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Which iPhone to choose in 2021?


Back to school is the right time to change your smartphone. Indeed, several brands present their novelties during this period. The famous

For decades, the apple brand has met with great success. Indeed, it initiated many innovations and still has a community of enthusiasts of its devices. However, there are different iPhone models. For this reason, you need to establish precise criteria to find the right Apple smartphone for you. To begin with, you will need to pay attention to the screen size and the format of the device. Indeed, some models have an imposing screen, but are bulky like the iPhone 12 Pro Max. On the contrary, the iPhone SE or the iPhone 12 mini have smaller dimensions. Then, depending on your uses, the storage capacity, the processor or the camera can be important points. An essential criterion for all, however, is the capacity of the battery.If it is important, it will ensure pleasant use for many hours. This is therefore a point not to be overlooked!

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  • Apple iPhone 13

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  • How to choose the ideal iPhone model?

    Above all, the most important thing is to take into account your personal use. Indeed, all users will not necessarily need the same features. Thus, when some buyers prefer the compactness of an iPhone 12 mini, others prefer the significant photographic capabilities of an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Thus, it is not possible to award a device the title of best iPhone. Indeed, everything depends on the buyer and his habits. For basic use, an iPhone 12 is fine, as it has good overall performance and is excellent value for money. If you want to take great shots first and foremost, you need to take the camera's camera capabilities into account. The presence of a telephoto lens ora wide-angle lens is appreciable. Likewise, storage capacities must be up to the task. Depending on the model, they can vary between 64 and 512 GB. For multimedia use, you will have to pay particular attention to the size of the screen and its quality. Indeed, a large OLED screen is ideal. This will allow you to fully enjoy movies, series or video games. For the latter, the processor and the random access memory (or RAM) are also essential. The Pro models are then to be preferred. They carry an A14 Bionic chip, like the other iPhones of 2020, but are distinguished by their 6GB RAM, two more than the cheaper models. It is obvious that for intensive use, the capacity of the battery is crucial. However, theessential is the presence of the fast charge. This feature will allow you to quickly regain autonomy when needed. Also, connectors should not be ignored. Indeed, the latest models only have Apple's proprietary port: lightning. Efficient, however, it does not allow you to connect headphones with a jack plug without an adapter. It is therefore an element to take into account depending on your use. Finally, if you opt for a device that is too old, you will not be able to benefit from the features of the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, the famous iOS. Indeed, iOS 15 will be released this fall on a large number of devices. From iPhone 6s to iPhone 13, all models will be affected. It is therefore necessary to avoidacquire a previous device under penalty of not being able to benefit from this update.

    When should you buy your iPhone?

    Apple devices are showcased at various events throughout the year called Keynote. However, the new Apple iPhone is still presented in September. For this reason, it may be better to wait a bit to be able to acquire the most recent model. These include more modern technologies that make life easier. In addition, the 2021 models will certainly be equipped with a better battery or a more powerful processor. The different iPhone models in 2020 were presented at a Keynote in October. Marketing began the same month. Therefore, if you want to go for the latest model, you should always buy it in the last quarter. In addition, be aware that each year the price of older models undergoes a price drop.Waiting a few weeks can therefore help you save precious money on the purchase of your Apple smartphone.

    What are the differences between iPhones and Android smartphones?

    Apple brand devices do not have the same operating system as most cell phones available on the market.

    Indeed, if the majority works on Android, the iPhones benefit from Apple's home OS: iOS.

    Many brand enthusiasts struggle to defend this or that operating system.

    However, each has its own and its weaknesses.

    Therefore, again, to make the right choice, it all depends on your preferences and personal use.

    Let's start with the benefits. Apple's ecosystem is controlled from end to end by the brand. This means that by owning multiple devices from the manufacturer, you can benefit from a very qualitative user experience. Thus, iPhones running iOS work perfectly as a complement to a Mac computer or an Apple Watch connected watch. Additionally, device tracking is remarkable, as the overwhelming majority of devices in circulation are running the latest version of the operating system. iOS 15 is no exception to the rule since it will be compatible with the iPhone 6S which was released on September 9, 2015, 6 years ago! In addition, iOS is known to have advanced security features. Thus, Apple's messaging is end-to-end encrypted.Therefore, no one, even the builder, can have access to your personal exchanges. Apple has also made data privacy one of its marketing assets in recent years. Finally, devices under this operating system are generally smooth and responsive. This, because Apple perfectly optimizes the system and the devices that will be equipped with it.

    However, not everything is perfect.

    Indeed, iOS is part of Apple's closed ecosystem.

    For this reason, iPhones do not have the customization features found on Android devices.

    So, while Android smartphones are always very different from one brand or user to another, iPhones are very similar.

    In addition, Android is present on many more devices.

    This makes it easier to find a device in a price range that suits you.

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