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All the recipes you need for Hanukkah - are here - Walla! Food


Looking for Hanukkah recipes? The complete, complete and most comprehensive guide to Hanukkah recipes - recipes for donuts of all kinds, pancake recipes, chorizo, spinach and more. Enter >>

Eventually the mentee drains for eight days without limits and restraints, filled with candle lighting and meals, after which everyone has to take a light break from fried foods.

But why get ahead of the latter?

On Sunday we will all light a first candle, and then another candle, and another one. So that you do not break your head too much, we have compiled for you 24 particularly successful Hanukkah recipes. Classics alongside innovations, shortcuts alongside detailed guides. All the recipes you need for the upcoming Hanukkah are here.

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temporary lighting Chanukah candles

Ruth Sirkis 'Sweet Potato Pancakes (Photo: From Ruth Sirkis' book)

Queen Mother: Sweet Potato Pancake

We'll start with the Queen Mother, and we mean not only sweet potatoes, but also Ruth Sirkis, who is behind this great recipe.

A classic recipe for fried sweet potato pancakes, from a special recipe book published by Sirkis on Hanukkah two years ago.

"Sweet potatoes have a natural, pleasant and not excessive sweetness. While preparing the sweet potato pancakes, season them with salt, pepper and onion. And yet there are traces of a sweet taste in the pancake. And it goes very well with a sauce that combines spiciness and sweetness. For example spicy mayonnaise Sweet Yili. "

A recipe for sweet potato pancakes

Orna and Ella's Sweet Potato Pancakes (Photo: Courtesy of Orna and Ella)

Orna and Ella sweet potato pancakes

And when it comes to the kingdom, it's not Hanukkah, without the iconic recipe of Orna and Ella for sweet potato pancakes.

The pancakes that have already become a household name, not only among the restaurant's customers, continue to exist long after the restaurant has closed.

The soy that is added to the sweet potato mixture, and the cream-chive sauce, definitely add quite a few points to them.

A recipe for sweet potato pancakes by Orna and Ella

Homemade potato pancakes (Photo: Yael Laor, Yael Laor)

Most homemade, most delicious: classic potato pancakes

There are classics that you do not have to deal with.

Potato and onion pancakes, a kind of small and delicious rusti, whose beautiful appearance and taste are impossible to resist.

A recipe for classic potato pancakes

A large rusty pancake in a pan (Photo: Walla !, Liat Shirit)

The ultimate Swiss pancake: Rusty

And if you want to go for the classic rusti - because why bother and fry pancake-pancake, if you can make one pancake in one pan - go for Liat Shirit's rusti.

Even flour and egg are not needed here.

One big celebration, crispy and brown.

A recipe for rusti

Broccoli pancakes (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

A little health: Perfect broccoli pancakes

Yes, yes, you read that right - broccoli.

Some variety between sweet potatoes and potatoes.

Because if there are actually cauliflower pancakes, then why not have broccoli pancakes?

To all this wonderful green, we will add a trick of cottage cheese that behaves here like fresh mozzarella, stretches beautifully and contains all the flavors into it.

A recipe for broccoli pancakes

Baked Cauliflower Pancakes by Sher Fitness (Photo: From FOODY's recipe book)

And a little more health: baked cauliflower pancakes

For those who want to go for baked pancakes, instead of fried ones, these cauliflower pancakes from Sher Fitness will do a great job for you.

A simple and easy recipe, so delicious and with so little dirt that it makes us rethink the whole frying thing.

Recipe for baked cauliflower pancakes

Hanukkah Miracle Model 2021 (Photo: Liat Shirit)

Hanukkah miracle: zucchini pancakes from two ingredients

Speaking of miracles - try this recipe.

Liat Shirit does magic and makes zucchini pancakes from only two ingredients - zucchini and chickpea flour.

The chickpea flour functions here as a magic, does not need an egg, and is also gluten-free.

Miracle as our mother's priest.

Recipe for zucchini pancakes from only two ingredients

Potato pancakes from only one ingredient (Photo: Keren Bitton Cohen)

Comparison and above: Potato pancakes from only one ingredient

And if even two ingredients were not enough for you, Goat Furrow compares and above - with potato pancakes, which are made only from potatoes.

Well, there is also oil and salt, but we do not count that.

Do not believe?

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

A recipe for potato pancakes from only one ingredient

Corn and potato balls (Photo: Walla !, Liat Shirit)

It is also possible with balls: corn balls and potatoes

In the atmosphere of frying, Liat Shirit chooses to add a new addiction to boiling oil - especially brown and crispy corn balls with cheese and potatoes.

The new stars of candle lighting this year.

A recipe for corn and mashed potatoes

Challah in the shade (Photo: Afik Gabay)

Hysterical: Applies to individual shade from only 4 ingredients

Avi Bitton prepares small, fried, personal and hysterical onion challahs, an easy and simple recipe from only 4 ingredients.

Bitton prepares the spoiled dish from chickpea flour, which adds a little Indian flavor and is also suitable for those who avoid gluten.

A recipe for a small and perfect onion challah

Apple and cinnamon pancakes (Photo: Alon Mesika)

It is also possible sweet: apple pancakes

Mickey his name proves to us that pancakes do not have to be salty - a simple and great recipe for sweet apple pancakes, with a fragrant addition of cinnamon and maple syrup.

A recipe for apple and cinnamon pancakes

Sweet cheese pancakes (Photo: Alon Mesika)

The nostalgia: sweet cheese pancakes

And if we have already touched on the sweet, just before we move on to the real thing, let's give a place of honor to the sweetest and most nostalgic pancakes - cheese pancakes of course.

Mickey named with a great recipe, and a winning tip that gives them a slightly crispy coat.

A recipe for sweet cheese pancakes

Classic donuts with jam (Photo: Chen Mizrahi)

The classic: a donut like in the books

Just before we lighten up, and move on to fill in tricks and shortcuts that will help you get out of this holiday in peace.

Let's start with the classic donuts - fried, with jam and powdered sugar, as the poet intended.

With yeast, opening and frying, we are with you all the way.

A recipe for a classic donut with jam

Donut filled with mascarpone and strawberries of holy coffee (Photo: Avishag Shear Yishuv)

Holy Grail: Mascarpone Donut and Strawberries

We will go one step further to an excellent recipe for Jerusalem holy coffee, whose famous and special donuts are a good enough reason to come to Jerusalem.

This time, the traditional jam filling is replaced by a holy horn with mascarpone cream with fresh strawberries, which are just now starting to appear in the markets.

A recipe for donuts of holy coffee

Papanash - super fast cheese donuts (Photo: Afik Gabay)

Papanash: Super fast cheese donuts

Are you looking for shortcuts?

This is not a shame at all - we have organized some submissions for you.

Avi Bitton, for example, prepares - papanash - Romanian cheese donuts that are prepared in 5 minutes (up to 5 for frying).

Yeast-free donut recipe - Papanash

Homemade Eshel donuts (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

Eshel donuts

On the same principle (without yeast) and even simpler, one can go for Eshel donuts, in a few simple and quick steps.

Yair Feinberg will take you hand in hand, with all the tips on the right oil for frying donuts and the perfect temperature.

A recipe for perfect Eshel donuts, including all the most important tips for making donuts

Spanish chorus (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

The South American version: Chorus

Once again we return to Ruth Sirkis, and this time with wonderful choruses, the South American version of the donut - fried and delicious dough sticks, wrapped in sugar and served with hot chocolate.

It's irresistible.

A recipe for chorus

Locomedas, the Greek donuts (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

Greek Delight: Locomedes

And if we have already set out on a journey around the world, it is impossible without paying homage to Locomedes, the donuts of Greek cuisine, crispy and golden dough balls served with a spicy honey syrup.

Meirav Shiner guides us step by step on the way to the perfect recipe.

Recipe for Locomedes - Greek donuts in honey sauce

How is it possible without a sponge (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

The Donut of Morocco: Spinach

And after we have wandered around a bit in foreign provinces it is impossible not to do it alone for a sponge and rely on a furrow goat that does it for him in the best way.

The sponge is the donut of Moroccan and Algerian origin, it is formed from a wet dough, a real dough, which swells wildly and comes out of the crispy, airy and addictive oil.

And another bonus - it's also vegan.

Sponge recipe

Fried yo-yo cookies (Photo: Walla !, Ayala Jenny)

For green lovers: Yoyo cookies stuffed with pistachios

Our doe Jenny, takes the sponge one step further and creates from it at night balls, which she fills with rich pistachio cream - a celebration for pistachio lovers.

A recipe for yo-yo cookies stuffed with pistachios

Yogurt and rose water donuts (Photo: Alon Mesika)

Mediterranean: yogurt donuts and rose water

Barak Yechezkeli (Burke), gives his take, with light yogurt donuts, to their batter he adds a teaspoon of rose water, and this combination together gives them a crazy Mediterranean twist.

For the recipe, yogurt donuts and rose water

Colorful mini donuts (Photo: Dror Einav)

Introduce some color into the business: mini donuts

Inspired by the candy chain we all grew up on, Yarin Caro makes us colorful, truly amazing donuts.

True, this is a recipe that takes more time and patience, but there are recipes that are worth it.

A recipe for mini donuts

Baked coconut donuts (Photo: Dror Einav)

No need to fry: Baked coconut donuts

And if we're back to childhood, we'll stay another moment in the color segment, with a tribute to the legendary coconut candy, because if you do not feel like frying you can always go for these baked and stunning brioche donuts.

You are of course allowed to give up the pink coating, and go for something more solid.

Recipe for baked donuts

Donut Pudding Hail (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

The most absurd, the most delicious: hail pudding and donuts

And finally, did you light candles at home and stay the next day with donuts?

(Purchased or homemade), take advantage of the leftovers and make from them hail pudding pudding - the most absurd, the most exaggerated - the most delicious.

Recipe for hail pudding donuts

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