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The simple tricks that will ease your back pain in seconds - Walla! health


An osteopath shared with Tiktok a number of simple exercises that will quickly relieve pain in the hip and back from which you suffer due to prolonged sitting in front of the computer

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The simple tricks that will ease your back pain in seconds

An osteopath has shared with Tiktok a number of simple exercises that will quickly ease the pain you are suffering from due to prolonged sitting in front of the computer.

The network thanked him for the tips: "You changed my life"


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Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 11:44 p.m.

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Exercises For Relieving The Sale Of Back Pain (@btosteopathy)

Brandon Talbot, a Canadian osteopath who specializes in bone and muscle tissue, claims you can reduce the pressure and pain in your thighs from prolonged sitting in front of a computer by simple stretches that can be performed on the floor at home.

In a video he posted on Tiktok and garnered millions of views, Brandon is seen asking viewers, "Hip pain? Disability in the hip movement? Let's change that."

He goes on to demonstrate stretching exercises on the floor and explains that these will not only reduce pain but will also help you with walking, running, squats, balance, acceleration, stability and a variety of other activities.

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The medical expert warned that pelvic pain and stiffness may worsen due to sitting for long hours at a desk and working in front of a computer.

He explains that the pressure can be immediately reduced by sitting on the floor with the legs stretched in a straight line forward, then opening and closing them while making sure they are a few inches above the ground.

In addition he also recommends lying on the floor with your legs pressed against a wall, then bending them before opening them as gently as possible.

Sounds complicated?

These are the exercises you should do:


Restriction & tightness in the hips?

Include these in your routine!

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In another video released earlier this month he demonstrated an exercise that will help get rid of the "forward head position" as he presents in the video.

Due to considerable use of computers and smartphones, this incorrect posture is aggravated and we sometimes find ourselves standing or sitting with our head naturally tilted forward, which puts pressure on the neck and back and restricts blood flow to the brain.

To avoid this, he recommends performing a simple exercise every time you stand on your feet, which requires crossing your arms in front of your body and moving them from side to side and then over your head (you can see how he does this in the next video).

According to him, the exercise changes the muscle tone (the constant partial contraction of the body muscles) and opens the chest, which leads to an immediate change in breathing and posture.

He also added that limited blood flow caused by incorrect posture can cause a number of serious health problems, including anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic fatigue.

This is the simple exercise that will save you:


Try this to release upper back & neck tension!

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His videos garnered thousands of comments from grateful viewers.

"Thank you for filming this video, I so need it," one wrote, adding: "I have already adopted so many of your tips and they definitely help."

Another added: "God, you do not understand how much I needed it. I can not thank you enough!".

A number of skiers joked that their hips were so stiff that they could not perform these exercises without breaking something along the way.

"I would have been stuck on the floor if I had tried it," one wrote in comments and another added, "Maybe you just need to help me get up after that."

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