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Why do we sometimes have a trembling eyelid?


These twitches come on unexpectedly and go away before you even have time to glance at them in the mirror. What are eyelid tremors and how to get rid of them? A neurologist enlightens us.

As you leisurely check your emails, a special sensation crosses your right eye.

A brief pause, then the shaking starts again.

Your eyelid is shaking.

It is as if it is vibrating.

Where do these uncontrollable movements come from?

Elements of answer with Michel Dib, neurologist and author of


Release the pressure


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Raging Muscles

The phenomenon is benign and corresponds to an involuntary and irregular contraction of the eyelid muscle, also called the orbicularis muscle.

The causes are still poorly understood, but according to Dr Michel Dib, stress and fatigue seem to be the first responsible for these twitches, generally painless but often unpleasant.

The contractions betray the presence of a relaxation defect in the musclemichel dib, neurologist

“Eye movements are voluntary movements.

Whether you want to look left, right, or focus your attention on an object, the eye always submits to commands dictated by the brain, ”explains the neurologist.

However, when the quality of sleep is poor or when the consumption of coffee or alcohol is excessive, the muscle fibers race.

They are in a state of hyperexcitability.

“Unleashed, the muscles in the eye no longer respond to our will.

The contractions then betray a lack of relaxation of the orbicularis muscle ”, continues Michel Dib.

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Eye strain

If it is more common to feel these spasms in the eyelid than on the nostril or at the corners of the lips, it is because the eye is the organ of the face with the most small muscles, according to the neurologist. .

They are therefore naturally "more inclined to burn out than others".

Bad luck, they are also the ones that are most useful to us.

“Our eyes are a bridge between us and the world.

It is through them that we marvel, thanks to them that we work, so that they end up overexploited.

And the omnipresence of screens in our lives does not improve things, ”comments Michel Dib.

To listen to: the editorial podcast

Improve your lifestyle

For the time being, no treatment is recommended to limit the occurrence of these tremors, which usually do not last more than a few minutes.

To avoid them, the doctor advises to adopt a better hygiene of life, in order to better control the triggers.

"Give pride of place to sleep, give yourself moments of respite or even reduce your consumption of stimulating drinks are all reflexes that must be put in place", illustrates Michel Dib, who also calls for certain ideas to be taken care of. received.

"Magnesium deficiency has long been suspected, but various studies on the subject show that the effectiveness of a cure is mainly due to a placebo effect."

(1) Michel Dib is the author of


Lower the pressure

, Ed.

Josette Lyon, 156 pages, 14.90 euros.

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