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Opinion | Government Breaks New Records of Shame Israel today


The public and medical interest already requires the imposition of crowd restrictions and a return to distance learning and work • But unfortunately, today the prime minister does not have the political power within his government to do so

There is no doubt that the government has already been very successful, but not in the fight against the plague - but in the dismantling, trampling and shattering of social solidarity and trust, which are the social and national basis without which it is impossible to deal with a global plague.

We may discover such severe damage not only in the failed confrontation with the fifth wave that is now hitting Israel, but also in other national struggles and efforts - and not just in the areas of health.

Social solidarity is necessary for us to know and believe that government, society and the community also take care of the plague, the poor and the sick, and that we can take significant actions that contribute not only to our health and well-being - but also to the community, society and the whole country. Vaccines are just such an action designed to protect ourselves and our families and loved ones, but it also cumulatively creates health protection for the entire country, when the masses of the majority of the public are vaccinated. Public trust in the health care system and government is critical and it determines the degree of compliance and compliance of citizens with recommendations, directives, guidelines and regulations, designed to moderate the spread of the plague and reduce harm to the public. The whole system of instructions for the fight against the plague cannot and cannot be based solely on enforcement and punishment, so the public's trust, together with the sense of solidarity, will determine our responsiveness, and now the public seems to trust the instructions and sense of solidarity shared by Israelis.

PM Bennett on the jump in morbidity: "Preparing for medication, hospital beds, access to vaccines and tests" // Photo: GPO

The fifth wave of the corona also broke a new disgraceful record, when for the first time in the history of the public health system in Israel, the Ministry of Health requires the public during an epidemic to fund the expensive tests (sold without any government supervision or subsidy) to detect the disease en masse, continuously and continuously.

There has never been such a thing in the health care system in Israel, which until now has always prided itself on the high degree of equality and justice that existed in it, and this means an exponential increase - yes yes, not only an epidemic can spread exponentially - of social and medical gaps in Israel.

And all this is happening while the Ministry of Health is headed by a health minister who heads a party that has regretted its banner of socialism, justice, equality and fraternity in providing basic social services like medicine and health.

Not only have the tests been privatized, so the vaccinated have to buy the tests with their own money, but the main problem is that the new policy is built on such a degree of trust and obedience that does not exist - and can not exist in any country, not just Israel. According to the new outline, we all together and separately should rely on tens to hundreds of thousands of Israelis a day to perform corona tests on their homes themselves, and that if they are positive they will undergo another MDA or Home Front Command check - then they will remain voluntarily in isolation, without any documentation, supervision and control. Much, much less than the loose control that exists today.

The government had quite a bit of time to prepare for the wave of omicrons before arriving in Israel - by setting up many more testing complexes, by running rapid tests in all four HMOs, which have the most extensive deployment of health services in the country, promoting vaccines much more widely - including in schools, Overcoming the unforgivable barriers set by the Minister of Education, and serious preparation and budgeting of hospitals for the treatment of the severely ill and respiratory patients.

The public and medical interest already requires the imposition of crowd restrictions and a return to distance learning and work, but unfortunately, today the prime minister does not have the political power within his government to do so and there are not enough health ministry officials determined to fight for our health.

And there is a ministry and finance minister who cruelly, and again - unforgivably, succeeds greatly in getting the government not to pay even one shekel to the victims of the Corona restrictions.

Were we wrong?


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Source: israelhayom

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