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Kettle: dump the rest or bring it back to the boil?


After brewing a cup of tea, there is often some water left in the stove. But where do you put it? Dump it or leave it in?

After brewing a cup of tea, there is often some water left in the stove.

But where do you put it?

Dump it or leave it in?

Often the rest in the kettle is enough for at least one more cup.

But what should you do with it when you no longer have any use for it?

And what happens to the water if it


in the kettle too long


According to a survey by the SGS Institute Fresenius, this question divides Germans.

The bargain hunters among them leave the water in the container.

At 47 percent, however, that is

less than half


53 percent simply pour the water down the sink.

After all, the water creates

annoying limescale

in the cooker.

500 adults were interviewed online for the survey.

Tilt away the water or bring it back to the boil?

The lime deposits in the container were named as the main reason for the "dumpers".

They also feared that the standing water would

collect bacteria

, germs and pathogens.



that could be detached from the kettle are also among the reasons for tipping away, as is the

taste of the stale water


Above all, women and younger people in general stated in the survey that they used the

remaining water


Men and the elderly, on the other hand, prefer

fresh water


Boil water again: are there any health risks?

From the perspective of the Fresenius Institute, reboiling is not a problem.


institute told the German Press Agency that there was no reason to

worry about nickel and bisphenol A

from the device.

It is important, however, that devices



GS seal

(tested safety).

The institute also gives the all-clear when it comes to fear of bacteria: there are germs from the environment that could multiply in kettles over long periods of time.

However, if they were boiled again, they would

usually be killed off


There is no scientific evidence of adverse effects on taste.

"The fear of stale cooking water is a relic from the time of immersion heaters and tea kettles," says the institute.


Source: merkur

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