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The Queen of the Future: Kate Middleton Celebrates 40 - Walla! Celebs


The wild parties at college, the strained relationship with Queen Elizabeth, the special gestures to Princess Diana and the media quarrel with Megan Merkel: Walla! Celebs celebrates 40 for Kate Middleton

The future queen: Kate Middleton celebrates 40

The wild parties at college, the strained relationship with Queen Elizabeth, the special gestures to Princess Diana and the media quarrel with Megan Merkel: Walla!

Celebs are celebrating 40 for Kate Middleton, the Duchess who became an icon in just one decade




Sunday, 09 January 2022, 10:03 Updated: 14:29

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Congratulations princess!

Kate Middleton (Photo: Official Website, Paulo Roversi)

Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton

is celebrating her 40th birthday right today (Sunday) and she can sit back, look back and be proud.

Coming from an established family, she met

Prince William

at university and was considered a pampered party girl, underwent a spectacular makeover in front of the public eye and became the most beloved woman in the British kingdom.

The road was not easy, to say the least, and Middleton fought to get to the position she holds today.

On the occasion of the festive event, Walla!

Celebs have returned to several stages in the lives of those who managed to become the mainstay of the royal family and maintain no less than perfect hair in the process - a not-so-simple craft, it turns out, when you have a crown on your head.

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The beginning: shorts and beer

Kate Middleton arrives at a charity disco in London, September 17, 2009 (Photo: AP)

In 2001 Kate Middleton and Prince William were students at St Andrews University in Scotland.

Middleton insiders said she was very popular and was chosen to march at a show organized by the university's fashion department.

Kate walked the runway as a completely transparent dress covered her body and that was enough for William, who was sitting in the audience and saying to a friend "wow, she's hot".

ABC reported that William did not waste time, and kissed Middleton at a party held that evening.

While this could have been an amazing start, real life became more complex and Kate stepped back.

At the time, she was in a relationship with another student but come on, he did not have much of a chance from that moment.

They separated and a new couple was born.

"Wow, Kate is hot" (Photo: AP, Paul Ellis)

Middleton's start at the palace has not been easy.

The royalty feared someone who came from a wealthy family and was portrayed as a spoiled girl who spent much of her studies at parties saturated with alcohol and awkward outfits.

After graduating, she found it difficult to work full-time, which led Queen Elizabeth to call her "lazy."

"Despite her extreme age, the Queen is the royal daughter who works the hardest of all. It was unthinkable that the family would accept a woman who does not work full time," wrote Royal Biographer Katie Nicole.

Middleton was offended to the depths of her soul, but kept quiet.

The Queen advised her to find a charity-related job and Middleton decided to listen to her and began working for an organization that helps sick children.

The mother of us all

Prince William and Kate Middleton leave the church at the end of their wedding ceremony (Photo: Reuters)

Middleton and Prince William got engaged in 2010 and he gave her the ring of his late mother,

Princess Diana


From that moment on, the various media outlets kept comparing the two, and imagining what would have happened if the tragic accident that had ruined Diana's life had not occurred.

Kate understood the special status and in an interview the two gave to the media after the engagements, she explained that the gesture touched her heart.

"When Kate wears the ring at our wedding, it will feel like Mom is there with us," William said.

The wedding ring of Princess Diana and the future wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton (Photo: Reuters)

The royal ring led to a series of touching fashion gestures that Kate made in memory of the late Diana.

The most prominent of which came after Middleton gave birth to

Prince George

and the couple went out to be photographed with the newborn.

The new mother chose a red dress reminiscent of Diana's outfit on the day she and Charles became parents to William.

Kate Middleton in a fashionable tribute to Princess Diana after the birth of her third son (Photo: GettyImages)

Then came Megan

Megan Merkel with Kate Middleton (Photo: GettyImages)

Let's really admit: when it comes to stateliness, the continuation of the dynasty and obedience to the rules of the palace, there is no doubt that Middleton leaves



Megan came to the palace at a time when Kate had women's experience navigating the strict rules and the fact that Merkel is a picture of all the prohibitions in the law provider did not add to her points with the Queen.

Although at first the two seemed friendly, the black cat was not long in coming.

Rumors of incessant arguments between the two flooded the gossip sites, with the climax coming in the form of a particularly loud quarrel around Princess Charlotte's dress at Harry and Megan's wedding.

Although the palace tried to calm the spirits and explain that these were malicious rumors and the two get along amazingly, the crazy days and nights blog posted that last Christmas, Megan sent Kate a knife as a gift.

Is it a threat or just a bad taste gift?

We will continue to follow.

And fear.

Class with zero effort

Kate Middleton, Prince Harry (Photo: Screenshot, Official Instagram)

Not pleasant to say, but Kate owes some of the change in her image to the corona plague. Unlike many royalty who are perceived as distant and uplifted from the people, Middleton was not afraid to attend zoom talks and admit she was tired of locksmiths with three small children at home.

After the brutal murder of

Sarah Everland

, a London resident who was murdered by a police officer, Middleton came to lay flowers at a memorial monument and even wrote to her grieving parents. "She remembers the feeling that accompanied her as she walked the streets of London at night as a young woman," a source close to Kate told HELLO !. "She just acted because this story touched her heart."

Middleton is not content with official condolence letters or recorded messages and is not afraid of direct contact with the public.

Just like Princess Diana, who was considered a pioneer in the palace when she embraced HIV carriers, Kate also continues the direct connection between the palace and the public and has found the perfect balance between Queen Elizabeth's fixation and Megan Merkel's blatant disdain.

And this, friends, is a feature of a true duchess.

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