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A 6-year-old boy was documented performing all household chores in a video that bothers parents - Walla! health


A 6-year-old boy was documented getting up early in the morning and ironing his clothes, preparing breakfast, washing dishes, sweeping and washing the living room, doing laundry and going to school

A 6-year-old boy was documented performing all household chores in a video that bothers parents

A 6-year-old boy was documented getting up early in the morning and ironing his clothes, preparing breakfast, washing dishes, sweeping and rinsing the living room, doing laundry and going to school with bags of garbage in hand.

Parents are troubled by the rigid education the child received, while others are confident that the video is unreliable and intended to market smart homes

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Thursday, January 13, 2022, 11:35 p.m.

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A 6-year-old boy prepares and cleans breakfast for himself (@ shopping666)

A video of a 6-year-old doing all the household chores before he goes to school is making a lot of noise on the net, especially among parents who fear for the well-being of the child. In a ticketing video that garnered millions of views, a 6-year-old boy demonstrates his non-standard morning routine, from the moment he wakes up at 6 in the morning alone, by his alarm clock, until he goes to school with the house shiny and tidy. In the morning, most children are still Sleeping, this kid washes his clothes, cooks his own breakfast, washes dishes, washes, sweeps, washes and throws out the garbage.Only when he finishes all the chores of the house - and also picks up his mother's legs and puts them in a massage bath - does he go to school.

A video posted on the Tiktok account @ Shopping666 read: "My kid is six, and he gets up at six in the morning every day to cook for himself, do his homework and go to school." The video opens when the boy wakes up to hear his alarm clock, turns on the smart electric stove, chooses his clothes and irons them. The dust collected in his smart iron is emptied into his smart tin before he goes to get dressed - alone. The child then places a stool so that he can reach the sink and brush his teeth, again - all by himself, using a smart toothbrush that sits on his jaw and covers all the teeth at once. He then opens a pack of paper towels, puts it in a fixture (smart, you guessed it), closes it and takes one to wipe his face.

The video continues as the boy walks over to his large mirror refrigerator, takes out two eggs, pulls out a handful of grains and puts them in a smart blender-like device for cooking.

He then boils his eggs and places his breakfast - gyoza, boiled eggs and tea - on a warming technological surface.

When he finishes eating, he rinses the bowl and puts his cup in an advanced dishwasher.

From there he goes to his padded toilets, cleans them after use, also passes on the way wiping on the bathroom glass, places a rug on the floor and goes to do laundry.

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Watch the child perform all household chores:

@ shopping666 My baby is six years old, and he gets up at six every day to cook for himself, do housework and then go to school❤️ ?? # GEICOGiveHappy # shopping666 ♬ original sound - Smarthome shopping

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The morning chores do not stop here.

From there he goes back to his room to vacuum his bed, also carries a sweeper and rinsing in the living room (as well as the sweat and sponge come in a smart version) and finally he moves on to take care of his mom, helping her put her feet in a smart massage bath.

From there he finally gets ready to leave, putting his sneakers on a shoe dryer, polishing the soles and setting off for school without forgetting to take down the garbage along the way as well.

And here's another video from the same channel where a 6 year old girl wakes up to a morning of chores:

@ shopping666

Record the six-year-old daughter after getting up #

♬ SUN GOES DOWN - Andreas Roehrig

While it is clear to all of us that this is a ticketing account aimed at marketing smart homes, many network users have been stunned by the impressive independence the child has demonstrated, while others have been put off by it. "It seems he can already leave the house," one wrote in response and another added: "He is older than me and I am 36 years old." Another parent wrote: "I will exchange with you. My 6-year-old son yells at me if I accidentally pass in front of the TV."

Others made sure the child received too rigid an education from his parents. "He's a kid, he doesn't have to do all the housework. He has to enjoy his childhood," one wrote and another added: "Shouldn't this little man play outside with friends instead?". Another viewer wrote: "He does not enjoy being a child. He will do all this enough when he grows up. Hell, let go of him." "Ummm ... impressive but disturbing ... Am I the only one?" Another viewer article and another agreed: "It's great and everything but he's 6 years old.He should be a child and not worry about household chores. "

And did you think that homework would end with going to school?

@ shopping666 The self-disciplined life of a six-year-old girl ??? # MyPlayoffPicks # shopping666 #Smarthome #shopping ♬ SAY IT - Isaac James: Julius Gordon

Others were impressed by the smart home technology featured in the video.

"Forget the kid. Can we talk about this crazy house from 2078?"

Another wrote: "Ready to replace the child to live in such a house."

His morning routine made others feel bad about themselves.

One wrote: "This kid did more in one day than I did all year," while another asked, "How much does it cost? Lol I was just tired of seeing him work like that."

Some users claimed that the video was unreliable: "There is no chance of a child doing it every day," one reporter and another added: "This is a video designed to market smart homes. Do not worry about the child, there is no truth in that."

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