop eating it.

(Photo: Barn Studio)

Creamy filled with pretzel cream

Let's start with proper disclosure, we're dying for a caramel.

No matter how much the market has grown and evolved since those nostalgic cookies, we keep the childhood charmogie, and beyond nostalgia, it is a simply good cookie.

It manages to maintain a crisp and fun texture on its own, and also gives full respect to the filling.

As for the new taste: the pretzel cream does not leave an unusual mark, but it is not bad at all, it is very likable, the combination of flavors that get in every bite, of a little sweet, a little salty works great, and we easily found ourselves taking another cookie (and another).

(Photo: Barn Studio)

Caramel wild beans

Another product from Beit Osem is caramel-flavored wild beans.

According to Osem's announcement, this is a product that has returned to the shelves, at the request of the public.

We admit we did not remember there was such a product, and this may indicate how much imprint he left behind.

But according to Osem, there were consumers who desperately asked him to come back, so who are we to argue?

Interestingly, on the surface the wild mouth looks pretty much the same, maybe a little more tanned, but in terms of v taste the caramel addition is definitely evident.

We took a bite, and it felt familiar, but not because we remembered that product that was and is gone, but simply because it reminded us very much of a lotus biscuit.

And the truth is, it's not bad.

The taste of lotus, with the classic and beloved texture of wild berries, has something wintery and fun about it, alongside a cup of tea, we like it.

(Photo: Assaf Emram)

Rico pasta

Pasta Rico has launched a series of fresh chilled Bussiata pasta: classic, spinach and beets from 100 percent durum wheat.

The pasta, we are promised - is not sticky, does not secrete a large amount of starch, easy and quick to prepare.

We modeled, and certainly true in advertising.

And what about the taste?

You could say that everything is basic, and by "everything" is meant the pasta and also the sauces that accompany it.

Usually speed comes at the expense of finesse and unfortunately - this is the case here as well.

The pasta is easy to prepare and will close a corner for you.

If you want a more sumptuous meal you will have to produce, at the very least, your own sauce.

In two words: a passing grade.

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