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At what age is the flu vaccination possible and useful? Pediatricians with appeal to parents


Vaccination against influenza protects against severe flu disease courses - including children. You can find out what is recommended with regard to vaccinating the little ones here.

Vaccination against influenza protects against severe flu disease courses - including children.

You can find out what is recommended with regard to vaccinating the little ones here.

Virus flu is harmless in most cases.

After contact with the pathogen (influenza virus), the immune system of healthy children and adults forms antibodies that render the virus harmless.

In some cases, however, the flu can become life-threatening.

This risk is increased, especially in older and immunocompromised people, because their defense cannot fight pathogens to a sufficient extent.

As a result, dangerous complications such as pneumonia can occur after an influenza infection.

Against this background, the Robert Koch Institute, as the leading biomedical research facility of the German Federal Government, recommends the flu vaccination especially for the following groups of people:

  • People over 60

  • Pregnant women

  • People with previous illnesses (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney diseases, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, HIV, etc.)

  • Residents of old people's or nursing homes

  • Caregivers and members of vulnerable groups (such as residents or the chronically ill)

  • Medical staff

  • People who have a lot to do with other people at work

  • Personnel in the care and support of risk groups (e.g. geriatric nurses)

Influenza vaccination survey

Having children vaccinated against the flu: an overview of the STIKO recommendations

The Federal Center for Health Education BzGA goes even further. She also recommends the flu vaccination for children with previous illnesses. They are often more likely to get the flu than healthy children. As a result, dangerous processes occur more frequently: "Complications such as pneumonia particularly affect children with a weakened immune system or those who already suffer from lung or heart diseases," informs the BZgA. Against the background that the virus flu is very contagious and can spread quickly from child to child in kindergartens and schools

, the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) recommends the annual flu vaccination for all children who are at a higher risk of complications

. According to the BZgA, these include:

  • Children with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma

  • Children with heart or circulatory diseases

  • Children with liver or kidney disease

  • Children with diabetes

  • Children with chronic neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis

  • HIV infected children

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Pediatricians on appeal: flu vaccination for everyone

However, there are doctors who are in favor of new recommendations due to the corona pandemic. The professional association of paediatricians eV publishes the information on the children's and adolescent doctor's practice in Kelheim from Dr. med. Ute Schindler and Dr. med. Katrin Leuchtenberger.

According to the doctors, all people should be immunized against flu.


currently recommend all parents and their children to have a flu vaccination, "as it is particularly important in the context of the corona pandemic to avoid severe respiratory diseases / hospital stays.

After the flu season 2020/21 was canceled due to the contact restrictions and the application of the AHA rules, a more violent flu epidemic is expected in 2021/22 ”, say the experts in paediatrics.


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