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Doctor warns: this is why you should not go to bed with the heating on - Walla! health


Dr. Karen Raj recommends going to bed when you have a cold, because a cool room has important health benefits that you must know. Here are all the details

Doctor warns: This is why you should not go to bed with the heating on

Dr. Karen Raj recommends going to bed when you have a cold - because a cool room has health benefits: "Our body's core temperature needs to drop in order for us to fall asleep."

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Saturday, 04 December 2021, 23:40

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The reasons why it is better to sleep in an unheated room (@ dr.karanr)

While the temperatures outside continue to zigzag, the temperatures inside have already dropped significantly and caused us to turn on the heating, especially at night.

Dr. Karen Raj, the undisputed tiktok doctor, argues that it is a mistake to turn on the heating when we go to bed, and that maintaining a cool room before falling asleep is critical to our health.

In the tiktok video, Dr. Raj explained: "The hormone that our body secretes with darkness and thus signals to the brain that it is time to go to sleep) increases the tendency to sleep, is also a hormone that promotes anti-aging."

Melatonin is part of the system that regulates the sleep-wake cycle chemically, while causing a feeling of drowsiness and lowering body temperature.

He added: "The core temperature of our body needs to drop in order for us to fall asleep, so a cooler temperature in the room brings you closer to your body's sleeping temperature target, so you will fall asleep much faster."

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Dr. Raj added: “Warmer temperatures mean your brain and body will be more active in trying to cool you down.

This increased brain activity limits the amount of REM and the slow wave sleep your body needs to recharge. "

In his video, he also cited research suggesting that exposure to cold can increase the amount of brown fat produced by stem cells. He explained:" Fat Heat helps regulate cholesterol, blood glucose levels and improves insulin sensitivity. "

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