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Advil pill and safety pin: her father Malka's stressful grooming tip - Walla! Fashion


Her father is a queen in the Walla! Fashion with a stressful tip for treating pimples, styling tips and beauty

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Advil pill and safety pin: her father Malka's stressful grooming tip

You follow them on Instush, carefully examining their locks at media events and admiring their glowing facial skin - when in your heart you hope it's just the right filter.

In our grooming questionnaire, the local stars will give their personal tips in the field of beauty and answer the most interesting questions


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Thursday, 21 October 2021, 07:10 Updated: 07:16

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All the secrets of fashion and grooming according to her father Malka (Photo: Simon Elmalem)

Her father Malka

(26), an actress, model, presenter, radio broadcaster, has not yet reached the Hall of Fame for us, but we have a strong feeling that the good is still ahead of her.

Beyond the excellent opening figures, Malka, who also recently got engaged, does not miss any media event, knows how to hold a garment in an effortless voice and often chooses to use the platform to promote Israeli fashion.

This time she toyed with the hottest brands in the world sold at Factory 54 and zigzagged between Isabel Mara's jacket and Bottega Venta boots.

Here is all the cultivation and style theory from her father Malka.

In new photos for Factory 54, with the new boots by Bottega Venta (Photo: Simon Elmalm)

The cheapest product in your cosmetic cabinet that you are not willing to give up?

"The clips of Super Pharm - a couple for 19 shekels and no one is happier than me."

The three items that are a must in your makeup bag?

"Ysl make-up-mascara, blush and eyebrow pencil".

What is the winning look in your eyes?

"Sorry for the cliché but when I'm comfortable. When I'm comfortable it radiates out and upgrades every look - it depends so much on the occasion and my mood. I can come to the wedding in jeans and sneakers and to university with heels."

"I can come to a wedding in jeans and sneakers and to a university with heels" (Photo: Simon Elmalm)

The most expensive item you have in the closet?

"Acne coat for NIS 4,000."

The cheapest item you have in the closet?

"A bandana for 10 shekels.

A store where you like to shop the most?

" I don't like shopping so much, in general malls make me dizzy.

In this country, it ranges from boutiques of second-hand designers to Factory 54, which I really like. "

"Malls make me dizzy" (Photo: Simon Elmalm)

In the matter of online purchases or still have to go to the store and measure?

"Must measure - understand how it fits, understand the quality of the fabric. In general, the speed and ease with which clothes are ordered today, leads to crazy consumption of too many clothes and their production is one of the most polluting in the world. Buy wisely, quality and worthwhile items that will last you a lifetime. "A little more expensive, but if you combine all the money you spent on disposable and cheap clothes, you will arrive at an equal item that will remain in the closet for years, an iconic item of a fashion house with a heritage that you will both be happy to wear and have value."

What would you never dare to wear?


"Buy wisely, quality and equal items that will last you a lifetime" (Photo: Simon Elmalem)

How often do you undergo facial treatment?

"She tries very hard once a month - unfortunately she does not persevere. With the one and only Orly. She does not allow me to publish it because there is no space there."

Injections, acids and various Botoxes - for / against?

"Wow, wow I have no idea. Let each one do what pleases her. In the end we have to love what we see in the mirror and not anyone to tell us whether he is for or against."

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A post shared by Avia Malka (@aviamalka)

Eyebrows - Hair Method / Everything Natural / Fine Eyeshadow?

"Everything is natural, thank God, during times of stress, the eyebrows forget to grow, so I support them with the silhouette of Ada Lazorgen."

Sports - of interest or not for you?

"I really like Pilates in the fit house, and CrossFit with Nisso in the box. I have to get back to this in a hurry."

Glam Tim for important events - help?

Or if I do not have who I have?

"Most of the time I get by on my own. If it's a really big event, then the one and only Nirit Hirschman, hair makeup and a good atmosphere. Aviv Kfir Clothing, styling and true friendships."

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"In the end we have to love what we see in the mirror" (Photo: Simon Elmalem)

A grooming tip that someone gave you and changed your life?

"Emily B is one of the best TV ashtrays we have here in the country. I knew her when I was a little 21 year old chick who joined a castra cast and suffered from pimples. Emily gave me a tip that really changed my life - make a small hole carefully with an Advil ball safety pin and the liquid Apply to the pimple - within two days it is gone. "

Money, buying style?


Favorite Instagram Account?

"Alexa Chang."

Order in the Corona Period - Throwing or Purchasing?

"In Corona, I filmed Disappeared 4 and started my first year at Tel Aviv University. I have no idea what's going on in my closet, winter with summer with my sportswear with my pajamas. Someone has to save me because the mess is celebrating."

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