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Tax return: You can now deduct these costs from the Corona year 2020


The tax return for the Corona year 2020 has some special features that everyone should know. Not only the deadline has changed.

The tax return for the Corona year 2020 has some special features that everyone should know.

Not only the deadline has changed.


Corona year 2020

was associated with sometimes considerable financial burdens for employees and the self-employed.

The state is trying to cushion these particular burdens with various easements - for example, also with regard to the

tax return for 2020


Who benefits from it - and where, however, an additional payment can also be made:

Extension of the deadline for filing tax returns 2020

All those who have not yet completed their tax return for 2020 are given a little time buffer: As reported, the

deadline for

filing the

2020 tax return has been

extended accordingly as a result of the corona crisis - taxpayers who still have to submit it now have until the end October time.

Anyone who uses a tax advisor or an income tax aid association * applies as a new submission deadline even at the end of May 2022.

You can find out more about the filing date for the 2020 tax return here.

Tax return: Note the "Corona-Aid" annex


collection of


for the

2020 tax return

has also become more extensive, as

described: With the "

Corona aid facility







emergency aid

that freelancers, small businesses and companies would have received would be shown.

"Even those who have not received any of this help from these professional groups must explain this here," says the report.

Here, too, those affected should take a closer look.

Money back after working from home: tips for the tax return

Many employees



Corona year 2020

in the

home office

, some at least partially.

Taxpayers should now also think about



. For example,

expenses for the home office

can be



advertising costs

, "provided that at least 90 percent of them are used professionally,"



"Acquisitions for up to 800 per device or piece of furniture (excluding VAT) could be set directly," says the report, "A computer that was more expensive can be written off over three years, while other periods apply to office furniture." Here are more tips on how you can get as much money back as possible after working from home and what you need to state in your tax return.

Tax-free corona bonus of up to 1,500 euros from the employer

Employees can receive a 

tax-free corona bonus of up to a total of 1,500 euros

from their employer.

The scheme was

extended until March 31, 2022.

Up to this point in time, the bonus can be paid in several parts.

Good to know:

you don't have to state the premium in your

tax return


You can find out more about the tax-free corona bonus here.

Tax return after short-time work - in some cases there is a risk of additional payments

In the year of the

Corona crisis 2020

, many employees in Germany were on

short-time work

- and now have to file a 



Although the

short-time allowance

itself is tax-free,

additional payments

could be made 

 to the employees.

However, it depends on the individual case.

In some cases there is also money back.

You can find more information about the tax return after short-time work here.

Corona child bonus is tax-free, but must be specified


child bonus

paid in 2020 can also have

tax consequences


Although this bonus is tax-free, it must be

entered in the tax return


Last year families received a grant of 300 euros per child (this year it was 150 euros).

The child bonus is offset against the child allowance, but not counted towards the basic security.

As a result, low-wage earners should benefit more.

Families with higher incomes, on the other hand, have less from the Corona child bonus: Higher earners usually benefit from the child allowance - and the bonus is offset against this.

You can find out more about the child bonus and the tax consequences here.

Recognition for vaccination workers - tax relief

According to (report of May 19)


anyone who volunteered as a vaccination helper during the corona pandemic can

benefit from tax relief.

According to a special regulation decided by the federal and state governments, the


could use



of 3,000 euros, which would also apply, for example, to trainers in sports clubs, according to the portal.

(ahu) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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The money before the euro: do you still know these EU currencies?

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