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Hidden scents: this is how your bathroom stays fragrant over the long term


You only cleaned your bathroom yesterday, but the smell of cleanliness and freshness has already disappeared?

You only cleaned your bathroom yesterday, but the smell of cleanliness and freshness has already disappeared?

Cleaning agents clean the bathroom, but the scent notes disappear relatively quickly.

So what can be done so that the bathroom smells clean and pure for more than a few hours after cleaning *?

With a few

hidden sources of scent

, you can give your bathroom a lasting fragrance experience.

For a freshness that lasts.

First of all: clean your bathroom thoroughly

First, it is of course necessary, the

bathroom thoroughly




You can use your usual cleaning agents to do this.


is also a good guide to cleanliness.

This is how you create the basis for a fragrant, clean bathroom.

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Fragrant Bathroom: How to Beat the Smell of the Toilet

One of the main sources of bad smelling odor in the bathroom is the



But smelly bacteria are not only romping about inside.

The floor around the toilet is also a source of the odor.

This is mainly due to men who are not quite sure of their goals and who do not want to sit down.

To get rid of the urine odor at the bottom of the toilet, you can


fabric softener


your bathroom cleaner


Wipe the floor with it and let the mixture take effect.

Then remove the residue with a cloth.

You can also add fabric softener to the bathroom cleaner when you use


how to clean sinks.

The fabric softener not only smells pleasantly fresh, it also helps to ensure that less dust settles on your surfaces in the bathroom.

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Fresh scent in the bathroom straight from the toilet brush holder

Just like in the toilet itself,


can also be found in the

toilet brush holder


For cleanliness as well as for a fresh, intense scent, it is advisable to upgrade the toilet brush holder olfactory.

To do this, put a few drops of cleaning agent, which exudes a fragrant scent, into the holder of the toilet brush.




dishwashing detergents


for example

, but also


are suitable


Spread hidden sources of scent in your bathroom

There are other hidden sources of scent in the bathroom that you can take advantage of.

Choose an

essential oil

that your nose particularly likes.

Drizzle a few drops of the essential scent inside your

toilet paper rolls


You can sprinkle both the toilet paper roll that is currently in use and spare toilet paper rolls.

However, you should really limit yourself to a few drops.

The essential oil must not soak the cardboard of the roll as the oil can irritate your skin.

You can also


the essential scent on your




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Dryer wipes as a panacea for a fragrant bathroom

A real insider tip to transform your bathroom into a fragrant oasis of wellbeing are

dryer sheets


These are originally used in the tumble dryer.

There you should give the crease-free laundry a fresh scent and prevent static electricity.

But dryer sheets can also be used differently.

For example, you can place dryer


between your folded towels


under the bathroom carpet




them under the

bag in the trash


To intensify the fragrance experience, you can


the cloths with essential oils or



But not with the towels, because as I said, this could lead to skin irritations.

(jn) * is an offer from


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