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Three alarm signals signal that you urgently need an assistant


Assistants cost money, but there is often no getting around them. We show which warning signals managers are urgently advised to have a right hand.

Assistants cost money, but there is often no getting around them.

We show which warning signals managers are urgently advised to have a right hand.

Entrepreneurs in particular would prefer to take the helm in every area themselves.

But that would be pretty unwise: Overwork quickly leads to health problems or even leads to burn-out.

To prevent this from happening, in many cases it is worthwhile for managers to hire an assistant to work in day-to-day business.

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1. You work over 50 hours a week

It is relatively normal for bosses to work more than their employees - but they shouldn't overdo it.

In an interview with the manager magazine


Entrepreneur coach Stefan Merath,

that at

50 hours a week the magical limit has been

reached at which managers can do everything on their own.

Those who work longer should, according to their experience, urgently look for an employee to help them.

This leaves

more time for partnership and family

: "If someone works 70 hours a week, for example, it also has an impact on the partnership," warns Merath.

“Not all partners go along with that without complaint.” So it's high time to spend the evening with loved ones instead of bills and the like.

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In the event of constant stress, managers should consider assistance.

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2. There is hardly any time left for important tasks

Coordinating employees, answering countless e-mails or creating reports: day-to-day business eats up a lot of time, which entrepreneurs or other managers then lack for the really important tasks.

If you can barely find time to develop strategies or land large contracts, it is time to outsource simpler work to an assistant - and if it is "only" a 450 euro force.

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Sign 3: You have trouble sleeping

Permanent overload quickly ends in burnout.

According to the Schön Clinic, signs of this include

persistent fatigue, concentration and memory problems, and sleep disorders


So if you can no longer rest at night or if you wake up constantly and brood, you should urgently take some relief in everyday work.

An assistant can at least give you more air so that you can take care of the things during the day that keep you awake at night.


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