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Drink tap water daily: this is what the effects look like


It is healthy to drink a lot. But what difference does it make if you drink tap water as bottled water?

It is healthy to drink a lot.

But what difference does it make if you drink tap water as bottled water?

Kassel - In order to survive, we need water.

Because a person consists to a large extent of just that element.

Among other things, water ensures that blood can flow and that our brain is adequately supplied.

We need it every day - and everyone has it at home too.

No other food is as strictly controlled as tap water.

In this country it can therefore be consumed without hesitation.

Nevertheless, one should be aware of the effects of not using water from the supermarket and only consuming tap water every day.

Drink tap water daily: You drink more fluids

Anyone who does not add carbonic acid to tap water drinks water still.

This has the advantage that it is easier to drink more.

Fizzy water can cause bloating or frequent belching.

Especially those who suffer from heartburn should rather use still (tap) water.

Those who drink a lot over the long term feel fitter and can become more productive, also from a mental point of view.

A lot of liquid also has a positive effect on the look - the skin looks more radiant and plump.

If our body is dehydrated, the skin is more likely to dry out.

Tap water or mineral water?

Too much sodium can be harmful

One reason some people are more likely to choose mineral water from the supermarket is because of its mineral content.

Minerals are important substances for the body and are found in higher quantities in water from the supermarket than in tap water.

However, higher amounts of sodium can be unhealthy and affect blood pressure and the cardiovascular system.

With a balanced diet, the body should absorb enough sodium anyway.

Tap water or mineral water: water with lime is not harmful to health

Tap water is divided into different degrees of hardness.

Water with a high content of lime is considered "hard water".

Less calcareous water is considered "soft".

But that doesn't mean that water with lime is less healthy.

Lime consists, among other things, of magnesium and calcium, two important minerals for humans.

Calcareous water can even serve as a nutritional supplement.

At least “hard water” is not harmful.

Calcium in water has absolutely nothing to do with "calcification" in the body (arteriosclerosis).

If you prefer soft water, for example for hot drinks, you can filter it beforehand.

Tap water can contain heavy metals such as lead

Under certain circumstances, lead, nickel or copper can get into tap water and unnoticed into the body, for example through pipes in old buildings. Today pipes made of other materials are laid. Heavy metals pose a health risk in high concentrations. This also applies to harmful germs that can be present in contaminated water.

However, tap water is strictly controlled in Germany.

Generally speaking, it is of extremely high quality.

If you are not sure about the condition of your water pipes and the corresponding quality of the water, you can have it tested at the local waterworks and specifically examined for certain substances.

Many experts recommend running the tap water for several seconds before using it for drinking, cooking or for hygienic reasons.

Tap water scores significantly better than mineral water in terms of the environment and price

Another point that can be positively emphasized is the improved environmental balance.

Tap water usually comes directly from the region and does not have to travel long distances.

The climate impact of mineral water in Germany is almost 600 times higher than that of tap water, said the consumer center.

The manufacture, cleaning, filling and disposal of the bottles also have a negative impact on the environmental balance.

According to the German Environmental Aid, two million plastic bottles are used in one hour in this country.

In addition, you can save a lot of money by using tap water.

Even cheap mineral water in the supermarket or discount store costs many times more than tap water.


Öko-Test has investigated whether tap water or water from the bottle is healthier *.

* HNA is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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