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The former Miss Universe was required to be covered - otherwise she would not board the flight - Walla! Tourism


American Airlines has demanded that model Olivia Kolfo be covered, as her sports bra is "too revealing" - otherwise she may find herself off the plane

The former Miss Universe was required to be covered - otherwise she would not board the flight

American Airlines has demanded that model Olivia Kolfo be covered, as her sports bra is "too revealing" - otherwise she may find herself off the plane.

Her sister was horrified and posted the photos

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Wednesday, 19 January 2022, 00:39

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The former Miss Universe was asked to cover her shirt on the flight - because she's too revealing (INSTGRAM)

Former Miss Universe Olivia Kelpo has been asked to cover herself before boarding a flight claiming her shirt is too revealing. American Airlines has approached the Sports Illustrated gate girl demanding to put on a shirt, otherwise she may stay at the airport and not fly with her sister, Aurora, and her partner, Christian McAfrey, to Cabo San Lucas on a flight that took off last Thursday.

In videos and photos shared by the surprised nurse on her Instagram, Aurora recounted how her sister was called to the counter where she was asked by the flight attendants to wear a shirt.

The 29-year-old model, who won the title of Miss United States and then Miss Universe in 2012, is seen in the video wearing items from the Naked Cashmere collection, including a long black cardigan, sports bra and shorts, items her sister thought were "inappropriate" or "offensive".

In the video, Olivia is seen covered in a gray hoodie as Aurora compares what her sister wore to what another passenger wears, when she did not receive a demand similar to that of her sister.

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So who's the gas here?

Olivia or American Airlines?

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"She looks nice. She's dressed accordingly. No. They call her to the reception and tell her she has to wear a shirt, otherwise she can not get on the plane," she says in a video that Olivia also shared in her story, "Tell me it's not crazy. American Airlines "I love you so much, please take me to Cabo."

What do you say about her attire?

This is what Miss Universe former Olivia Kolpo wore for the flight (Photo: screenshot, instagram)

Is it legitimate to board a flight like this?

Sure, what's the problem?

Definately not.

Too revealing

Despite the absurdity, Olivia complied with the demand and the trio boarded the flight.

PEPOLE magazine reported that Olivia took things in stride, sharing her sister's story and writing: "Oh no, I'm confused lol. Is that inappropriate / offensive? Leave Aurora to do scenes. Hide me."

She later attached a photo of herself in a nude dress that leaves very little room for imagination and joked about the American Airlines incident when she wrote: "Please be careful while using the storage compartments above you, as objects may have moved during the flight".

And what will they say about it on American Airlines?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Olivia Frances Culpo (@oliviaculpo)

American Airlines' attire policy is a bit vague and requires passengers to simply "dress appropriately."

The policy states that "bare feet or offensive clothing are strictly prohibited."

And friend Christian is left without his hoodie ...

Christian McAfrey (Photo: Screenshot, OLIVIA CULPO INSTAGRAM)

Kolpo and her sister were also joined by friend Christian McAfrey, a Carolina Panthers actor.

Cabo San Lucas is a favorite destination for the couple, as the two also slept there in February 2021. On the plane, Aurora shared a photo of 25-year-old Christian with his arms tucked into his T-shirt, apparently to keep warm.

She wrote: "When you freeze cold because your girlfriend's clothes do not fit American Airlines. Just like Jack from the Titanic died. LMAO."

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