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The best personal alarms for the home


Faced with the increase in burglaries, many households are choosing to equip themselves to limit the risks. If you want to be away

Each year, many French people are victims of burglaries or home violations. In 2019, there were more than 600,000 households affected by burglary. Whether for main or secondary houses, it is more and more common to equip your home with a suitable security device. The personal home alarm, like the outdoor surveillance camera, is an important deterrent that will enhance the security of your home. While it won't always stop a determined intruder or burglar from taking action, it is still very effective if linked to a set of devices. The

best personal home alarm

should be responsive and immediately notify the homeowner when it detects an intrusion.

The personal home alarm is made up of sensors that activate in the event of an unwanted opening of a door or window.

Connected to a set of devices, such as indoor surveillance cameras, it can become very effective.

It triggers a siren that can be indoor and outdoor, already able to scare away most intruders.

In addition, it notifies the monitoring center as well as the owner.

For more security, it is preferable to equip all of your accesses with a personal home alarm (windows, doors, garages and hatches accessible from the outside ...).

You will be able to be away from your home while remaining serene.

Our selection :

  • Alarm 5-piece kit (second generation), Ring  

  • Initial WiFi personal security package, Daewoo SA601

  • Security alarm kit, tiiwee X1

  • Personal alarm for wireless connected home, Somfy 1875230

  • Alarm and motion detector, tiiwee X4

  • Why is it interesting to install a personal alarm?

    With the increase in burglaries and home violations, more and more French people feel vulnerable and worry about the security of their homes.

    While home breaches often take place in the absence of the owner, it can also happen that malicious people act at night during sleep, endangering the safety of residents.

    Prevent intrusions

    Having a personal alarm can provide security and deterrence.

    A simple alarm siren is often enough to scare off burglars and intruders.

    But, sometimes, some seasoned individuals can act despite the siren.

    This is why the personal alarm can be part of a set of security devices so that it becomes fully effective.

    Coupled with a connected system, in particular cameras linked to a remote monitoring company which can act accordingly, or even to a security keypad, it will reveal its full potential.

    Prevent domestic accidents

    Beyond intrusions, the personal alarm can also act in the event of domestic dangers: fire, gas leaks, air poisoning ... so that the personal alarm for your home can become a real asset for your home. security, whether you are inside or outside your home.

    If you are the anxious type and you are away for a shorter or longer period, you can leave with peace of mind if you equip your home with a connected alarm system.

    This model can send you an alert on your phone at the slightest problem found.

    Warn squatters

    The personal alarm can finally be of great use to those who have a second home.

    It is almost essential to equip your second home with a complete security system, including a personal alarm.

    Since you only go there occasionally during the year, you are never safe from finding your house squatted.

    As French law provides everyone with the right to have accommodation, administrative procedures are often long and complex to find your property in the event of squatting.

    How can I use a personal alarm in my house?

    The personal house alarm works in various ways depending on the models you want to acquire. It operates via a central unit which manages and initiates all the necessary actions in the event of an intrusion. It is often connected to sensors positioned at accessible doors and windows, which react and detect movements.

    The personal alarm in your home can be turned on or off in various ways.

    The most recent high-tech models are directly connected by application on your smartphone.

    You can activate or deactivate the security system from your smartphone.

    Connected functions allow you to connect your entire security kit to digital, high-tech tools, such as a multimedia box.

    Other more conventional models can be activated by remote control or badge.

    What are the criteria to take into account when choosing my personal alarm?

    Several criteria must be taken into account before making any personal alarm purchase.

    If you want to find the best personal alarm for your home, follow these different tips.

    Ease of installation and maintenance

    First, the personal alarm should be easy to install.

    It is best to avoid models with cables, as they require a connection to an electrical outlet and may therefore limit their location.

    Even if wireless personal alarms require either changing the batteries from time to time or recharging their battery, more and more manufacturers are designing alarms that consume little energy, and therefore less and less burdensome to maintain.

    Utilisation facility

    If you do not use a professional company to make substantial savings, then opt for an intuitive and simple to use alarm.

    From this point of view, favor models connected to the heart of home automation.

    They can be used from your smartphone or any other digital medium.

    If you have a connected home, this type of purchase will lend itself even better.

    A self-protection and relay system

    It is very important that your alarm can have a self-protection system, that is to say a renewal system in the event of a power failure or Internet cut-off.

    There is then the GSM option, which uses the mobile network to notify you by SMS in the event of a problem.

    However, you will have to buy an additional SIM card, or call on your telephone service to create an eSIM in the case of the most recent models.

    Some models are also equipped with batteries or a back-up battery so that they can continue to operate in the event of a power failure.

    Appropriate certification

    It is preferable that the model you have purchased is NF A2P certified.

    This is a certification that assures you that the personal alarm meets specific standards for your home security.

    This is particularly what your insurer may impose on you when the value of your property exceeds a certain amount.

    Where can I buy a cheap personal alarm?

    You will often find inexpensive personal alarms on the Internet.

    Generally, the physical purchase of a personal alarm is accompanied by an installation service and an audit by professionals who establish a security plan for your home.

    There is therefore a much higher cost, since it requires labor.

    If a personal alarm purchased on the Internet is cheaper, you will only have to rely on yourself or a loved one to set it up.

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