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Which mattress to choose when you have back pain?


Difficult to cope with daily back pain… What if the problem lies in the choice of your mattress? It might be time to

Back pain and other joint pain can quickly ruin your life.

These cause awakenings at night, you wake up tired or cannot fall asleep.

The nature of the mattress you sleep on is very important.

If this choice remains very personal, it is essential to choose a firm mattress, semi firm or in any case adapted to your needs and your morphology.

Are you wondering what criteria should be taken into account?

Follow our guide and tips for choosing a sensitive back mattress.

By surrounding yourself with the right bedding accessories, you will maintain your spine sufficiently, distribute pressure points evenly, limit muscle soreness when you wake up and thus recover faster.

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  • How to choose the right mattress when you have back pain?

    Considered the evil of the century, back pain is very common. Indeed, 90% of people suffer or have suffered from the back, on different scales. If stress and sedentary work play a role in this scourge, they are not the only ones responsible. The mattress is often involved. To avoid back pain, it is essential to invest in suitable and quality bedding. To do this, you need to pay attention to various criteria, starting with the level of firmness of the mattress. Better to opt for a firm or semi firm mattress if you suffer from back pain. The composition of the mattress is also important. The goal is for the latter to keep your spine and lower back in place at night. It should also conform to the pressure points of your body, such as the shoulders,hips or glutes, to limit muscle stiffness when you wake up. It is therefore advisable to opt for a latex mattress or a viscoelastic foam (shape memory) mattress. Elastic, latex manages to envelop the body, relieve pressure points and evenly distribute the weight of each sleeper. It offers better ventilation than memory foam and therefore better temperature regulation. However, viscoelastic foam promotes well-being and relaxation thanks to its enveloping effect. As for pocket springs mattresses, they can be very suitable in case of back pain since they offer perfect support. Note that today there are hybrid mattresses, combining different technologies and thus multiplying the advantages. At last,last tip and not the least: you should not neglect the ancillary accessories, such as the box spring and pillows. These must be ergonomic, comfortable and of high quality.

    When to change my mattress?

    All mattresses, including the best on the market, have a lifespan. Even if you go for a high-end model, it will be necessary to change it one day or another. It is recommended to buy a new mattress after a maximum of 10 years. This may be shorter, especially if you have back pain. There are several signs that it's time to invest in new bedding. First and foremost, attention should be paid to visible wear items, such as dents, dents, or tissue deterioration. In addition, if your mattress is worn out, you probably start to feel it every day: your nights are shortened, you are tired when you wake up or are stiff, you can feel your partner's movements at night or the slats of the box spring.Your mattress may also squeak and allergies suddenly appear, due to the accumulation of dust and ineffective anti-dust mite treatment.

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